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deemarie5500December 27, 2004

Rise and shine!

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Hi there!

I was soooo busy over the last few days that I did not have a minute to get onto the computer.

Christmas Eve was just me and Ed, and it was beautiful. Our lake community has a tradition of setting out luminaries in front of our homes. The street is lined on both sides around the lake with these lovely lights. We set out our luminaries about 5pm; had a quiet dinner (with a glass of wine for me!) at 7pm. Then we took a stroll around the lake; the lights were beautiful. We came home, got our camera, and got back into the car to drive about and get pictures, but nothing turned out well. Back home, we sat in front of a fire and watched old, old movies on The Turner Channel! Such a nice evening!

Christmas dinner went very well. I had planned well and everyone said how lovely the house looked, the food was good, etc.... I gave away most of the bad foods (kept leftover turkey and veggies), but WAY TOO MANY cookies around here. Anyone interested? LOL!!!!

Yesterday, we were bundled up with stepdaughters and off to the Jets game. Those pesky New England Patriots beat us again (congrats Besh & Suzanne!), but we had a great time!

My corporation gave us today off, so I think one of my friends will come up and join me for brunch and a movie.

Lynn, I still have no package, but I'm sure it will come this week. Don't worry about it, please!

Tikanas, I'm so happy that you enjoyed the gifts. We have such successes because we cleverly ask the right questions!

Thank you to all my SS friends for the lovely holiday cards. DH and I sent our "Christmas Card" charity check to the USO and a local caregivers charity here at the lake so that others could have a nice holiday. I just know you all understand.

A huge THANK YOU to NH Suzanne for her thoughtfulness! She sent me a beautiful card and a spectacular book mark with the quote "NEVER, NEVER, NEVER QUIT" by Winston Churchill. I'm so touched Suzanne. I had tears in my eyes when I opened it, and DH commented on what a nice gesture it was.

It's wonderful how we have all had an impact on each other's lives. Such a special relationship.....

OK, so it's time to SHAPE UP!! Let's try to behave ourselves at least until the New Year's celebrations, so that we do the least amount of damage.

Until then......can I send anyone cookies? LOL!!

Hello to all my friends and lurkers!

Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!!

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Dee - I will take some cookies if you will take some candy. I have this huge jar of lindt chocolates and a box of godiva's staring at me. I only made 1 type of cookie this year and they aren't my favorites, so they have been easy to resist. The lights around the lake sound beautiful. We did that in town one year, trying to promote local Christmas shopping - the town looked stunning.

Patti - I bought Chicken Coop for Christmas and we have played it the last 3 nights - it's a lot of fun. Thanks for mentioning Chicken Feet - or I would never have bought it. Dave is a sweetie to get those books for you. That is very interesting - you must love all the CSI's on TV right now.

DH and I got iPods for Christmas from DD's. We LOVE them - the iPods and the DD's LOL. I fell asleep with them on last night.

BJ - thanks for the Chicken Feet link a couple weeks ago. We just love the game. I hope you survived the company and excitement.

Tikanis - I will be heading to the PO later and will post a photo of that ornament asap. Glad you had a great holiday - wished I could've borrowed your breadmaker LOL.

I am up to my eyeballs in work today - back to reality for me.

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Hi all!

Raeanne--an iPod! You lucky dog! I'd love to have one! Aren't they great?? :)

Patti--now that's a cool gift! My bestest friend in Austin was a paralegal for a defense atty, and he has books from law school on forensic stuff. Pics and all. I need to borrow them the next time I am down there--

I'm trying to get rid of candy, too-- any takers??? :):)



PS--Dee, your time with Ed sounds so peaceful and lovely--what a nice way to send time! :)

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DeeMarie~It sounds like you had a picture perfect Christmas.

Raeanne~So glad that you are enjoying Chicken Coop. I wish that I could send you my bread maker b/c we don't have room for it & haven't since we moved here.

Maddie~I thought about becoming a paralegal at one time & then went to court reporting school instead.

Tikanis~I'm trying to figure out a way that I can get a pic of my ornament on here. I may have to buy a disposable camera.

Our main tv in the living room is out & I bought Dave a PS2 so he is going crazy. We have no idea what the problem is.

Shout out to everyone! Patti :)

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Patti - You could mail me a picture of your ornament and I could scan it in and then post it. Let me know.

