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nhsuzanneDecember 14, 2009

Good morning lady bugs,

How was your weekend? Mine was great.

Did anyone watch the meteor showers last night? I thought I would miss them because it was snowing last night. I got very early and went out to clear skies and glorious showers! Any direction I looked I saw them.

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Good Morning, Suzanne!
Too overcast here to view the meteor showers : (

Nice, relaxing weekend here!

I have only one patient today, then its back home to do the dreaded paperwork. I am determined to get some exercise in there too...


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As promised here a few photos of the Wassail Parade in Woodstock.

Raeanne, yes!!! Let's meet in Woodstock next time we meet. I love that whole area. It is a large horse community. shall we plan for shortly after the New Year??

This is the famous Woodstock Inn

There are more but this gives you an idea of what it was like!

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Good Monday, everyone!

Suzanne, thanks for letting me enjoy the Wassail parade from the warmth and comfort of my home! You really do take great photos, and I felt like I was there.

It's warm here and very overcast, 61, with a high of 67 today. It's been overcast/rainy/gray for the past 3 days, so we didn't see the meteor showers here last night. Glad you got to enjoy it, Suzanne.

I just got back from a party for the Friends of the Library given by the librarians. What a lovely spread it was! Afterwards, a few of us stayed on for the monthly book club discussion of our books, "Redbird Christmas" by Fannie Flagg, and "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society", and I'm drawing a blank on the authors. Both were very good reads!

I'm still working on getting the house ready for Christmas. I was under the weather last week, so the inside decorating is still a work in progress. But, my Christmas shopping is now, hopefully, complete! I'm hoping that my son can help me with the menu for Christmas eve and day, and then I'll get all that shopping done next week.

Hubby is off work this Thursday and Friday, so if I leave him a thorough honey-do list, he'll get it done, and that will be a relief! I was already committed to working a radiothon those two days, so I won't be around to help or bother him. We'll be taking pledges for St. Jude hospital at a big Houston country/western radio station. I'll work 2 14-hour days in a row, then I'll relax. LOL

Off to try to do some decorating, but I want to wish everyone a good Monday!

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LOVIN' THE PICTURES, NHSuzanne!!!!! Thanks for sharing!

I did not see the showers as it was too cloudy here!

...Well, I've given up on dieting until Jan 2nd---what a relief for me! lol

We went to the mainland yesterday to do some shopping, but it started snowing (heavily), so we turned around, went to a small mall and Baby V visited Santa (he called him "Papa Ho-Ho"), we got some dandy pictures, and went to a tree farm---wellllll, actually TWO tree farms, as DH had to get the perfect tree for his visiting family! We FROZE!!!! haha.

We got to the ferry and the tree on our rooftop rack caused our vehicle to be "over height." --MEGA $$$$ ---BUT--- the ferry lady said, "I can't do this!" and DIDN'T charge us extra for the tree on top but sent us to the over height lane! She said "Merry Christmas" as we left the toll booth! YAY! Gotta love it!

Milkdud, I've heard of the Potato Peel Pie Society (Mary Ann Shaffer & Annie Barrows) -Authors. Now I am intrigued! I think I'll stop by the library and "rent" it.

I have SOOOOO much to do before DH's family arrives on the 22nd. One of our clients who is having trouble paying his balance is coming over to help me hang pictures, curtains, refinish 2 or 3 tables, maybe hold a garage sale, etc in a barter/trade deal. He's a nice guy, so it'll be fun to get all this stuff done with him. Sometimes working with someone other than DH is much less stressful. No one to impress - haha.

Well, I better get back to WORK.

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Hi all!

Wow! What great pics, Suzanne!Thanks for posting them! What are the horses that are pulling the green cart?

Just checking in to say hi--still studying.



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YES, BJ! Those are the authors! It was a marvelous read, in old-fashioned letter form, but you still got the plot and character development. A real treat to read.

What a nice thing for the toll lady to do for your family. I know you deserve treats like that!

I've had to hire someone before to get everything done around here when we first moved here. It was SO much easier to have a stranger do it instead of dh. We never had a moment's friction either. LOL

Maddie, good luck with the rest of your tests!

I'm off to finish decorating because a friend is coming by tomorrow and my pride is at stake here! :)

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Good Tuesday all,

It's an amazing 39 degrees here! Crazy weather as tomorrow will be another arctic blast with high winds!

