Problems in hostess's bathroom

SAG1December 12, 2002

My friend went to a friend's house for a formal dinner party and while she was in the bathroom, the toilet overflowed. The hostess became enraged and accused my friend of deliberatley doing it. How would handle such a situation if something similar happened to you?

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I wouldn't call the enraged person much of a friend and I don't know that I would go back to her house. This happens to the best of us and it would have happened with whoever used the bathroom at the time. I would shake the dust from my shoes and find other friends.

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How rude of the hostess. My guest's feelings are more important to me than the toilet overflowing. I wouldn't go back there either. Who knows what other thing may set her off?

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I feel the same as the others. It's already embarrasing enough. I can't believe someone would do that!

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And why, pray tell, would anyone deliberately overflow a toilet? Sheesh. Sounds like said hostess was either embarrassed or didn't know what to do about the toilet and panic turned into inappropriate anger. Not anywhere I'd be going again.

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I would say....that may be the end of the friendship.
S*** happens:) I wouldn't think that ANYONE would do that on purpose. She must have plumbing problems.....or some kid was in there before her and flushed an action figure down.

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I doubt this really happened...

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Yes, this did happen, and this is one response from someone at the party:

Yeah, she did it on purpose. I've heard countless stories of guests who are not getting enough attention from the hostess at the dinner resorting to such displays. I remember a story of one particularly socially challenged guest who was discovered flushing her own pantyhose down the toilet to score just such attention. Lest one assume the humiliation factor too great...remember children who don't get enough attention resort to mischief if they can't dazzle with high grades. I agree with the hostess. This woman has far greater problems. Can't anyone just throw a tasteful soiree without psychos co-opting them for their own psychoses?

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If my toilet overflowed during a party, I would be so embarrassed, I don't know what I'd say. I certainly wouldn't yell at the guest. My friends are a bit beyond being destructive for attention; we're all adults and none of us are too insane (yet). I think I'd just shuffle people out of the vicinity, clean up the mess, apologize to everyone especially the person on which the toilet overflowed, and try to get on with the party.

Now if I were the person upon which the tiolet overflowed, I'd quietly tell the host, offer to clean it up, and apologize for making a mess, even though it wasn't my fault. My friends would certainly not yell at me, most likely insist on cleaning up his/herself, and apologize as well. These things happen upon occassion.

I certainly would not want to be friends with a person who would sabotage a toilet, nor with someone who would become angry at someone for one of life's little mishaps.

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If I was hosting a party and felt one of my guests deliberately sabotaged part of my home, I would want that person out of there as quickly as possible. Although flying into a rage would be my first instinct, I would hopefully have the presence of mind to instead end the party quickly and quietly. This would hopefully make 'reprisals' less likely to happen. I would then avoid the guest and distance myself from him as much as possible.

If I felt it (any similar problem) was an accident, I would want it dealt with as quickly and quietly as possible so as not to ruin my party. After all, running through the living room with mop in hand is less alarming than having the hostess berate one of the guests as everyone's shoes become water logged.

I must admit to being one of those who has never heard of such a thing actually happening.

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Duckie why would you ever invite anyone to your home who you thought might deliberately sabotage your home? Doesn't make sense to me...

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Oh I wouldn't invite someone who I thought would do such a thing. However, if once the guest was there, and it appeared that they had willfully damaged my home, I would react. In the case sited, I would naturally assume that an overflowing toilet is nothing more than an overflowing toilet. However, if while fixing that problem, I find the toilet was clogged with pantyhose, I would think otherwise. That guest would not be invited to my home again.

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Is this the same hostess who food poisoned the guests and wo monopolizes the conversation? I wouldn't go back there to her parties.

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Is this the same hostess who served food that made people ill or is this the hostess that criticised a friend's salad? For goodness sake girl, find some new friends!

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Sag1....can you explain to us how it happens that a guest is
"discovered" flushing her pantyhose down the toilet?

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