I had a good Christmas but a lousy day after. I hadn't heard from my childhood friend and we always exchange nice long letters at the holidays and on our (mutual) birthdays. I found out yesterday that her house was damaged in the aftermath and flooding from one of the hurricanes. But that wasn't the bad news. Her cancer has come back and this time it doesn't look good. It has spread to her liver and she has a tumor on her brain. I cried all day yesterday. Now I need to find the courage to call her. Another friend and I might try to drive out to visit her (she lives in Newark, DE) one weekend soon. In all depends on how she feels.
And to top it all off, my kids were fighting. At what age does that stop??!! I couldn't take it and let them know it. DS started a part time job today and DD has a temperature of 102, so at least they aren't at each other's throats.

Then DS got an interview in St. Pete, FL on January 5th. I want him to get a job, but now I have to face the possibility of him leaving. :~(

DeeMarie - I desperately need some of your Christmas peace and tranquility. And I could use your advice on helping a friend with terminal cancer.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day,

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Hi all,

(((((((Marci!!))))). I am so sorry to hear about your sad news. may I suggest... Be a good listener. Don't treat her with kid gloves. Make sure she knows how much you love her. Do simple fun things with her based on her activity level. Is there something she's always wanted to do but has never gotten around to it? Consider her family's ability to tie up loose ends and help her with those if necessary. Bring her a fun book or movie to watch. Recall with her all of your favorite times with her.Bring photos. Encourage her to review her favorite memories. Call her regularly. These are just a few...
I am hoping that you will cheer up too. Tell those kids that they are NEVER too old for a spanking : )
Prayers for you and for your friend are coming your way. May EVERYONE feel just a little bit better at your house!

DeeMarie, your Christmas sounds heavenly!

Raeanne! an ipod! You lucky duck.

Patti, I guess it's time to get that big screen, huh? LOL!

Stay strong, stay well!


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Marci, I agree with Tikanas. Jackie loved to view phots of our teen years and vacations. We would talk about old times over and over, and share them with her daughter. Call her and listen, listen, listen; she may not want advice, just someone to listen to her. Please e:mail me your phone number so we can have a chat about this.

I'm in the office today; got to interview 2 candidates for admin assistant positions, so I will be busy...


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Good Morning All from very cold New Hampshire!

It's below zero this morn. brrrrrrrrrrr

I am slowly returning to the real world from my Christmas adventure.
All and all it was a wonderful Christmas. DH and I felt very good about our charitable donations in lieu of gifts for family and we want to do more. It is contagious. Other family members felt the same way too so I think for sure we have started a positive trend.

So, back to reality!

Marci, ((((((((HUGS)))))))) sorry about your friend. I know you didn't ask my advice but that never stops me! In addition to the great advice you have gotten I would like to add that you shouldn't be afraid to discuss the reality of her situation with her. One of my dearest friends died a long slow death of cancer several years ago. She was being hospiced and she would tell me all the time to stop being afraid to say the "c" word! She remarked that it annoyed her that people would be afraid to say it around her. She had a marvelous sense of humor to the very end. So, don't be afraid to say the "c" word! For what it's worth. Please find the courage to call her soon. ((((((HUGS))))))

This week is quiet and it's still hard to concentrate even though the big holiday is behind us. Oh well, c 'est la vie!

QOD: do you have any New Year resolutions? How do you plan to stick to them?

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And a Good Morning from rainy So. Cal! 49 degrees and raining cats and dogs here. BRR, Suzanne, it sound SO COLD at your place! What a wonderful new gift giving tradition you have started!

Marci, I hope that you are feling better today. You and your friend will remain in my prayers. When you get a chance , could you post the link to the forum pictures? I am determined to learn how to post pics!

I am having a small dinner party Thursday and need to transform my menu using "good carb" choices. The menu is Mexican and I already have some tasty ideas from my new cookbook.

QOD: I have given up resolutions and replaced them with goals this year. I have set up a system of goal management using 5x7 cards where I can list my goals for the year, the season, the month, the week and today. I listed action steps and accountability reviews to keep me on track. I mean BUSINESS this year!! LOL!!

Everyone have a great day! Be strong, be well!


Any package yet, Raeanne?

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Good Morning,

Marci, (((HUGS))) I will remember your friend and you in my prayers too.

Christmas went well. The girls had a ball. I had a BIG smile on my face when Erica was saying her good night prayers Sunday nite and she said "thank you God for a Wonderful Christmas". If that didn't warm your heart.