Maddie, that is a team of Belgians. There were several teams of Belgians in the parade. I have more photos I will post later.

BJ, that was a nice thing for the ferry woman to do. Tis the season to be generous and kind...Tis the season all the time but some don't get that!

Milkdud, I cannot find a reliable person to come help me with snow, etc when DH is gone. It's terrible. Kids don't seem to think it's important to work anymore and contractors are so independent that they come when and if they feel like it. Grrrr The warm weather made the 14" of snow dump off the roof at the barn so now I have to dig all the stall doors out! Can you hear me whining? LOL

Speaking of barns here is a photo of my barn and window boxes.

Surprise it's snowing!!

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Good Tuesday morning! It's STILL rainy and overcast, and the temp is 57 F. Because of the cloud cover, that's also the temp for the rest of the day. ugh

Suzanne, I don't know how you manage to do everything on your own, but you obviously do, much to your animals' relief, I'm sure! Love the window boxes and both photos of your barn! Stay warm when you can.

Today is the Christmas luncheon and program at the community center. I'm dragging my feet getting ready to go, but I'm actually looking forward to it. Must be this blah weather affecting me.

I wish everyone a safe and healthy Tuesday, whatever you're doing. Later, y'all!

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Hi Guys!

I love the window boxes! I would love to "copy" but it is winter and raining constantly here in the NorthWEST and the boxes would probably flood mud all over the place!

Milkdud~ Did you get your house done for your friend? I'm now on "freak-out" mode because my in-laws are coming next week. They all are VERY wealthy and have very nicely furnished and decorated homes and mine is done is young kid-friendly washable everything! Ahh, well, I hope they are coming to see US and NOT the house!!! I'll scour the bathrooms and make the house tour-able, but I swear, with more-than-ful-time work and still all the household chores and kids, I am setting my standards lower than I used to! :-)

NHSuzanne---I KNOW WHAT YOU MEAN ABOUT GETTING HELP! I tried to get several kids (whose parents gave me their numbers) this summer to mow the grass, but none of them were as interested as their parents were in getting them to work! I finally hired a 26 year old guy who would text me and mow when he needed some cash! Hey, I took what I could get! I love shoveling snow, though, so I wish I lived closer to you! We'd probably just sit around drinkin' hot buttered rums and yakkin' all day long though! Do I hear Raeanne and DeeMarie tryin' to get in on THAT????

Well, back to the office and smooth jazz muzak for me!

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WOW, Suzanne I love the pics too. DH and I got caught in an icy road situation here on Sunday. We had to drive on the shoulder of the interstate about 2 miles an hour and passed a huge horse trailer that had jack-knifed and the side was torn open like a tin can. The poor horses were staring out onto the highway with such a confused look on their faces. I thought of you immediately! It took hours to get that situation fixed, as you can imagine in a metro area of 18 million, horse trailers are few and far between!

Just got back from the doctors; have the start of bronchitis. I have been bathing in Purell, yet somehow a germ got through. I'm OK but taking it very easy and working from home so that I can still host my party on Saturday.

Maddie, good luck! You have gotten through much rougher times; you can do this!

BJ, good to see you.

My package has been mailed, so "Santa" should be leaving a little gift for a special someone soon.

Donna, miss you; hope all is well down there.

I need a nap; hope everyone has a great evening!


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Suzanne - gorgeous photos of Woodstock and your barn! Yes, lets try to meet in January sometime. I am pretty free in the winter - just have to watch the weather, because that route I take into VT is a heavy truck route and lots of winter accidents.

Jan - Lee Jeans are on sale right now - they are about $25 and free shipping. I just ordered another 2 pair.

Dee - what a horrible ride - I would have needed a drink when I got home. Glad you made it home safe.

My package isn't mailed yet, but will be tomorrow!

Marci - I think I received your package. Did you have it shipped directly to me? I received a box with a return address I don't know and a company I didn't order from. I didn't want to open it because I had a hunch it was from you.

BJ - My oldest DD may be going to Seattle, your rock and Anchorage in August. When she told me she was going to Seattle I said I have a friend from Seattle, then she mentioned the rock and I said my friend lived there too, and then she said Anchorage and I said she lived there too (at least I think that is where you lived). She said maybe I would like to meet up with her in Seattle, it has me thinking!

