Quadra Fire Pellet Stove Insert

suewwwJanuary 4, 2007

My pellet stove stops feeding pellets. The auger is turning but no pellets come down the chute. I see no obstructions in the chute. Has anyone had this problem?

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No response in 5 days, what's up, no one else have a quadrafire pellet stove insert? I have been interested in the Quadrafire wood burning insert, and know a little bit about that unit, but the pellet stove may be a better way...but not if its feed doesn't work.

Seems pellets would be a lot cleaner than using split wood, and when one buys a 40 pound bag of pellets they get 40 pounds, when one buys a cord of wood they usually get a lot less in my experience.

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I prefer wood because I can scrounge for wood from neighbors, friends and just...well woods... Hard to scrounge for pellets unless you know of any pellet trees! :-)

As far as the original poster's problem with the auger feed... I'd say try the Hearth.com forums, they are more active and have some pretty knowledgeable people there.


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Thanks Jay, it is good "we" give some help.

Yes, I like picking up free wood, but the older I get, and we are all getting older, the harder it is to pick it up, split it, and get it into the house without making a mess on the carpet.

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We have a quadra-fire free standing stove , the Castile, For our 2nd year. I have had no problems with it at all. This is our 2nd pellet stove, we had an avalon in our other house. I like this one much better. It seems to burn cleaner. I don't have to clean the pellet pipe only once or twice a season and that's with a pellet brush and a shop vac. The unit controls with a thermostat. It doesn't seem to produce as much ash as the Avalon did.

The only real maintainence is cleaning the ash out of the pan and vacuuming the interior every other week.

I like the burn pot on this stove. It seems to burn more completely. The only thing you have to do between cleanings is scrape the bottom of the burn pot every few days to get rid of the clinkers. If you don't it might not light all the way and smoke. That is easily prevented ,just scrape it with a putty knife and open the bottom and get rid of the clinkers.

Otherwise it has been trouble free.

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Just had the castile installed on Friday. It has the same problem feeds anywhere from 0 to a handful of pellets. This causes the flame to go from almost out to sounding like a train coming through the room. Now the fan on high is vibrating the entire unit. Did you get a solution to the feed problem?

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I have had a castile since 2001. Every time this has happened I have removed the auger and found an obstruction. Last time it was canvas wrapping. I have only had to do this twice and I burn 5 ton of pellets a year. Basically I leave the stove on high fire from nov. 1 to mid April.

Alternatly if the stove is over 4 years old you may need to replace the exhaust fan or change the thermo couple. Be sure all the gaskets are working as well since the vacuam switch will also prevent the auger from turning.

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Tim Bear:
If the speed of the auger is inconsistent (there should only be the 3 speeds) you need to change the grey controller box, it is corrupted.
If the auger continues to dump at an increased rate you risk the chance of the fire backing into the auger chamber.

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