Vacation ideas?

Annie DeighnaughApril 24, 2014

I want to go away on vacation, but don't know where to go. Friend has been to PEI several times and suggests we take the time to drive up there and make stops along the way, but somehow, despite hearing how beautiful it is, that area has never appealed to me....though we did enjoy Acadia.

One place I wanted to go to was glacier nat'l park before all the glaciers are gone....

We've never been to N Mex and again, somehow, that's not appealed, though I've heard that's beautiful too.

I'm still over-cathedraled from E Europe and would like something less urban.

I'd like to hit Alaska, but not after this past winter...

I'm done with the Caribbean and FL, and have been to a lot of the usual haunts along the East Coast.

We like accessible hiking (no overnight backpacking or scaling half dome) and pretty views. We like touring interesting places, be they historical, or industrial, or museums. We don't golf or play tennis...

I'm thinking Ireland, or trying to convince DH that India would be good to see. (He was there many times for 2 months at a time with work in the 80s, but he never even saw the Taj Mahal. I suspect the country has changed quite a bit since then.)

He seems somewhat open to Australia/NZ, if it wasn't for the long flight...I'd probably want to do it with a rest stop in HI.

What are some of your favorite vacations? I'm hoping you can help inspire me.

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Would you consider taking another look at New Mexico? Chaco Canyon is incredible, Santa Fe is beautiful, Carlsbad Caverns and White Sands are also. And you can drive up to Mesa Verde (Colorado), which is astounding. Oh and Taos and all the rest! New Mexico was one of our favorite vacations, and I hope to go back soon.
Only negative is that there can be a lot of driving-wish we had trains like Europe!

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I don't know anyone who has traveled to India for pleasure but I do know several people who are sent there for work regularly. All of them get sick, every time, no matter how carefully they try to eat and drink. In fact, one of my husband's co-workers contracted something in India that eventually killed her (she was a young vibrant 40-something woman). I think the sanitation standards for things like water and food are not up to par in a lot of India -- I assume the locals are adapted to it but for visitors who are not used to it, it could make for an extremely unpleasant vacation.

We honeymooned on Victoria Island, BC. That was beautiful - you might like that. Sort of Alaska-ish (totem poles and that Pacific NW whaling kind of history) without all the snow and cold.

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Lkplatow- I have to disagree. BIL and SIL traveled to India for pleasure. Their photos, stories and souvenirs are amazing. They stayed for the majority of time in Rishikesh: yoga ashram and kayaking. Then they hit the varanasi region IIRC. That's where the holy waters are, right? The photos of people bathing in the waters were fascinating. So much history in that country. Fascinating culture. they are vegan so I suppose it was easier for them. They had very little worry regarding food poisoning from tainted meat. Restrooms could be sketchy but "when in rome..." they carried hand soap and bottled water but would do the left and and bucket thing. Then they doused hands in soap and water. They came back looking healthier and happier than ever. But the immersion in daily yoga and practicing with other buddhists fit their lifestyle. My BIL was fascinated by the chaotic nature of India. He would go back.

What about whistler and Vancouver in the summer? Or the redwoods? And Alaska is fantastic in the summer.

Annie have you considered a walking tour of a portion of the wales coast path? We did a portion of it a while back. 8 of us ranging from age 21 to 72. We stopped at pubs for lunch. Ate dinner in town. Slept in hotels or inns along the way with all of our luggage ported to our next destination by the travel company. If we didn't cover the 10-15 mikes because we got sidetracked along the way no big deal it was a short hop in a car. Usually days were just 8-13 miles and nice walks at whatever pace we decided. Amazing views. Great people in wales. Fun trip.

Phuket was fantastic. Japan is great too busy cities to the mountains snd beaches. You can have it all in one trip.

I still want to sail the Nile.

Fun thread. Hope you find your destination.

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You can't go wrong with Maui!