We leave next Tuesday for Hawaii. Please keep us in your prayers. It's going to be hard not seeing my babies for a full week. I just hope they stay well and don't get sick while we are gone.

Better get back to work.


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Hi goils!

I just got the best Christmas present EVER!!!! I haven't mentioned this story b/c it was waaay too long and involved, but lets just say that I got a phone call this afternoon from a long lost, much loved and missed girlfriend of mine. She's in bad health, and I had honestly figured she had passed on, and her worthless son didn't bother to let me know. (Believe me, I tried everything short of a PI to find her.) And I've looked and called, the phone was disconnected, she'd moved, I couldn't find her son, I'd even tried to find a friend of her son that would know where he was or at least how GF was. With no luck. For 15 months, I've looked and worried about her. And now she's back!!! Happy day happy day!!

Grinning my fool head off, and bawling as well--


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Maddie - (((((HUGS))))) to you and being reconnected with your dear friend. Keep us up to date on her health.

Marci - (((((HUGS))))) how sad, I know that any words you share with your friend will be of great comfort to her.

Jen - I know how you feel leaving your girls, but they will be fine and you deserve a nice vacation - so just go and have enjoy a guilt free time. I know that Erica's prayer made you so proud - I'm only her aunt and I'm proud of her LOL.

Tikanis - turning Mexican into low carb sounds so hard to me - but sounds like you have it under control. It stayed under 10 degrees here today. The package didn't arrive yet and I will be sure to post as soon as it does.

Suzanne - glad that the donations to charity worked and will become a tradition - more people should do that.

QOD - I have asked DH if he would join me in going to work out a couple of times a week. I will continue with my yoga and swimming. If we go to the gym 2-3 times, I should be covering all areas.

I try to write down my goals and wishes for a six month period - I ask for the moon. I take the paper and put it in a sacred spot (my favorite book) and leave it there, until I am ready to do it again. It is quite amazing on how many things on your list that are either achieved or are no longer something you want. I can't wait to take my list out and see what I can cross off this time - I know of one - that was to finally meet BJ LOL and after April I will be able to cross off some others LOL.

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Hello Ladies :-),

Wow there seems to be a lot going on here! I had a good Christmas. It was laid back and I liked it that way. We got to see most of our family, a few were missing and I did miss them. I love the ideas that some of you had about giving to charity. Next year that definitely will be on my list. We give to charity now, but we still buy frivolous items for others.

(((Marci))), my heart goes out to you and your friend. Just spend time with her. Tell her all the things that you love about her, share the good old days. I know that you will make her feel good, and she you.

(((Maddie))), I can feel your smile. :-) How wonderful to connect with an old friend. Enjoy! I went shopping today with my wonderful sister and I thought of you. We went to Filenes Basement (one of my favorite stores!) and they had some of the most beautiful brooches, rhinestones, all the glitter. That stuff is so hot right now, I yours are selling like hot cakes!

QOD: I stopped with having a resolution a few years ago. I never live up to it, and I am always dissapointed. I do have some goals, but they seem to be the same every year (lose weight, get organized, blah, blah, blah). This year I am going to follow Raeanne and Tikanis and make some obtainable goals and check in with them every month and see if I am even working towards achieving one of them. OK, ladies, you heard it hear first. I need you all to check on me in a month and see if I am reading me list. Lets do a monthly check on each other, say on "Rabbit, Rabbit" day. Maybe just a reminder to check in our goals list.

Jen, I can imagine that the girls had so much fun this Christmas. They are at such a magical age. Have a great trip, the girls will be fine!

Dee, I want your Christmas Eve. That sounds so romantic. Sorry about the Jets, but the Patriots are really on a roll (except for last week)!

Suzanne, did you get the storm Sunday night and Monday? We got about a foot of snow and it is still in the beautiful stage! It is supposed to get warm the next few days, so we will probably lose alot, which is just fine. :-)

BJ, where are you? You must be busy this week. Let us know how you are doing.

Thursday night, DS #2 and I are going to the TransSiberian Orchestra. Can't wait. He asked to go see them which kind of surprised me, but we have been hearing them on the radio all month. Our seats are just so, so, but I had to get what was left. I wish I had know sooner, I would have got tickets right away. I'm just happy that we are going.

Hi Patti, Joanne, Amy and I think I mentioned everyone else!

