Hostess Gift for the Boss

whazzupDecember 7, 2002

No, not Bruce Springsteen :)

I am attending a Christmas party given by my DH's boss. I have met the boss and his wife and they are a very nice young couple. She and I have hit it off, thank goodness. The party they are having is a "drop in" type thing, not a sit down dinner. I know that Mrs. Boss likes merlot because I noted this at the company wide Christmas party. But, I would prefer not to bring wine as I am not that skilled at choosing a good one. I would prefer to bring something different or unusual. They are a pretty "hip" couple with young children. Thought maybe someone on this forum might share their experience with gifts that they have received and enjoyed. Ideas?

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An amaryllis bulb potted up - you can buy them in many flower shops and garden centers this time of year all ready blooming. I used to work at a garden center and they were very popular this time of year for hostess gifts - we would often make them up an arrangement with some ivy or a poinsettia, covered with spanish moss and topped with a festive bow. The basket, of course, can be used long after the holiday season. Dollar amount here can vary from less than $20 to $$$, depending on basket and number of plants.
We also made up a lot of herbal baskets this time of year - you can tuck in a bottle of herb vinegar or oil - even a small cookbook.
A "Morning After Basket" with breakfast breads, jelly and tea or coffee mix.
~ Suzie

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A jar of home made jam and a spreader, a loaf of nut bread, a couple of special candles, a small box of special chocolates, a pot of peperwhites not yet blooming, some nice note paper....something for the dog, or the kids......
Shouldn't be too hard.
Linda C

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Last time Kyle went to a Christmas party at the boss' house, he gave the boss a fancy sort of wine stopper that was crafted by a local artisan. We're not good at picking out wine either and the boss was a wine collector.

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I love those paperwhites this time of year! I received those as a gift one year and started buying them for myself and others.

I like the wine stopper idea. I prefer not to receive food this time of year, because there is so much and it gets lost in the shuffle or not eaten.

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I was going to suggest a set of real nice cheese spreaders, along with a few nice cheeses & some gourmet crackers-all nestled in a nice basket with a Christmassy cloth napkin.
Personally-although it's not very 'classy'...I present hostesses with a pair of the greatest paring knives-they are a 1 pc knife & stay sharp forever! I give the paring & a tomato knife. The hostesses never cease to comment on how they love them, thankfully thinking of me every time they use them!

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As someone who was on the recieving end of "boss's wife" gifts for a lot of years, might I suggest something I said, candles, wine, preserves, a plant, nice paper goods. A lot of "things" is not always a good thing...
Linda C....who feels if it was a gift, I must display it proudly....even if I already have 5 of them, and would rather have something that can be used up......

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I say get the merlot--and tell her you noticed that she likes it. Ask some wine-shop guy for a recommendation, and you'll be fine.

I think gifts that show you through about the specific person are better than gifts you pick out of only obliation, or that indicate you considered her _classification_--young mom, etc.

And I'm w/ Lindac, get something consumable. That poor woman, if she's got little kids, already has too many little things in her house.

If you don't want to do the wine, do a nice jam, or something. I personally won't do candles or bath & lotion stuff, because I hate them and I think most people have plenty, even if they like them.

Even fresh flowers are nice. They're beautiful, many of us forget to buy them for ourselves, and they WILT!

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How about a really nice potted poinsettia (sp?)

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What did you decide to take?!

I usually take scented candles; there are so many lovely ones in the stores these day! Maybe Santa mugs for the kids? If they are a young couple, would a Christmas-themed candy dish or serving tray have been appropriate?

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I took a pretty basket of sweets. Thought that was a good idea since they have the two children. It all worked out just fine. Thanks for all the advice.

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