How to switch accountants gracefully?

mrsgreenbankJanuary 13, 2005

My husband has an S. corp and I am self-employed, so I am wondering what kind of stuff I need to get from the previous accountant to give to the new accountant (when I find one). Would the new accountant be able to just take over without a problem, do you think?

The current accountant does the accounting stuff okay, but his communication skills are crap. He also does not charge what he says he will charge and then does not answer emails or phone calls questioning it. I am ready to switch today, but we are stuck with him until our taxes for 2004 are filed.

We will likely tell the current accountant that we are switching because we prefer to have someone local to us instead of 2.5 hours away, which is true. It would certainly make communication easier (and less expensive via telephone).

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Why not let the new accountant handle it? Give him/her the contact info for your old accountant and let him/her call the old accountant and say "I need this/that/the other thing." After you break the news to your current accountant.

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I was wondering if that would be okay. It sounds like a wonderful idea to me!

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Unless there were some special reason, I can't understand having an accountant 2 1/2 hours travel away from one's location.

It seems to me that gives you a graceful out.

Especially since using e-mail should be the main reason for taking on such a professional that far away - and he then having shown himself unwilling to answer such communications.

Good wishes as you proceed.

joyful guy

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At the price of gasoline, you would be foolish not to switch.

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Unless you happen to hand over everything to your current accountant I can't imagine you can't supply your new one with whatever he needs.

My husband is also self employed with a Subchapter S corp & I've changed accountants 2 times over the years. The first one I found many errors, b/c I actually tracked his work & told him flat out I was switching. The worst part about it is that he's friends with MANY people we know so we often see him at get togethers, but we laugh about it these days & he even told me it's good to be upfront like I was with a problem such as this.

The 2nd time I switched it was b/c our accountant did everything SO BY THE BOOK that we were paying through the nose. I wanted someone who was a little more "creative" & who predominantly worked with people in the trades (my husband is a plumbing contractor). Because I liked our accountant & didn't know how the new one would work out I lied & told him that a family member had opened up their own practice & we were going to be using him. This newer accountant does save us money but has no personality, vs. the previous one was a doll, but bottom line it's $ that count.

So unless you foresee having to return to him I say be honest.


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