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Some of our favorite hiking spots are in Utah. Zion, Bryce and Moab (Arches National Park). In fact we're thinking of going out again in the fall. All have very accessible day hikes. It totally depends on how many days you want to visit what your itinerary might be. If you want to stay, say a week, I'd probably fly into Las Vegas and hit Zion and Bryce Canyon and drive around in that corner of Utah, maybe even hit the north rim of the Grand Canyon. If you want to see some of Salt Lake City for a day and then take a 4 hour drive to Moab, then hike in Arches and Canyonlands NPs and see some of the surrounding areas there, that would be another option. It would be hard to do all this in one trip unless you plan to be away for a couple of weeks. There is plenty to do in between (Capitol Reef, etc), on scenic highway 12, it just depends on the time you are planning to spend. There are other excursions I could recommend other than just hiking (guided 4-wheeling, horseback riding, etc) if you are interested.

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I would rent a lake house in the Adirondacks somewhere, hike a few of the beautiful mountains when I wasn't relaxing by the lake, and scout out some of the less touristy, darling, authentic towns in the area.

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Annie Deighnaugh

All these ideas are most welcome! Keep 'em coming!

We've already done Hawaii (5 islands), Seattle, Vancouver, Victoria, and the Canadian Rockies (Jasper, Lake Louise, Banff). We've also done our "best of the west" trip: Las Vegas then Zion, Bryce, Lake Powell, Monument Valley, Grand Canyon and back to Vegas and home. We've also had a grand time touring Oregon (crater lake is superb) and the California Coast (San Fran, Muir woods, Napa, Yosemite, Big Sur, Monterrey, and down to LA, and San Diego.) We also have done Costa Rica and Panama and Guadalajara. Our last NP trip was Yellowstone and Grand Tetons which were phenomenal. We also spent time in Co springs and Boulder (pre floods) and Estes Park, and Pikes Peak.

We haven't done Arches/Canyonland and we didn't see Canyon de chelly which I understand is something.

We have done horse and mule rides in the NPs, but I'm not sure my hips are up to it anymore...the last ride I took was very painful. We've also done gentle rafting, cog trains and boat rides. But I'm not interested in getting soaked and not so much a fan of noisy transportation like ATVs and such.

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Sounds like you've seen quite a bit of the U.S. If you want to stay away from "urban" than Ireland would be a fabulous trip. I've been there twice, mostly recently 2 years ago with dh. So much to do and seeâ¦I could have spent much longer there.

I disagree with the negative comment about India. Dh used to regularly travel there, for several weeks at a time, and never got sick. You just have to be smart. MIL went on a pleasure trip with several of dh's extended family members when his cousin married someone from India. They had a traditional Indian wedding that MIL went to, then she and the other family members who went traveled around afterward. None of her party got sick, and she had an amazing time.

Most of the places I would suggest have already been mentioned. Have you ever considered South or Central America? Costa Rica? One of my friends took her family to Turkey last year and had an amazing time. She did a blog while on the trip - made me want to go there too! Unique sights and interesting history.

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That's good to hear about India -- I personally have always wanted to see it but whenever I bring it up with dh, he launches into all these horror stories from his coworkers. I don't know if it's where they get sent or what (I believe to New Delhi). I do know that the woman who got sick and eventually ended up dying ate only salads -- she assumed it would be safer to eat vegetarian but apparently not.

I have heard wonderful things about the "Goa" region of India - I think that is more touristy than the city where my husband's coworkers go.

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If you haven't been to Greece.....I'd highly suggest a cruise of Greece and Turkey.

outsideplaying, can I come with you on your vacation in the fall :-).

nashville, the walking tour sounds like so much fun! I'd love to do something like that!

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Yes, Marlene, you sure can! Jump right on in! We'd love to have more folks go hiking out west with us!

Annie, I ditto the trip to Ireland or to Scotland. I've been to England a bazillion times so I always fail to mention it, but I could probably be a tour guide in London and part of Edinburgh, lol. Another place on my bucket list (and a friend and I may go sometime in the next year) is to Spain. She went to Barcelona a couple of years ago and loved it. DH isn't too interested, so us girls may do a trip.