It is past my bedtime, just wanted to check in.

Sweet dreams all.

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I just remembered you are not from Anchorage. Still ironic that she is going to Alaska.

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Raeanne! I spent an entire summer living in ANC about 4 years ago or so. My sister lives there. I am pretty familiar with it, since I pass through it a couple of times and visit my sis every time I "drive Alaska," making la grande tour visiting relatives! I would LOVE to see you! I'll travel to Seattle or you can visit the rock---plenty of room at my place for you and your crew here---so DON'T BE SHY!!!! I have a kayak connection too. :-)

Well, it's pouring rain here, as usual in the winter. After SO MANY white Christmases in Alaska, it's very difficult to get into the decorating and spirit when surrounded by MUD! lol! I'll never get used to it, I guess!

Having some people over for dinner tonight, so I'd better get cleaning before I go to work! I'm going to have seafood something... but I don't know what yet!

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I loved the pics and was so shocked to see that it was Woostock, which is not that far from me. Then I realized you weren't talking about Woodstock, Ontario.

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Good Wednesday all,

This weather here is crazy. Yesterday a balmy 42 degrees and this morning 18 degrees with windchill factor near zero. We can expect the temps to be miserable for the rest of the week with howling winds....ugh

Ivamae, that's funny!

Donna, missing hearing from you. Your package should arrive today or tomorrow.

Jan, where are you this week? What model Lee jeans did you tell us about??

BJ, those window boxes have holes for drainage. You would be fine and maybe they would cheer you up!!

Raeanne, I am thinking the 18th? LMK

Dee, I hate to hear about horse trailer accidents. The poor horses - it is so traumatic for them and they don't understand. Glad you got home safely and glad you enjoyed the photos.

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Marci~I got the "Santa" exchange out in the mail today.

NH Suzanne~The pics are so adorable. I wish DH was here to see. He went to do laundry for me. I'm leaving in the morning. Tomorrow is my dad's 75th birthday & we are having a party for him. So, I'll get to see my siblings, parents, kids, & grandkids. Woo Hoo!!

Milkdud~You sound very busy as usual.

BJ~Sounds like you are running around like a "wild chicken" too.

Raeanne~I'm loving your paintings.

Tikanis~I'm so glad you are posting here again. You don't KNOW how much I missed you.

Maddie~It is fab to hear you here again too.

Ivamae~I have got to make a NY resolution to slow down enough to get here more often. The last 6 or 7 months of this year were SO hectic that I haven't had time to breathe hardly.

DeeMarie~Take care of yourself. I hate that you got something after you tried so hard to stay healthy. :-(

Well, I won't be back until the 24th so I'm wishing everyone a Merry Christmas now. I can't believe that I'm actually dumb enough to take a plane on that day. Who knows what time I will really get home??? LOL Love you all & hope you have the happiest of times with your family & friends. Patti :-)

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Hi all!

Gosh, I love your barn, Suzanne, and the window boxes--so festive! I thought the horses were draft, just by the build, but I couldn't tell what breed. They are gorgeous! (I have a burning desire to have a Shire one day, or a Clydesdale---figure the odds! :))

Still studying--just popped in to say hi!



PS--Dee, your package is on it's way! :)

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Good Wednesday afternoon, y'all! It's cooler today, mid-50's, and still overcast. Our trees are showing their Fall colors beautifully - here in December! LOL

I had a fun lunch today with an internet friend who lives in Houston. She drove out here so that she could dine at Peso's Mexican restaurant. She's heard me mention it often and just had to try it. Then, I gave her the 20-min. tour, starting with my little market, then the community center dressed in all its Christmas finery, then my house. It was great visiting with her. We first got together last Easter eve and had the best time together.

Dinner is cooking in the crockpot - salsa chicken and brown rice. It will have to last us for a couple of nights because early tomorrow morning, I start working the radiothon for St. Jude - a two-day, 14 hours each day 'thon'. It's such a great cause, but I don't do well going to bed early and waking up early. Once I'm there, I have a gresat time though.

Dee, I got your box in the mail today. Can't wait to open it next Wednesday!

Time to 'git 'er done'! Happy Hump Day!

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Happy Wednesday!

