going bearfoot at a friends house

CBDecember 29, 2001

My daughter in-law always had us take off shoes when we visited. It made a lot of sense since they live up north where there is lots of snow and mud. When I returned home, I began to think about walking and running on the city streets. Visions of sputum, dog do, urine- both animal and human, motor oil, fuel oil, dog, cat and rodent hairs, wings and legs of dead cockroaches, chemicals from treated grass and snot blown out of male runners' nostrils persuaded me to request that all my guest take their shoes off when entering my house. If they refuse, they are not my friends and will never be invited again.

I provide cozy socks, slippers and in-house shoes. I do an extra vacuum and mop just before guests arrive so that their socks will be as clean as when they arrived. If you're going to have the no shoe rule, you have to damp mop often if you live in the city and have opened windows. We have lots of soot. I don't mind doing this in order to keep my guests feet clean and pollutants and germs out. I thank my daughter-in-law for getting me started.


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If I had bear feet, I'm afraid I wouldn't want to go bare foot......
Think this subject has been done to a turn.
Linda C

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I doubt bear feet are much more sanitary than human feet...

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oh no not again!

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My sentiments exactly!

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but look ... it's 7 months old. Sunny must have been searching for trouble or just a good laugh.

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If you want, CB, you can take a shortcut to find out what everyone thinks about this.
I would not be your friend- or at least, well, I'd be very conflicted wanting, as a friendle gesture, to keep my fungas in my own shoes while over to your house.

Here is a link that might be useful: the other thread

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Yes, Cindy, But it was worth bumping up to get a second laugh at Linda's reply!

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Why not just put a wet towel outside the door for folks to wipe their soles of their shoes off with WHILE ON their feet? Hey you could even go farther than that. You could even wet it with some kind disinfectant. SP? I for one don't like walking around in someone else's home bare feet since you really don't know how clean they really are. What IF they had cut their foot on something and dripped blood all over the floor and they just wiped it up with a damp mop? I DUNNO IF you could get aids SP? like that or not but I don't like the thought of it thats for sure. gross!! Their floor MAY LOOK clean but it MAY NOT be clean!! :)
Just my opinion. :)

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At the resent blessing of our son's Memorial Garden, I was barefooted out on the patio and when we went to go to the garden, I asked our priest if I needed to go and get my shoes on for the blessing. He is very good natured and said that he thought that he had seen someplace where it said that if this was done outdoors that at least one person was supposed to be barefooted. :o)) I thought that he handled the situation well and we all enjoyed the services. Blessings, irishsal

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What's all this garbage about going barefoot when you are a guest at someone's home? Whenever you take your shoes off, which I endorse, a civilized person usually has a clean pair of socks on, which works well when walking on carpet.

If you aren't yuppie scum doing the no-sock with tassled moccasin look, as a normal person barefeet usually is not an issue.

Someone must be confusing "barefoot" with stocking feet.

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The above poster is a troll.....dredged this thread up from the back page hoping to start a "discussion".
Maybe worldtraveller and kansaiden can discuss with each other.....shame they both have the same veiw.
Linda C

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Why are you so concerned whether or not this person is a trool?

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Signing into a forum under another name to agree with yourself seems pretty silly to me.
Linda C

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