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Since you don't want about the Badlands in South Dakota? I've never been but have always been intrigued.

Or spin a globe and see where your finger lands!

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diane_nj 6b/7a

Sedona, AZ is beautiful. Very easy hikes, plenty of them, lots of history. Ireland was also beautiful. My favorite vacation was to Australia, and I am planning to return, but you should allow at least two weeks (IMHO).

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How about the Laurel Highlands areas of PA and tours of Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob, the Frank Lloyd Wright houses?

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I was kinda disappointed in the Badlands. I think it is very appropriately named, though, and it was beautiful but almost spooky. However, Custer State Park is one of the most beautiful state parks we have ever visited. And we enjoyed Mt Rushmore, and the nearby under-construction Crazy Horse memorial and the associated museum were great. And don't forget a visit to 'Wall Drug' while you're in the area. We made several other stops along the way to Yellowstone on that trip. Cody Wyoming has a great museum (actually 5 museums in 1).

Annie, the 4-wheeling I was talking about was in a 4WD vehicle, not an ATV. They took us out on roads that weren't accessible otherwise and we saw a lot of petroglyphs and other natural formations.

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I went to Vancouver and Whistler last summer and just can't say enough great things about it. I wished I had spent more time there actually. The food was good, the people were friendly, and it couldn't have been more beautiful. We took a bike tour around the island and loved how bike friendly it was. Only downside that I saw is that downtown Vancouver has a huge drug/homeless problem and it is highly visible. It wasn't in a way that was threatening however.

I'm going to Ireland this year for my husband's 40th. Not to hijack, but if anybody has specific advice I am all ears.

A place that it TOPS on my list, but I sadly haven't been is Croatia. From the pics I just can't imagine a place more perfect. Look up the Dalmation Coast and Plitvice Lakes. Friends have been and loved it. That's my pick for my next trip!

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Annie Deighnaugh

We were in the Adirondaks...stayed at the Mirror Lake Inn...what a lovely place.

We've also frequented PA...we love to hike Ricketts Glen. I've been to Pittsburgh (CMU) and we've done Lacaster and the Poconoes and Philly. One of my favorite areas is the Brandywine River Valley with the gardens and dupont mansions....

Ireland is a possibility. My cousins did Wales last year and raved about it. I have to admit that Croatia hasn't made my list at all. Neighbors were stationed in Turkey and also raved about it. I'm afraid to go to Greece...afraid I won't come back regardless of if DH returns home or not!

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It's such a wide open question.

Maybe you can narrow down what you want and don't want. Also, what time of year are you going?

For example, it's better to go to Australia/NZ during our winter. If you like scenery and hiking and you've never been, it would be on my "must see" list. I know it's far, but, it is not getting any closer.

If DH is willing to fly to India, IIRC that is a 14 or 15 hr flight from here. If you fly to Australia via LA (the most common routing from NYC, HI would not make too much sense IMHO). The flight from LA to Sydney is no longer than NY to Mumbai. So stay a few days on the West Coast and continue on. Or, if you are willing, fly in a flat bed. I am able to sleep on most airlines true flat beds, which makes all the difference.

I have been to India on business several times and I agree food is not a worry at all in major cities in tourist hotels. Cows roaming the traffic clogged streets are!

Ireland is pleasant, easy and low key. But it sounds to me like you aren't so keen on Europe and want something more exotic? For exotic and interesting and scenic, I'd also recommend Bali. One of my other faves is Istanbul but it is very urban.

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Croatia is on our radar. We stopped in Dubrovnik on a cruise years ago just before the war broke out. LOVED it! Saw a segment on H/Hunters Intl recently which took place in Montenegro and that has piqued my interest in returning to the area.

Thailand sounds interesting. DD was there just before the Tsunami (waaay too close for comfort) and has encouraged DH and I to go. DS and DDIL are going in a few weeks; I'll wait for their report:) I really don't care for long flights and I think they'd have to return with lots of superlatives for me to pull the trigger on that trip.

