to purchase or not to purchase - that is the question

pdg777January 29, 2009

If we know that we will need to replace our ancient computer within 6 months to a year, should we get one now while computers are rather cheap, or should we continue to hang on to those dollars in our savings? We can easily afford $600 to $700 without going in to savings or financing it. However, like most people these days, we are keeping all spending to a minimum.

One of the issues with the computer is that we also have an old printer for which it is hard to find cartridges, and our computer is too old to install modern-day printer software.

I guess my question is, would it be more prudent to buy it now while they are cheap, or risk the price spike if we wait until later? Having a computer is convenient for me, as it allows me to frequently work from home. However, my employer does not require it.

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Why wait? Unless the 600-700 dollars is important to your current financial situation,take advantage of the opportunity the economy is providing you..And by spending,you'll be "helping" the economy recover...

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You can deduct it, so might as well. Buying when prices are low makes sense.

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If you can afford the computer/printer without plastic & it won't set you back with your savings all means make the purchase. Financial prudence does not mean stopping life nor living like a mole inside your house for fear of leaving home & spending money.

Everything in moderation...even lattes.

If you get a new computer...may it not have Gremlins living under the task bar! :)


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Remember Moore's Law: computer technology doubles (is outdated) every 18 months. Whatever you buy will be a generation old in a year and a half.

The above being said: if you need a computer buy one. Dell and HP are both having great deals now.

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I agree with all of the above...get a new computer! It will help the economy to spend.

ideefixe , how is it deductable If it's for home personal use?

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I guess "helping" the economy is one way to look at it that I hadn't considered. Thanks for all your input. I'm still undecided but it helps to get others' thoughts.

Yes, ideefixe, how is the computer deductible? I surely didn't think it would be, as my employer does not require it, it's just necessary if I want to work from home. But it will definitely be used by the household for personal stuff.

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it isn't deductible

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I agree... no deduction.

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I agree with Trisia everything in moderation. I don't know how old you all are but I am 72 and I have saved, cut corners, used coupons and done without things to save for our Golden Years. They are here now and I am going to enjoy the rest of my life instead of saving for something that may never happen. Oops there goes the moderation thing. LOL

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Right, no deduction. For an employee, it is only deductible if your employer requires it. A contractor, on the other hand, can deduct it if it is used for work mor than 50% of the time (if tax law hasn't changed and I remember right).

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I agree, go ahead & buy it.

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If you're working from home, your employer doesn't require it? How could you do the work without it? I'm a freelancer, so everything's deductible in my world. Do you do any other work with it?

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Being a consultant allows for more deductions than being an employee.

In her case, no deduction.

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Ideefixe, working from home is an option, but I can't do it all the time. It's allowed no more than 2 days a week.

And yes, we do other personal, family stuff on the computer.

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Buy it, I didn't really need one and bought one because the price was too good. I was thinking about upgrading my 4-5 yr old computer and started looking. I ended up getting a very nice desktop (w/o a monitor) at Dell Outlet for $326. I've seen plenty of sub $500 systems with monitors available, just watch a few of the "deal" websites.

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Got any semi-marketable skills ... that could bring in a few dollars this year?

Start a home-based business.

Then it becomes deductible ... if you (could) use it for the business.

ole joyful

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