Gas fireplace on interior wall?

elizabethdJanuary 29, 2012

Hi. I have an old house (1897) but it does not have a fireplace, and never did. It is built of stone (first floor) and is a "half-double" with a thick brick wall dividing my house from my neighbor's. I would love to install a gas fireplace in the living room, but I don't know if I can due to the layout.

One wall is a large window bay, one wall is the shared brick wall, one wall is only about 4 feet long and opens to the foyer, and the fourth wall, where I want the fireplace, is an interior wall, with the cellar stairwell behind it.

Most of what I have read about the ventless fireplaces is discouraging, so I am wondering if I have any other options. Can a gas fireplace be vented "downward", like into the basement and then ducted outside? Or does anyone have any other suggestions or advice?

I love my house and don't intend to move, but I have always wanted a fireplace and have finally convinced my husband that a gas one would be OK, but now I don't know if it will work at all......and of course my budget is not unlimited, so that's a concern too.

Any advice would be appreciated!

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While watching HGTV I saw some real nice looking Electric Fireplaces. I don't know how you feel about them but some even provide heat. On the inside wall above the stair you could even have it built right in the wall like a brick fireplace. Hope this helps

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The venting needs to either go up and out the roof or up and out a wall. From what you described you cannot go out a wall.

Would it be possible to vent through the roof?

There are some manufacturers that offer a "power vent" which sucks the exhaust from the fireplace. This allows you to vent down. It does however add a lot to the price.

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