I came into work today but it's 4pm and I've decided to leave soon and probably stay home again tomorrow. We have an All Hands meeting in the morning and a Christmas party in the afternoon. What I will miss most is singing in our corporate choir, but I'm just not up to it.

Milkdud, I'm glad the package arrived! Don't forget to read the card before you unwrap the gift. ;-) DH and I don't send cards but donate the $$ we would use for stamps and cards to a charity. This year we chose St. Jude's!!

Thanks for the heads-up Maddie.

Patti, it was good to see you. Enjoy yourself and safe travels on the 24th.

A great evening!

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Raeanne - I did have the ornament sent directly to you. Does the return addres say Ne'Qwa?

Patti - I will watch for a package from FL. Hope you have a safe trip.

I just finished making 100 mini meatballs for my wedding soup. I will make the broth in the crock-pot tomrrow, then I'll freeze everthing for Christmas Eve.

NHSuzanne - Your picture of the barn and window boxes would make a great Christmas card. Is that Sweet Pea in the window in the 1st picture?

DeeMarie - Hope you feel better soon. So far I have managed to stay healthy (knock on wood) even though I am exposed to kids and their germs every day. I have been using Purell and washing my hands constantly, plus I think I have built up my immunity over my years of teaching.

Milkdud - It was cold here today, but the sky was so blue that I didn't mind it at all. But I know what you mean about "ugly" weather affecting your mood.

BJ - I used to leave my sweeper out when my MIL came over when the kids were little. I would just tell her that I was going to run the sweeper and ran out of time. She is a clean freak and there is no way I could live up to her standards.

Gotta run and finish dinner.

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Just popping in to say hi. Its been a very busy and exhausting week here. I don't watch much tv, but I'll be parked in front of it tonight, just for the diversion!

Back tomorrow,


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Good Morgan all, LOL That's what I say to my girls at the barn every Morgan.

It's very cold here. Arctic blast bearing down. This morning it was four degrees when I went to the barn and when I got back in it was 2 degrees. You know, the darkest (and coldest) hours are always just before the dawn.

Tikanis,hope you got some rest. TV is a great diversion. It gives my brain a rest!

Dee, I hope you are getting better.

Milkdud, I am thinking of you and the good work you are doing for St. Jude.

Today we have an office luncheon at a local restaurant. Should be a nice time.

Tomorrow evening it's a hag with nags Christmas dinner. I am making short ribs with mashed potato and parsnips, and Brussels sprouts. It is a perfect weather for a menu like that.

QOD: Your weekend plans?

Marci, the horse is Casey. She is alpha and therefore the sentry for all things at the barn. This is here favorite spot. She may think she will be the first to get a treat or hay on my way through the gate. She is a riot.

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Happy Thursday!

QOD: Saturday, I'm having DH's family here (about 32 adults and kids) for an Open House from 2pm to 8pm. Doing all the cooking and baking myself, but I think I have it under control. If not, there's a pizza parlor that delivers about 1/4 mile down the road near the clubhouse! LOL! Sunday, we are planning to go the JETS game. I will go if I'm feeling good enough; otherwise, DH will ask his youngest daughter if she's not working.

Marci, I made 100 mini meatballs about 2 weeks ago, along with the 'gravy'. Will be serving that Saturday with small Italian rolls for one of the hot dishes. My dear dad used to make your soup every Thanksgiving. He was a wonderful baker and cook. He died when I was young, and I wish he was here so that I could cook and bake for him using his recipes! What fun that would be.

Suzanne, I think DH read that it took over 4 hours to rescue those horses on Sunday. I say "I think" because it was over a cup of coffee at 5:45am this morning! haha

Tikanis, relax with that remote. It's a great way to chill sometimes. When I need an hour or two, I waste it watching the Hallmark channel. Not the best acting, but I can sometimes get in a nap!

OK, I gotta get back to some work.

Check in, MIA's!!


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Hi Guys!

Okay, how many of you went back and scrutinized NHSuzanne's photos after Marci's post? I did! I didn't notice the candle lights -- or the horse! --in the window until I looked closely the second time---those are really beautiful pictures!