Have to go. DH & I are going to watching S*x in the City. The new DVD just came out today! Have a great night!

Love, Besh

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Good Morning ladies.....

I am still in the frozen North. I was told the weather will warm up to the high 40's, I am patiently waiting.

DeeMarie - I came on this site at 4:55 am this morning to see if you received the mysterious package. I will be home next week and I will make it up to you if you have not received it by then in one piece.

Marci - sorry about your friend, I am sure she would love to see you.

Maddie - Wonderful for you to hear from an old friend.

Jen - enjoy Trans Siberia Ochestra. I always liked them. ROCK ON!!!!!!

Going back to be now.......will check in later.


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Good Morning All,

Maddie, (((((HUGS))))), can't wait to hear the rest of the story!

Besh, we did get about six inches not nearly what you got down there. We were spared for a change! It is really pretty though and I am enjoying it.

What do you suppose has happened to the missing Christmas packages for Raeanne and DeeMarie??? It's so strange.

I am feeling really horrible this morning. Yesterday I came down with a terrible sore throat and now it's in my chest and it's very painful to cough. I had to drag myself out of bed and into the barn this morning. I am going to go to work but I don't for how long. The whole office is sick so it's no wonder I have succumbed. I hate being sick like this.

I am off to the office.

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QOD: no formal resolutions, but I'd like to treat myself better this year. That means staying on the right track mentally, spiritually, and physically. My goal would be to come out of 2005 no worse than I am right now! Hey, that's hard to do at my age! LOL

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Good moring all!

Marci--I was so happy that I didn't say what I wanted to say to you in my last post. First of all, (((hugs))) my dear friend. I know how bad this hurts. Second, I think that reminicing with her would be wonderful. Bring out old pics, and take new ones--these are moments that define who we really are, and I know that she loves you as much as you love her! :):)

QOD--just goals, no resolutions--and they are the same ones (lose weight, etc...) as well as new ones--

Gotta go--get ready for a weekend show--

Be back later--



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Looks like we are a very goal oriented group!

Drum roll please.....

Tikanis' package arrived safe and sound today and let me tell you, it was worth the wait and a lot of fun going through it. My DDs were here and they enjoyed it too. Just a warning - be careful of what you wish for on this forum and I'm not just talking about tacky ornaments.

In no particular order here are the contents:

Mad Libs - will take that on my next trip
2 candles for my burner
A candle/jar lid filled wth california sand, a bear figurine, rock and shrubbery - I am guessing this was homemade and very clever.
A funny magnet with whitewater rafters (one's feet sticking out of the water and says "Too busy? just put your feet up and go with the flow" these are words to live by.
I said I like any type of music except Country and next time I will be more explicit, because I am now the proud owner of Dalion - Cirque du Soleil (which I will probably like LOL), Something Wonderful - Bryn Terfel sings Rodgers & Hammerstein, Sequentia Edda - Myths from Medieval Iceland (whoever knew, I can't wait to play that one).
I got a trashy novel for the beach - A Touch So Wicked and Tikanis thought it would even be more trashier by purchasing it at a used book store LOL.
A very cute mini Water Garden - which I will put by my bed.
A very aromatic bar of lavender soap - the entire box was filled with this scent - yummmmmmmmmm
Speaking of yum - a jar of Knott's Berry jam and a HUGE piece of Ghirardelli dark chocolate - that will come in very handy.
A bag of loose lavender tea
The Bad Girl's Calling Cards - Cards to pass out that give you boxes to check off - an example: "Free Pass - this entitles you to one free: date, hug, kiss, back rub, front rub, intimate detail" on the other side it says "Please fill in your digits and I'll call you" - I chose a tame one to tell you about - I will bring them to French Lick LOL.
Some chocolate mint sticks.
A beautiful worry stone and piece of polished agate(?)
2 beautiful note cards with lovely sayings on them - very thoughtful and meaningful to me.
PLUS a gift card to Marshall's (like all the above wasn't enough)
I thought my ornament was tacky until I heard about DeeMarie's but I think we may have a real winner here. Send your kids out of the room and guy's I warn you this isn't pretty (and to think I have to have a picture taken of me with it) It's a silver ornament that is covered in a mesh (gives it a disco ball effect, tied with a ribbon and silver flower - sounds pretty nice right? NOT, the ornament is broken and has a bandaid on it with a tampon sticking out, yes you read right a tampon.
What more can I say - I think we should send all these ornaments to Maddie - afterall it was her idea.

