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deemarie5500December 13, 2010

Get up on your feet....and DANCE!!!

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Good Monday all,

Sounds like everyone has been busy with Christmas preparations.

We had a rough weekend here. We had to put our little doe goat, Bella down on Thursday. She was having trouble so our visit to the vet revealed that she had a tumor so large it was pressing on her heart making it hard for her to breathe. I feel so bad but we had no choice but to help her by letting her go. I am now longing for an early spring and baby goats. Friday we lost our oldest hen Dorothy. She was old and not doing well. It was time for her. Sigh, everyone is a heartache but they are so worth it. I feel good knowing that they both had a wonderful life here with us.

I kept my self busy as a distraction and I got alot done. I was supposed to go to a friend's Christmas luncheon but we had freezing rain and the roads were too bad for me to go. I would have 18 miles of back roads to get there and that wasn't going to be a good idea. Anyway got lots done and that feels good.

Good questions Raeanne, where IS Jan/Wodka? Come out,come out wherever you are!

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I am sorry I have been MIA for so long, but as you will read, there is a reason. I think the last time I posted my husband was having problems with his vision. Even though it was determined that the problem was caused by his high sugar levels (he's type 2 diabetic), our dr. recommended that he have an MRI. The MRI revealed a small lesion/tumor in his brain - cerebellum area. We were referred to a local neurosurgeon who said he was puzzled and recommended that we go to Tulane Medical Center in New Orleans, which was more equipped to handle such cases.

So, for the last five months we have been dealing with this. Many, many tests have been done - CT's, MRI's, laporoscopic biopsy, etc. The last MRI on the brain was done last Thursday, and fortunately, there has been absolutely no growth since it was first detected in August. The bad news is they have found a tumor in the liver, but are having trouble defining exactly what type of cancer it is. We are meeting the neurosurgeon tomorrow to discuss having the Gamma Knife procedure done on the brain tumor (if it had grown, my husband was scheduled for full-blown brain surgery to remove the tumor on Wednesday, the 15th. After the Gamma Knife, we will be in the oncologist's hands.

I purposely have not been posting for many reasons - we have been so busy travelling and meeting with the different doctors. Also, I did not want to continue to be the bearer of bad news, and we all have our crosses to bear. I decided to share with you all today, just so you would know. Also, would appreciate any input, advice, prayers - all of the above. While we really feel like we are in good hands with all of our medical team, we also feel that it's time to get a second opinion on the liver, if they continue to be baffled by it. That being said, where would be the best place to go - M.D. Anderson, Mayo Clinic, etc.?

There already have been small miracles along this journey. My husband, who has smoked for almost 35 years, quit the day he was told he had the brain tumor. He took Chantix for two months to help him withdraw. His lungs are clear, thank God. The most amazing part of all of this is my husband has had absolutely no symptoms. If it hadn't have been for the blurred vision, he never would have gone to the doctor. He continues to work and feels great. I'm praying with all of my might that we have caught whatever it is in time.

Sorry to have been so long winded. I need to go back and catch up on all that y'all have been up to. For those who have been suffering, I hope today is a better day for you and each day continues to bring better news.

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[[[[[[[[[[[[Jan and her DH]]]]]]]]] I'm so sorry that you have had such a stressful 5 months. You and your DH are now placed on my prayer list. I cannot recommend which hospital is better, but I don't think you can go wrong at either one. The Mayo Clinic can be rough travel during the winter, but they have great underground streets between facilities, some hotels, and shopping. MD Anderson is very good also. We'll be supporting you, and please do not stay away because it's not up news; we are here to hold each other up...that's why it's called "support".

Take care,

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Jan, it's good to hear from you. So sorry things are not going so well with DH. I am glad you finally came here to share. Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston is a world class facility too. My DH was sent there with his cancer five years ago. I hope you will stay in touch.

NH Suzanne

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No advice here, just hugs for ((Jan)).

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((((((Jan))))) sending prayers and positive thoughts. I also have no recommendations but please know that you will remain in my thoughts. Feel free to come here to unload - we are not fair weather friends - you are stuck with us no matter what.

Suzanne - You did have a rough weekend, sending you hugs.

Dee - sending positive thoughts to you for your results tomorrow.

Hugs to everyone.

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Suzanne, I am so sorry that your week has been so lousy. Thinking of you and hoping life gets easier really soon.

Decided to work from home today, as the roads were a bit icy and did not want to stress over that. Cannot wait to get all these appointments out of the way...whatever the outcome.

Sending out [[[[hugs]]]] to everyone.

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Good morning.

Whew, Dee. This old Southern girl would not know how to drive on ice. We lived in Oklahoma for a few years, and I can still remember slipping and sliding on the way to work. I caught rides with the locals after that, anytime it was treacherous. I don't blame you for staying home. Good luck on your medical appointments - I hope you have good results. It's always the "unknown" that's the worst.

Suzanne, I'm so sorry about Bella. Didn't you post a beautiful snapshot of her about a year or so ago - with those soulful eyes?

I still have not had time to go through everyone's posts, but thank you all for your prayers and concern. It does mean so much, and I know the prayers are working.

Now, on with this beautiful day. We will be warming up the next few days (it's been in the 20's the last few nights.) With all of this going on, I have not been walking as regularly as I should be, plus my walking buddy was out of town last week. We're planning on getting back tomorrow.

Hope it's a great day for all of you.

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Hey all, another stray cat checking in.

Some of you may already have received an email from BJ, but she wanted her SS sisters to know that her Dad passed away today. According to BJ he went on his own terms. She needs our thoughts and prayers right now.