Friday: CLEANING! I love your sweeper. idea, Marci. My MIL and FIL are the cleanest freaks I've ever met. They pick up your glass AS SOON as you finish your drink and put it in the washer. They empty the dishwasher AS SOON as it's done---WHO DOES THAT? haha. FIL (he has Asperger's) spends a full 15 minute scouring my kitchen sink after the dishes are loaded - and is always asking for rags, cleaners, squeegees, hoses, & you name it. But I still am looking forward to their visit. "I love them and their quirks" - but check back with me on the 28th to revisit that statement! They leave on the 27th.

Saturday: I am -- even though I can't spare the time -- going to my middle DD's b-ball tourney (off-the-rock) this weekend, then going to a holiday party of the old production company I used to work for! I am so excited as I haven't made it to this yearly party for about 10 years! I'm taking my 21 y.o. DD with me since she is home form college (tonight!) and want to go with me. JUST THE 2 OF US-- NO KIDS!!! Wow. I am really excited about this! We'll pick up my 19 y.o. DD at the airport (home from college)on Sunday morning and head back to the rock.

Sunday: More cleaning, of course...and menu planning.

Tikanas: I'm fast mailing your package today or tomorrow! Look for it! XXOO!

DeeMarie: Pizza! Pizza!

Milkdud---I'm gonna visit YOU! You sound like a wonderful hostess!

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Marci - I had my DH open it and he said it was an ornament, so he put it back in and the box is safely away from me. I have to tell you that I have some of their ornaments - so I already love it haha.

I missed something, is Patti leaving us for a while? I have her box and am afraid it won't get to her. I know she moved recently and I don't have her new address. YIKES - If anyone knows please send it to me. THANKS

I don't have time to read everyone's posts. I was just about to mail Patti's package when I realized her address may be different and came here to see if she was around.

I have 2 more packages to put together and get to the PO before it closes. One is for my nephew in Iraq and I am pretty certain he won't get it by Christmas - but he will appreciate it at any time.

Suzanne - I will pencil in the 18th, as it gets closer I will firm it up with you.
I will check in tomorrow and stay longer.

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Raeanne - I was so hoping that you had never heard of these ornaments, but I knew the artist in you would love them. You'll have to tell me which ones you have after you open the one I sent you.

QOD - Laundry, shopping, cookies, wrapping and spending time with DS, who is coming home tomorrow night. I feel like I still have so much to do, even though I have lowered my expectations and am content to do much less this year than I have in the past. (And the world hasn't stopped turning..........hmmm-I should have slowed down years ago. LOL)

Raeanne - Patti went to Texas until 12/24. Maybe Milkdud has her new address. The only one I have for her is a P.O. Box, so that may have stayed the same.

DeeMarie - I love reading recipes from my grandmother's recipe box and seeing things in her handwriting. We are putting together a family recipe book and including many of her recipes. We wanted to pass them down to my DD and my nieces before they got lost.

BJ - Your weekend sounds action packed as usual. My MIL has many idiosyncrasies, and I love her, but I don't think I could be around her for that many days in a row. (Of course, maybe she feels the same way about me-lol).

NHSuzanne - 2º! Yikes. I will stop complaining that it is in the 30s here. I love hearing about your horses personalities.

Milkdud - Hope your fundraiser is going well.

Where is Jan?

Tikanis - Hope you were able to relax. I watched the finale of So You Think You Can Dance, even though I hadn't watched any of the rest of the season. I was too tired to change the channel and I just vegged out instead.

Donna - Are you up to your eyeballs in sawdust?

Maddie - Are you done with your exams yet? Hope everything went well.

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Yes, where is Jan????

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A quick good morning to everyone! It's still DARK outside, I haven't had my shower, and my ride will be here in less than 30 minutes. Good thing it's a RADIO-thon!

Not as much money raised so far, but that's to be expected a week before Christmas. Sheesh! But, it's all the radio station would do for us. But, it's been fun. Today is the long day. I'll be gone from 5:15 until around 8:30 or 9 tonight.

QOD: Sleep in, finish wrapping gifts, and attend a dinner party tomorrow night. Sunday, church & SS, then cooking something for hubby's Sunday school party Sunday night. Lots of resting in there somehow!

Have a great Friday everyone. I'll catch up with everyone this weekend, I hope!

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Good morning all!

Thanks for all of the good vibes you all sent--I did very well in finals, and will be on the honors list for this semester! Whooohooooo! (I am very glad that it's over, though!)