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We hiked Ricketts Glenn! With the 27 waterfalls or whatever? reminds me we should go back.

We were in PEI last summer. We did pretty much what your friends are suggesting, plus more spots. It is very lovely, esp PEI IMHO... but if you are ready willing and able to go to India or Australia, that is a whole different kind of trip. To me, PEI is on the continuum of New England, although more spectacular, KWIM?

In a similar vein, I really liked New Mexico, esp Santa Fe and the Santa Fe opera, but if you have done the best of the West ... not THAT different.

What about China?

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Have you been to Switzerland? A couple of years ago we went to Geneva, Interlachen, and Zurich. Best trip ever. Postcard views everywhere.

I'm also dying to go back to Italy.

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Iceland? My DB and SIL went a few years ago and loved it....not a long flight either.

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Lkplatow, I just wanted to mention that actually fresh salad-type things should be avoided in India, because they may have been washed in unsafe water and wonâÂÂt have been cooked, which can help to kill any bugs. Best to stick with things that seem like they have had the heck boiled out of them! I went to India a couple of years ago and definitely experienced some tummy trouble but not really much worse than I usually get when traveling. India was amazing and I highly recommend it for the adventurous!

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Mtnrdredux, I almost suggested Bali - we went there as well as Hong Kong, on our honeymoon, but thought maybe that was too long a flight since she said her dh wasn't keen on flights to Australia. We stopped in Hong Kong on the way to/from Bali for a couple of days to help break up the long flights.

Someone mentioned Phuket - I've never been but dh has. He said it was one of the most beautiful places he'd ever been. Hoping someday I make it there too.

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I liked Bali a lot ... the culture, the architecture, the food.... the Amans!

Annie has to tell us how far she will fly. : )

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We've been to New Mexico many times visiting relatives - it really is a fascinating place.

Have you been to Quebec? The Chateau Frontenac is part of the Fairmont chain and is quite lovely. It's undergoing major renovations but I think they should be done by early summer.

I also recommend Ireland - two years ago I took my 33 year old son on a 10 day trip to Ireland. It was rather spur of the moment but it was absolutely memorable.

I hired a driver so that neither of us had to contend with driving on the English side of the rode - we relaxed and enjoyed the scenery. Our driver had been a history teacher, then he ran a B&B in Galway and after he sold his business he became a chauffeur. He was a great conversationalist, thoroughly knowledgeable and I swear he knew every innkeeper, pub owner, and coffee shop cross the country.

He made most of our reservations and since he knew everyone we had no problems with late cancellations when we changed our itinerary due to weather. After spending a week touring the countryside he drove us to Dublin where we were able to use public transportation.

Hiring our own driver/tour guide was one of the best decisions I made. He also specializes in golf vacations and arranges outings on many of the well known courses. I had planned a special treat for DS - my driver was going to take him golfing for a day while I shopped and wandered around Galway. Unfortunately the weather didn't cooperate so we had to make alternate plans.

Now DH and I are planning a trip to England with DD and her boyfriend who is from London. Lots of research to do for that trip.

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FYI the Frontenac is still undergoing renovations and is a mess right now, so I here. We went last summer and were disappointed that the Frontenac got terrible, terrible reviews, so we chose another hotel. There are some great little inns, though, and we were very happy with our stay. And the Cirque du Soleil in the park was fab.

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Scotland. Without a doubt...Scotland.

Fly into Edinburgh, have a few days there because it's an awesome city with tons of history and things to do and then leave that urbanism. Rent a car and either head north up through Ft William to Ullapool which is very sparse and spectacular scenery OR go E/SE and then either walk the Southern Upland Way or drive through the cities along it. The region south of Edinburgh is The Borders and there are many quaint towns. Very few, but superb people! check out St. Mary's Loch.... We've stayed at the inn which is the White Building to the right of the boat house in this photo...

Scotland is a gem....and when you get out of won't find many obnoxious Americans! Plus there are loads of long and short walks all over the country.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Annie Deighnaugh

What does anyone think of Tauck's take on NM? Do they hit the best highlights? Or is it worth traveling the area on our own?