YES Tikanis, it's on the tree along with all my Christopher Radko's - I think that my bubble bath santa is actually blushing.

Tikanis - you outdid yourself and made it a lot of fun to open - especially with all your little notes on everything and the beautiful letter. You really have touched me with your thoughtfulness and close attention to detail. Thanks so much for making today very special for me.

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Marci~ [ [ [ [ H U G S ] ] ] ] I know that BJ will be able to give you some good advice too. Just think, if DS moves here, we will get to meet. St. Pete isn't but 70 miles or so away.

Maddie~ [ [ [ [ H U G S ] ] ] ] Is this your DF from TX?

Jen~You know that you & the girls are always in my prayers. Go & enjoy yourself. It will do both you & the girls so much good. You are an excellent mother! Be good to yourself & Galen!

Lynn~It got cold here a day or two but it is nice now.

Tikanis~The only way that I could ever find making Mexican low-carb was to have chili rellanos (sp?) & not to batter them.

QOD~Dave bought me the bands to do pilates with so I hope to be more proactive doing pilates since I don't have any excuses anymore. LOL

Shout out to everyone! Patti :)

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Raeanne~Glad that you got to have another day of Christmas! LOL

Tikanis~Sounds like you outdid yourself.

Patti :)

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Oh, Tikanas, how funny is THAT? I thought I'd scare you away from our support group with my tackiness, but sounds like you fit right in! LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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HURRAY!! Raeanne's package finally arrived!

I am so glad that you liked everything! I had so much fun putting it all together. Now you know that I am just as tacky as the rest of you (she says smugly with nose in air) Besides, positively EVERYONE needs an emergency tampon : ) Can't wait to see that picture. DeeMarie, I am all over my son to show me how to upload and post pics so that y'all can see the tacky ornament that you sent me. It truly is a conversation piece!

Well, the menu for tomorrow's dinner has been decided upon and shopped for. I won a 10% discount thru December 30th at a local grocery store ( Von's...think it's called Safeway back east) and I have really stocked up! There is not a spare inch of space in my pantry cabinets.
Anyway, the menu is as follows: tortilla soup (no tortillas on mine), Tostado Compuestas with crab (I won't eat the fried flour tortilla shell and will put low fat Jack cheese on mine), Grilled colossal Shrimp with Pico de Gallo, Grilled Skewered Veggies, Mexican rice (I'll skip this), and black beans (I'll measure mine). I'll be serving a side of sliced avocado and non fat sour cream. Dessert is Pumpkin Cheesecake with a berry topping (I grew that pumpkin!! but I won't be having any of this...LOL) VOILA!! A "good carb" dinner party! Thanks for the idea Patti, but I couldn't bear Rellenos without the batter! I am dieting, not dead : )

Next culinary challenge is accomodating Braeden's decision to go vegetarian for the month of January (just for the heck of it with 2 buddies) Any meal suggestions that I can manipulate into "good carb" food plan would be appreciated. I have a whole month to fill here!
Also, I have almost finished the curriculum for this kid's homeschool cooking class. He will be posting to the "What's for Dinner" thread on the cooking forum 3 x a week with his menus, pics of the finished product etc. I have asked everyone over there to help me out by critiquing, advising etc. Your help would sure be appreciated as well. We start next week.

QOD: Suzanne, your charity has inspired me. I have a plan in the works and will add to my goals list. More on this when I work it all out. Thank you for the inspiration.

Be strong, be well!


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Tikanas--I bow. That is truly a monstrosity. I'm even having a hard time getting a mental pic of that one. LMAO though!!! :):)

Yeah, i changed mine to goals--sounds better, and it's something I might actually do! Mine are focused on getting my auction barn up and going this year (the steps I must take to do this), and working on the jewelry. I am making an actual diagram to plot out step-by-step, of exactly what needs to be done in order to obtain my goals, and what the problems are and how to overcome them. If nothing else, it's good for my soul! :):)

Besh, thanks! We did have a killer year, thanks to this trend, and quite frankly, I hope it continues for a good while! We sell a lot of figurals (pins in the shape of something (dogs, cats, horses, etc...)), and we're getting good response to the website. We're getting ready to send out our first newsletter, so that also will be a work-in-process. I'm having fun looking at wedding jewelry and pageant stuff. It is my hope that I can continue to do this, and not have to return to corporate h3ll. :):)