The weekend--we have a wedding to go to on Sat, and on Sun, I've lost my mind (apparently) and am having a dinner party. Nothing fancy as we're all ol' counrty eaters, but I'm planning a fancy dessert. I'm really looking forward to setting a Christmas table, with the Chirstmas china, and the fun decorations. This will be my first Christmas party, since I've never lived anywhere (as an adult) that was big enough to have people over. Wish me luck! (At least it won't be sticky chiccy, Raeanne! LOLOL!)



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Good morning!

Here I am!

First of all, congratulations, Maddie - wow! Honors list - you should be very proud of yourself! Have fun with your Christmas party!

Dee, hope you are well enough to go to the Jets game. We have the Saints on tomorrow night - I hope they not only win, but win big. Their last few victories have been too close for comfort! Looks like Peyton (Colts) had another good night last night. He's amazing.

Most of you know we built a new house two years ago after Katrina took ours. We have a gas fireplace that we haven't been able to use very much because of a faulty control box that was on recall. They finally fixed it late last year. I decided to turn it on last weekend, when it was chilly and rainy and I had just poured a glass of wine and started to address my Christmas cards, and it was dead as a hammer. Arghhh. The guy came out this week and replaced the unit and I am so happy. I have loved having the fire. I'm like a big, fat cat purring on the sofa. It's not that often it's cool enough to warrant a fire, but this monsoon season we've been having for the last week has been the perfect time. That's where I'll be tomorrow night as I cheer the Saints on to victory (hopefully!)

Christmas shopping is done, except for my mother, but we have a few ideas that will probably be decided on "last-minute."

milkdud, I thought of you as I donated to St. Jude's yesterday at the Harry and David store.

marci, I've adopted your attitude (lowering expectations) for the holidays, and it's going well for me, too.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Good morning all,

TGIF! Another bitterly cold morning at 2 degrees. Now the sun is up and it's warmed to 7. The wind is not so severe so the wind chill factor will be a little more tolerable. Weather this cold in December is never a good sign for the rest of the winter. But I am determined that winter will not be severe this year and it's a done deal! Thinking positive definitely helps.

Speaking of thinking positive....MADDIE, good for you sister. I knew you would ace it I really did. How fun having your first dinner party! Hope it's great.

Marci, each and every animal in that barn has a distinct personality including the chickens. They are all such a joy.

Jan you definitely have the right attitude about Christmas! I feel that way too and it feels good. Can you remind me of what model Lee jeans you talked about?

Maddie, later today I will post pictures a friend sent me of a Moose who calved in her yard! She has some amazing photos.

Tonight is Hags with Nags. I am looking forward to it. Dinner is mostly done all I have to do is make the whipped potatoes and parsnips. Yummmmm

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Suzanne, there were great reviews for both the Lee Slender Secret jeans and the Levi 512 Perfectly Slimming bootcut jeans. I haven't tried the Lee yet, but love the Levi 512's. I wore my black pair yesterday shopping and they kept their fit (no bagging) the entire day! I bought them in black and regular denim. I don't think you can go wrong with either - and such good prices (both brands are around $25 or so.) Great look for a fraction of the high-end jeans price.

What a cute name - "Hags with Nags!" Enjoy your dinner! This old Southern girl can only imagine what 7 degrees must feel like, much less 2 degrees. BRRRRR! But what beauty surrounds you, with your snow, your barn, your sweet animals!

Need to get away from the fireplace, out of my pj's and get moving.....

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Maddie, this is just for you as know of your love for Moose. I am sure everyone else will love this too. My friend sent these who got them from a friend in Michigan. This baby was born in the middle of downtown Naubinway, Michigan. Baby is about 12 hours old in these photos.

OMG so sweet:

Can you stand it? What would you give to have seen this yourself? I would give a lot!!

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Marci - I don't believe I even looked at Patti's address to realize it was a PO Box - I just knew it wasn't a new address. Thanks, I have it and the box is on it's way to the PO. DUHHHH

Suzanne - thanks for sharing those pics. We get a random moose from time to time, but I have yet to see one here and would love to.

Jan - I am going to order the Levi's after Christmas. I just don't want to buy one more thing this year.

BJ - you can definitely count me in on the hot buttered rums yummers hehe.