That might be a possibility for us....DH would especially enjoy the lecture on the nuclear testing...he used to work at a nuclear power plant...even got locked in a reactor! Fortunately, it wasn't operating at the time.....

Here is a link that might be useful: NM vacation

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Annie Deighnaugh

Or how about a week in Ireland?

Here is a link that might be useful: Ireland tour

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I cannot think of a place that offers more options---------. history, culture, natural beauty amazement. I really don't know where to start, but I will say that even aside from the religious /historical attraction (Jerusalem Haifa Tel Aviiv beach, Casesarea........., it is a very special place AND they like Americans . Should you want hiking etc, check out the Negev - Dead Sea- Ramon Crater.

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Mini hijack....

jmc - do you mind passing on the name of the Ireland driver/tour guide? That sounds just perfectly wonderful. I like history and often feel that I miss so much of that when I am doing my own planning.

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I know of Sceptre tours for fly/drive Ireland from my old Frommer's magazine. Some day.

If you want to stay in the US, how about Asheville, NC?

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Search the Sierra Buttes. (California) Google Sierra City. Bassets Station. Packer Lake. Gold Lakes Bason. Sardine Lake. Pacific Crest Trail.

At the risk of more people, I'm spilling my secrets. I generally tell people we vacation in Tahoe.

Google Nevada City CA and Grass Valley CA while you are at it. You have time to hit them all in one trip.

This is my home. We are a a great option for people bored of travel.

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Annie - I also was going to suggest New Mexico, as it didn't appear on your list. That looks to me like a very good tour by Taucks - it covers exactly the places i would suggest, Taos, Bandelier, Georgia O'Keeffe's homestead, the pueblos... It would also be nice to have the lectures and special visits that come with the trip.

However, NM is a state very oriented towards visitors, and is easy to navigate by yourselves, especially if you explore it on the internet and do some reading in advance. Santa Fe, e.g., has some gorgeous inns and hotels, and excellent restaurants with varied cuisines, not to mention a stunning collection of art galleries (do not go to this city without a credit card).

Several years ago DH and I made a special trip to NM to spend a week in Los Alamos, as DH is beyond fascinated by the story of Robert Oppenheimer and the Manhattan Project. We had a great time, searched out his house, visited the fascinating museum, explored the unique bookstores, drove along the perimeter of the National Laboratories - a huge area, and drove to various pueblos and Bandelier while there. That could be a good overnight for someone interested in the story of the Project. But the tour also looks fine.

I also second the suggestion of Israel (where I lived for several years), a tiny country, the size of New Jersey, with an incredibly diverse population, and an excellent sense of preservation of historic sites, ranging from 5,000+ years ago up to the present, and very friendly people who like Americans.

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Have you ever considered a Road Scholar tour? I haven't done one but hear good things. They go all over the US and the world.

I loved Scotland. The weather was perfection (high 60-low 70's, BLUE skies, only one morning a little misty) so my impression might have been different if it had been cool and rainy. It has beautiful scenery, lovely people, small 'big' cities, and good food.

Ireland is also charming and a nice trip. Switzerland is beautiful, but expensive. Sure the trip to Australia is far but worth it, and you can make an interim stop. Better yet, an interim stop both ways in different locations so you can squeeze three places into your trip.

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Annie Deighnaugh

We've been to Asheville and Biltmore already....

Haven't been to Lake Tahoe though....

I've heard lots of wonderful things about Israel from folks who have been....

Cousins are heading to Scotland and stopping in Iceland on the way back...I see Tauck runs a cruise around Iceland which looks fascinating, but I think we'd have to book now for next year....

Here is a link that might be useful: Iceland cruise

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Lake Michigan! It's beautiful!
Do part or all of the Lake Michigan Circle Tour.
So many places to visit, I don't know where to start.
Door County, take a ferry to Mackinac Island, Traverse City, Holland, Chicago, Milwaukee, Saugatuck, New Buffalo are just a few.
Lighthouses? We have them!