Patti--no, TX bud is doing fine (or as well as can be expected; her SF died in the fall, and her mom has been diagnosed with terminal cancer--she wasn't expected to make it this long). No, this is a local friend that has a wandering way to her. It's just her, and she moves around quite a bit. She is 54, and has thrombophlebitius, and a host of other medical problems, so that was where my worries came from. She is a delight, and I love her so. We are always there for each other, so that was another reason why I wondered what happened to her when I didn't hear from her. We talked the other night for hours, and her had been in the hospital with complications from diabetes, and then in a nursing home. She said she didn't want me to worry (well, that worked out lovely), and that her son was supposed to have called me, but when she didn't hear from me, she thought that I was po'ed. Anyhoo--I'll find out the real deal when I see her next week. She's my bud--we've been through some pretty rough times together, and we've always picked each other up when neither of us could stand. I am soooo happy to have heard her voice, though. :):)

Well, we set up for the weekend show, and I think a bunch of us are going to go to the local casino's all-u-kin-stuff-in-yore-piehole buffet on Friday after we get out of the show. These peeps are hysterical, and this should be fun. I always laugh more than I eat when we all go out, and it's been a while since we've all been together, and they ought to be in rare form---(they're so bad, they even shut *me* up!!)

The weather is MUCH better here--it's supposed to hit 60 this weekend, so all of this dirty snow will be gone--thank heavens--I'm not a snow fan--

Has anyone heard from Amy? KYSusie? John? Happyto?



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Well... DeeMarie, what can I say...nothing. I have no words to apologize with. I am dumbfounded and embarassed. I sent the package, unfortunately, not traceable as it was sent parcel post thinking I had plenty of time for it to get to you. My husband swears he took it to the post office and I believe him. LOL. I will just try to re-create it when I get home and send it overnight UPS or FEDEX. This is just not fair to you. I hope you can forgive me.


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Magickitty, these things happen, so don't trouble yourself over it. I've had my share of all of this for years; enjoy your vacation and have a Happy New Year!

There are usually 511 people at this office, and I'll bet I saw only 12 cars in the lot! I've got to interview a secretary in about 10 minutes, finish up some year-end budget reports, work on a finance presentation for next year, then I'm out of this place until 4-January! YIPPEE!!!

KY Susie, I suspect that you are a lurker here! Please drop in to say hello if you can. I may give you a call or e:mail you, because I'm thinking about some Mary Kay products! Thanks for the update on the family. :-)

Got on the scale and decided it's time to pack up the cookies and give them away, and freeze a few for DH (he protests that I don't think about him....Mr. Skinny A**!!!!)

Make today a great one!
Take care, eat healthy, and NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!

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I feel so bad! Today was Amy's birthday and I just now got on the computer and remembered. This is for you Amy. The sentiments are good, just a little late!!!

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Happy Birthday, Amy!


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HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMY!!!!!!! I HOPE IT WAS GREAT. I think of you often. (((HUGS)))

Love, Besh

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Amy! Happy Birthday, you lovely lady!

We want you to check in more often with your views on life and quotable tidbits of experience. I've learned so much from you about letting up on the critical and righteous views, being easy on myself and accepting the humaness of the errors I and other people make, and looking at thinking of someone else's life's luggage with regard to their sensitivities before offering advice. You let us look past the obvious and into the "feelings" behind the source of pain. You're compassionate beyond words. You're gentle. You're insightful. It'd be great if the newer friends here could see more of you and enjoy your view on living.

We miss you terribly here. And I know I speak for us all when I say when we see gentle focus artistry, all we can do is think of you.

I hope you had a Hawaiian-sized birthday. ALOHA!

Love you!

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Happy New Year!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Happy New Year Card

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HiEveryone.IForgotI'dHaveAParty. :)ThankYouSoMuch! (MyKeyboard'sActingUp).IHadABirthdaySaladForCelebration.-CaesarBLT
YouAreAllSoSweet.I'veBeenGoingThroughSomeIdentity CrisesIThink.I'llStopByAgainNextWeek.

IWasPlayingWithRearrangingTheWordsToWhiteBird.Here'sWhat ICameUpWith.