I need to get my notes in order for an important meeting. I will see you later or tomorrow....

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suzanne, those are the sweetest pictures - I was going to say I love the second one the best, but they are ALL so good!

raeanne, you're lucky that you're finished - I'm going to have to get out once more to finish up shopping, but I'm saving it for next week, when it will really be crazy - ha!

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Good morning from mild (57 F.) and sunny SE Texas! This is 2 days in a row of sunshine, and it's most welcome!

I slept in today to make up for getting up so early the past 2 days for the radiothon downtown. I live waaaay out from Houston (at least it feels like it when you're driving in the dark and rain!), so we've had to be up and out VERY early, especially yesterday - 5:15am! I'm not an early morning person, but the cause was a good one - raising funds for St. Jude's research hospital.

Suzanne, I LOVE those pics of the mama moose and her little one! You always manage to make me smile with your photo postings!

Today, I'm going to hit the library and return a few books and pick up some that were ordered for me, then I'll go to our little market, Arlan's, and pick up a few items that hubby forgot yesterday on his Walmart run. No way would I go to WM on the Saturday before Christmas. I may pay more at Arlan's, but my time has to be worth something, right?

Tonight, we're invited to a Christmas dinner party at our friends' house. They did this last year, too, and it was so lovely. It's their Christmas gift to our canasta group, and they go all out. I can't wait to see what's on the menu this year. Last year, they served butternut squash soup, prime rib, some kind of yummy potato dish, then dessert was a 'create-your-own-cheesecake-topping'. I loved that idea and 'borrowed' it for our family Christmas, and it was a big hit with everyone.

Good luck to everyone who's experiencing serious winter weather! And to those who can get out and about, watch out for all those crazy drivers and shoppers!

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Happy Saturday!

Well, our party was supposed to be in full swing by now, but I had to reschedule it. Called everyone yesterday afternoon when the weatherman confirmed the bad news. We're going to receive a present early--- 12 to 18 inches of snow, and it's only December 19th. Global warming? I think not!!

Most of the dishes I prepared are in the freezer for the new date -- January 9. Hopefully, everyone will still be in the mood to party; we've promised to leave up our decorations and the Snow Village. I think it will work out fine, unless we get more snow that day!

The weather is so bad, that DH and I have prepared ourselves for watching the JETS game in our home tomorrow. It drives me mad to know that we have tix to be in the stadium, but I don't think they can clear that snow out of all the seats by 1pm if it stops at 11am, and this gal does not sit on ice!!!

Got a chicken dish in the oven on slow cook. Going to do a bit of preparation for Christmas dinner with DH's daughters, and then I'll have some time to finish wrapping gifts. We had time to run out this morning and pick up the rest of what we had.

How does everyone deal with buying for seniors? (not that I'm far behind! LOL!!) This year, I bought my MIL enough goodies at Trader Joe's to make up a basket. We are going to attach a gift certificate to her hair salon. She just won't spend on herself but really enjoys the goodies when we bring them as a hostess gift. I've run out of ideas and am thrilled when I think of something!

Going to go throw another log on the fire and try to coax DH to help me wrap those gifts. When I left the family room about 20 minutes ago, he was "watching" TV with his eyes closed and the remote slipping out of his hand. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!


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Good evening.

Shoot, I just wasted the night watching Dallas Cowboys beat the Saints. I had a feeling the Saints would lose. All of the New Orleans media was promoting the game like it was the Super Bowl. Several of the tv stations had special pre-game shows. Like it was in the bag. It wasn't.

Talked to my sister who lives in Washington, DC - she was making chocolate chip pancakes this morning and watching the snow pile up! It looks so beautiful in the pictures (Washington Post) but I bet it's a headache, especially the week before Christmas.

We had sunshine again today, and warmer temps, so I can't complain.

Dee, re: buying for seniors. I only have one gift left to buy and it's for my 85 year old mother. I am at a total loss and am hoping when I get out this week I will find the perfect gift. I have a few little "happy" gifts for her, like some music CD's, and have helped my other sisters with ideas for her gift, but I want to give her something really special.

Headed to bed. Have a good night.

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Good Monday all,

Hope all you that got hit with the Nor'Easter are shoveling out! What a storm. I have to say that I am delighted that for ONCE we got a spared. SE NH is getting quite a bit but here in the SW we aren't. YIPPPPPPEEEEEE!!!