Lake Michigan Circle Tour

Mackinac Island

Harbor Country

Lake Michigan Lighthouses

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The Tauck tour looks very nice. I think it would take a long time and a lot of driving to hit all of NM's best in one trip, but that Tauck tour hits quite a few. We also found the museum in Los Alamos fascinating (and if I remember correctly there is no charge for admission!). Bandolier was interesting and had some shady areas that got us out of the sun for a while. Bandolier has primitive cliff cave dwellings plus one that you climb the hillside on ladders to get up to.
I would really try to add Chaco Canyon, if possible. It is pretty remote, but we found it to be peaceful, beautiful and moving. It was once a vibrant city of the Pueblo people but was abandoned after a man-made ecological disaster turned the forests into desert (at least that's the theory).

I really want to go to Scotland and ride the Hogwart's train and visit the whiskey distilleries etc.. It looks absolutely beautiful!

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Used to visit Sandia Labs on business all the time and visited Santa Fe and the surrounding area many times. New Mexico would be a wonderful option especially if your husband is interested in visiting some of the nuclear museums and former sites. You should be able to get onto the base and visit the museum there in Albuquerque.

Israel is also wonderful if you want to travel overseas. I would highly recommend a small tour bus rather than a big bus tour in Tel Aviv. We had a small group of us (4) and hired a guide who drove a mini-bus type of vehicle. It was much easier to get around, park and walk to the places we wanted to go. The hotel arranged it for us and we were very pleased.

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Golddust, thank you for the suggestions in No. California. Dh's family is all in San Francisco so when we make our mandatory family visits, we always include a "vacation" in the trip west. Last time we went to Yosemite. Not that there isn't always more to do, but we've hit most of the things around San Fran, done Monterey several times, Napa, etc. Dh's family owned a condo at Tahoe (Northstar) for at least 30 years but sadly, sold it about 2 years ago. Due to family schedules, his siblings weren't taking much advantage of it, so MIL finally sold it b/c the taxes and upkeep were getting too much for her to want to deal with. Bummed me out b/c the kids had been several times, but when they were younger - they'd love to go now that they are old enough to appreciate all the outdoor activities!

Anyway, we've never done that area north of Tahoe that you mention above so I'm definitely going to research that for our next trip west. I just read that book Wild about a woman who hikes the Pacific Coast Trail, so I'd love to go visit at least a portion of it. If you have any specific suggestions for things to do with kids in that region, I'd love to hear them (you can start a separate thread if you do).

Annie, how can you possibly decide now that you have all of these wonderful suggestions? Making me want to plan a trip too!

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I went to Glacier Park last year and loved it but there isn't a whole lot around there so you'd have to be happy with the park scenery, hiking, etc. I've stayed in old National Park type lodges in the past and decided I didn't want to do that on this trip so we rented a very nice VRBO on the west side of the park and made day trips in. Even in mid-September, which is one of the least busy times it was busy - parking lots full by noon - etc. Much as I hate crowds I still loved it. DH plays golf so we made a few side trips to places like Whitefish. He played golf and I checked out other local sites.

After reading all the posts I can see why you're having a hard time figuring out where to go since you've already been so many places. That's a nice problem to have.

I'm going to Scotland in September for the Ryder Cup. A friend is taking a small cruise ship from Copenhagen to Norway. After looking into that more I would like to do that some day. I get brochures in the mail for river cruises and have Russia and Vietnam on my "someday" list. Next fall I'm hoping to get a trip planned to Yellowstone and Grand Teton - one of the many places you've already been to.

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kellienoelle - I'd be happy to recommend our driver. He was a charming companion complete with the gift of the gab and helped make the trip more enjoyable. His name was given to me by one of my girlfriends who went to Ireland with her DH who insisted they hire a driver. She found him on the internet and has recommended him to several other friends.

You can email me if you want more information.

His name is Dave Hogan and here are his web sites.



Here is a link that might be useful: Dove Chauffeur - web site

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