White bird in a golden cage
On a winter's day, in the rain
White bird in a golden cage

The leaves blow 'cross the long black road
To the darkened sky, in its rage
But the white bird sits alone in a cage

White bird dreams of the aspen tree
With her dying leaves turning gold
Still the white bird sits alone in a cage
Growing old

Sunsets come, and sunsets go
Clouds float by, and the earth turns slow
A caged bird's eyes still hold a glow
When the rain falls soft and the wind sings low.

Ghosts of memories flickering by
Shadows of dreams that went awry
Dissolving as quietly as a sigh
White bird must fly.



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Happy Belated Birthday Amy! And, Rabbit, Rabbit to you too.

Tikanis~I'm thrilled to hear that you came up with so many ways to have a Mexican low-carb/no-carb meal. Wonderbah, my Friend!

Maddie~So glad that you are back in touch with your friends.

Happy New Year to everyone! Patti :)

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Happy Birthday Amy. I hope that the coming year is full of good things for you. White Bird was always a favorite song.
So is Black Bird. Are you feeling like the white bird? White bird must fly or she will die?

Happy New Year to all. I hope you are all having a great weekend. I am not feeling well and I am going back to bed.
Will check in later.

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Amy - HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I agree, BJ knows how to make us cry and I agree totally with her sentiments. There is truly a void here, when you aren't posting. Let us know more about YOU - love ya!

Happy New Year to my SS family. I actually made it past midnight this year LOL. Going to a little party this afternoon.

NH Suzanne - hope you are feeling better.

2 nights ago a friend's house burnt down - he wasn't able to save a thing. He was sleeping when it happened and is very lucky to be alive.

I find myself always watching CNN for updates on the tsunami and find myself constantly thinking of all those poor people and can't sleep at night - which is very insignificant in light of their situation - but I have to watch and try to hang onto the reunion stories and the miracles that surround the disaster, but I just can't stop thinking about how many orphaned children there are.

Didn't mean to be a bummer on New Year's, but I guess it's even more of a reason for us to be grateful for what we have.

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Amy, the lyrics you came up with are sad to me, but thanks for stopping in and sharing them. They sound lonely. Are you lonely over there? What kinds of social activites are you indulging in? Do you still have the home helper to take you out to the stores and galleries? And have you had any new ideas on canvas? I remember you were thinking of painting the small Hawaiian homes and broken down trucks beside them --some local flavor. That was a cool idea. What about your web site ---- ? I know these are a lot of questions, but I am curious about your forward movement. I think about you all the time.....

Raeanne~ Geez! How'd the guy's fire start? Having things burn always makes me feel really strange. I really enjoy controlled fire, but fires that destroy are so irreversible. You lose so much of your life's history when a fire takes the things you've worked for and cherished. The photos and memories are virtually lost and there is so much to rebuild. However, speaking from experience, a fire is a time when you find out who your true friends are, so it is an excellent eye-opener for the New Year. I hope the community pulls together for him and shows him the spirit of hope!

I've only just read the latest couple of posts, so I'll read more and be back to relax later. All in-laws left yesterday, so we took down the tree, decorations, and will drive them to storage to day. Also, gotta go to the transfer station with all the garbage and recycling. Then, off to the grocery to refill the pantry and get the kids lined up for school to start tomorrow! Whew!

Happy New Year!

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BJ - It was a chimney fire (that went through the firewall??), he had a small party earlier in the night and he went to bed while some guests remained, apparently they got the fire going pretty good, the smoke alarm woke him up around 5AM (a miracle since he said he drank a bit too much). The guests said the fire was out when they left (but who knows for sure). He said the fire was small and was able to throw a bucket of water on it and went to get more water, when he came back the entire wall of the house was on fire. The house is a total loss - my stomach sunk when I saw it. A local shop owner sent him a bag of new clothes. He is a very popular guy (restaurant owner) so he is being well taken care of.

We had such a good time at the party yesterday, it is so nice to be with close friends this time of year.

Today I undressed the tree and put my living room back together, it feels good and uncluttered.

Tomorrow I am starting my new exercise regiment. I haven't decided what time to hit the gym, but I am leaning towards 7AM, to get it out of the way - now I will see if DH is going to live up to his end of the bargain LOL. I sent DD home with all my funky food.

Amy - I forgot to mention how much I loved what you did with the words. Do you do that often? I don't think I could do it, but I really enjoyed your version.

I better not sit too long, I am on a roll.

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