Jan, I am so sorry for what you are dealing with. I have had personal family experience with Dana Farber in Boston. A world class hospital, that has done wonders for my brother that has battling cancer for over 16 years now. Best wishes to you and your husband.

Suzanne, I am so sad for you. Two pets in two days. How awful. They were blessed to have lived with you.

I am sorry I have been away for so long. I have had my crosses to bear this year, it really has been a year full of bad news. The last couple of months have been especially trying. I am trying to stay positive. Joined WW (again!) a couple of weeks ago in hopes of doing something positive for myself.

(((HUGS))) all around. I think of you all, often!


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[[[[[[[[[[BJ & FAMILY]]]]]]]]]] There is not much to say except you all continue to be in our prayers during this difficult time.

Besh, I hope that things begin looking up for you too. We have missed you here, and hope you will come more often to vent, share, laugh, cry.

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Hi all,
Jan and DH !!! Hugs to you both. Adding you to my prayer list.

Bj!! Thinking of you today, my friend.

Suzanne, I am sad for your loss too. I echo the sentiments above; those animal babies were lucky to have lived with you.

Besh, I feel for you and the trials of a bad year. Thinking of you...

Well, I have simply been a bad poster. I seem to be behind in EVERYTHING! I have let the business of life get the better of me and feel a need to slow down. I'm going to go back and catch up on everyone's posts.

I am sending out lots of hugs and prayers today.


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Good Thursday morning all,

From frosty NH where it's in the single digits. Sure has been cold for the last two weeks. Brrrrr

Besh, it's good to hear from you. I imagine you are ready to put this year behind you as am I. Looking forward to a brand new and sparkly new year!

Tikanis, it's good to see you here too. Don't stay away for so long.

Dee, thinking of you and wondering how your test results went?

Carolyn, check in when you can.

Patti haven't heard from you in a while. Check in.

Jan, I am thinking of you and DH. Keep us posted.

BJ, I am thinking of you too.

Raeanne, it must be equally as cold up your way. We have had snow flurries for days and wind...I hate wind. I am comforted knowing that the winter solstice is less than a week away!!

How is everyone doing with Christmas preparations? It's hard to have so much on your plates at once.

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Good morning.

BJ, I am also so sorry for the loss of your dad. Hugs and prayers to you and your family.

Besh, I'm sorry its been such a rough year for you, too. Hopefully, 2011 will bring us all much-needed peace and joy, and, most importantly, good health to our families and our pets.

My Christmas preps have been pretty minimal this year. We bought a 9ft tree several years ago when we built this house, but with everything going on, decided not to put it up this year. I've decorated the mantel and all, and put outdoor lights and a wreath on the door. My "tree" consists of one of those 4 ft pre-lit "porch" trees (how pathetic is that? - ha.)

The best surprise is that this year my mother gave me her beautiful ceramic nativity set, which was made by Carmelite nuns for our family many years ago. I had not replaced mine, since losing it in Katrina (Strains of Debbie Downer playing in the background?) Anyhow, the nuns would give my parents a piece each Christmas, when we were small. We would get so excited, especially when it would be a large figure, like the camel(s). We all wondered who would be the recipient when Mama passed on, so I was thrilled when she decided this year to go ahead and give it to me. I have it displayed on our dining room table for all to see.

Weather warmed up here, tomorrow will actually reach the 70's. Actually got hot on our walk this a.m.

Hope it's a good day for everyone.

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Jan - What a beautiful gift. And I bet it pleased your mother to see you get enjoyment out of it now.

((BJ)) Hugs and love being sent your way.

Almost finished my shopping today. Hopefully one more store and I am done. Never did get anything wrapped last weekend. So that is what I'll be doing this weekend.

Stay warm if you are in the north. Send warm thoughts our way if you are in the south!


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NHSuzanne-My exchange package arrived today! I peeked inside since I wasn't sure who the package was from! But it's now under the tree waiting until our "opening" day.

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Good Saturday morning from chilly north Texas! It's windy, sunny, and not supposed to get above 45 again today. Brrr!

BJ, I am so sorry for your loss. You dad always sounded like such a good man. He's leaving a legacy of love for all his family. (((((BJ and family))))

(((Suzanne))) Losing fur/feather babies is always hard on the heart. They were blessed animals to have been loved and cared for by you.

(((Besh))) Thinking of you and wishing you a much better 2011!

Jan, what a lovely gift your mom gave you. Christmas at your house will be even more blessed this year because of it. Prayers for your dh and you.

Marci, want to come wrap the gifts I have for my grandson? I walked out of the house in Crosby and left all my gift bags, etc. in the closet, so I'll have to start fresh here. Those are the only gifts I have left to wrap.

Raeanne, I enjoyed peeking at your FB pictures of your Chamber Christmas party. You and your hubby are looking good!

Dee, I hope your results were good. I've been thinking of you!

Tikanis, it's good to see you posting again! I'm one to talk as I've been mostly MIA this last week or so.

My apartment is looking pretty good today. Of course, I know that things are stashed everywhere with no logic involved, but it looked decent when my sister came yesterday. She was able to hang 3 pictures for me before she had to go, and the rest is up to me. Once I find the stand for my little Christmas tree, I hope to get in the decorating spirit again.

Hard to believe that Christmas is a week from today, and I don't have anything festive out yet. Oh, well. There's always next year, right? Life is good otherwise. Good health, good friends and family, and enough money in the bank to pay the bills - so far! Wishing everyone a productive or restful day - whichever you need most!

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