Flame on gas fireplace getting low

joecataldoJanuary 4, 2007

My gas fireplace is almost 8 years old. Just recently the flame has been getting lower and lower. Last night it went out after being on for less than 30 minutes.

Any idea of what might be the problem? I'd like to fix it myself if possible.

Thank you.

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What brand and model is it? What do you mean by "getting lower": flame is lower now than it used to be? and "went out": the flame went out or the flame, pilot, and all went out?. A little more detailed please.

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It's a Superior fireplace. I can't find the model number. The flame doesn't go out all the time. I did some more investigating and I think it went out because the burner screen was blocked. About 2 years ago I rearranged the gas logs because one of them split in half. I don't think I arranged them properly. I just rearranged them the best I could keeping some space between the front log and the burner screen. It still seems like the flame is lower than it used to be. I also found some instructions on how ember coal chumks should be installed. The instructions came with my house when I moved in. When rearranging the logs I did not see any coal chunks. I found what looks like charred remains of the chunks. Do I need a new gas log set and/or coal chunks?

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I think the best thing is for you to have a cerified tech. check this out for you, for resource and safety.

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