I am really on the countdown now until Christmas eve. My shopping is done and wrapped. I am just waiting for a photo book for my M&FIL.

As I write this there are at least 15 turkeys outside my office window eating the scratch and seed that I threw out for them. With the ice covering the ground it is hard for them to find food. I am all to happy to have them here and to be able to help them.

I am going to bake a cranberry walnut bread today. I saw the recipe on a food blog and it sounds wonderful. I want to have it for Christmas if it can get into the freezer before it gets eaten!!

I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday.

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Good morning Suzanne!

Thinking of you, as I just finished a big pot of Sunday Gravy(!) and it's sitting on the stove to simmer for about 4 hours before I put it away for Christmas.

Our total was about 9 inches of the white stuff. DH just finished shoveling our cars out, along with the front porch and path. I also heard him on the side of the house, so maybe he's going to work his way to the deck and uncover by beloved grill. He's now on his way to his mom's with my BIL.

We decided to stay home and watch the JETS. Although Philly changed the kickoff from 1 to 4pm, the JETS decided to keep kickoff at 1pm. Since most diehards get there by 9:30am, it doesn't make sense for us to try to get there, walk 1/4 mile in the parking lot just to sit in the cold. Used to do that when I was a lot younger, but I think those days are almost over for me. Wish we had a dome on the stadium; just makes sense to me.

Maddie, I got your package. It's sitting under the tree. Thank you!

I'm going to make myself a warm bubble bath, continue reading "A Simple Christmas" and then wrap some more presents while I watch the game.

Hope everyone is cozy this very cold Sunday.


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Suzanne - great shot of all the turkeys. I haven't seen any around here in a long time. I am sure they will be around at some point. They love hanging around my bird feeders.

I was spared from the storm too, but poor DH is visiting DD and they got 10 inches in NYC, which equals a real mess. They sent me pictures and it is very pretty.

Dee - I am making 'gravy' too! That will be for dinner on Christmas Day. We have our big meal of prime rib on Christmas Eve. I was at a loss for my MIL this year and sent her a Harry & David fruit of the month club membership. I normally get her a gift card to a chain restaurant or bookstore.

Marci - do you have a pot of sauce on the stove by any chance?

Jan - I'm just done with packages that needed to be mailed. I did a quick inventory of things and need a couple little things. Forgot a couple people that I like to give a token of appreciation to. I didn't even do any cards yet. Looks like I may not do any or they will be late.

My tree isn't even up yet, as DH is out of town and I can't handle the tree by myself, too heavy and too far from the door. We aren't decorating until Christmas Eve anyways - when both DD's are home, but I wanted to get it situated and have the lights strung.

I am going to try to bake a couple batches of cookies between laundry today and find boxes to wrap a few more gifts.

Stay warm and safe.

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Hi all!

OK, Suzanne, I almost passed out from too much moose cuteness! :) The pics are so great, but the third is going to be my wallpaper, if I can get it to work. I've seen a moose, once, in Canada, and she was standing in a river, and we scared her and she took off. Dang it! I would have loved to have just sat and watched her! Thanks for posting them! :)

Well, thank goodness, we missed all the snow, although Eastern KY got plenty. We've got some rain, but that's about it. I think next week is supposed to be nice, too.

Gotta go and finish cleaning for finner tonight.



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I can send you the photos as an attachment but I don't have your new email address. I could make them available on Snapfish too.

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I love the moose cuteness too! They are my absolute favorite! I saw a mama and 2 calves standing in a stream in Colorado few years ago and it made my whole vacation!

Maddie, your ornament is on its way...All I can say is WOW!! about your exam results! And you were so worried. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to have them over and done with? CONGRATS!

I am NOT making gravy, I am making soup today, two kinds. My nephew expressed a wish to learn how to make soup so I bought him a huge stock pot and lots of dry ingredients to go along with a handmade gift certificate for soup making lessons with his favorite Aunt : )
I am putting the finishing touches on some chocolate cake mugs (thank you Suzanne, you are a lifesaver!!) and making some fudge.

I still have a few more things to buy. It was a VERY busy week and I am tired. I sat down to watch tv the other night and promptly fell asleep!

Sounds like we are all busy with Christmas plans!



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