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marci_paDecember 11, 2006

Good Morning!

Wow - Lots of activity yesterday. I was busy yesterday and didn't get a chance to check in. MIL is doing better and anxious to come home. But she still isn't eating and can't come home until she does.

Dee and Raeanne - I sent you an email with a new link for the Picture Trail album. If it works, let me know and I'll forward the link to everyone.

Raeanne - I haven't made a recipe scrapbook yet, but my friend has. She made the paper bag scrapbook and put the recipes in the pockets. I think laminating the recipes is a great idea! I would love to see pictures of the finished product. I have two scrapbooks to finish for Christmas and I don't know where I am going to find the time. I may be pulling some all nighters closer to Christmas! LOL

Behave this week and stay out of the margaritas!!


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Good Morning,

Raeanne, I haven't made a recipe scrapbook either. I was wondering what the embellishments would do when they were laminated. Try it and let me know. By the way, I have LOVED the scrapbook calendar you got me last year for Christmas. I hope I can find another one next year. Thanks so much.

Are we opening on December 24th? I need to get into gear. I just need a couple more things....Watch out Raeanne!

Marci, I am glad to hear MIL is doing better.

NH Suzanne, Now you got me scared. I have to go for my first mammogram on Wednesday. I am not looking forward to it. Maybe since I am not well endowed, it wont be as bad.

Gotta run, Have a great day.


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Jen - I was going to just laminate the recipe card and then have that be somehow detachable - the paperbag scrapbook may work for that. Just don't try to outdo Tikanis in the tacky department LOL. The mammo's aren't bad for everyone and sometimes they bother me and sometimes they don't. The good part is that it's over quickly.

Marci - thanks for link. I might try the paperbag idea - I just hope I can find them near me- my resources are limited. I was extremely pleased with the one I did for my DD - I think I have photos of it. I will email them if I do. I am limiting the books to desserts and then can do other books in the future. I am glad MIL is doing better - I hope she starts to eat soon!

Besh - if you are lurking - I got your package and posted a thank you on last weeks thread - but THANK YOU - you're the best!

I gotta run, I'm at work and we are already busy.

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Raeanne, let me know what you need! I'll run over to a craft store for you and mail it if you'd like.

Marci, the link worked! Also sent you an e:mail...thanks again.

Jen, do you have decorations up yet? Bet the girls are excited.

Gotta run, as I have another report to issue and then I'm out of here for the day to run more errands.

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Good Morning!

I sent everyone the new URL for the Picture Trail album.
But I didn't have email addresses for NJ-Donna, Magic Kitty, Milkdud or Zig. If any of you want the new link, email me through this site and give me your email address. John's email came back with a message that he was unavailable, so he may eventually get the email. If I missed anyone or you don't get an email, let me know.

My Stitch "N B*tch is going out to dinner tonight. I have been so good about not eating sweets, that I am sure it will be easy to be good. No dessert for me. I may have to have one margarita in my SS sister's name though!! LOL I will toast a Merry Christmas to you all.

It must have been a full moon yesterday, or at least close. The kids were so wound up and noisy! I could have used a pair of earplugs! LOL

MIL is scheduled to come home today, but she still isn't eating. So we will have to arrange for someone to stay with her until she gets her strength back. So I may be unavailable if I am taking my turn staying with her.

Raeanne - If you don't want to do the paperbag scrapbook, just create pockets on your pages to tuck the recipe cards into. Use ribbon diagonally across corners, fold up corners of double sided paper, or tear strips of coordinating paper and create pockets wherever you need them. Lots of possibilities there! Have fun with it.

DeeMarie - No M&Ms for me. However, I will come for some Pork & Sauerkraut; that sounded so good!


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Good morning all,

Busy, busy, people here this week! I too had a busy weekend and have made progress in the Christmas shopping dept. I only have DFIL to think about now!! It feels good to have most of it behind me.

I got a call from radiology where I had my mammo done. Something has changed from last year (they think) so I have to go have some more shots taken! Oh won't that be fun! I have to go this morning at 9am. I am trying not worry because it's probably nothing but still it lurks in the back of my mind..........

See Jen, as uncomfortable as the mammo is for some people (and believe me it's not that bad) the other alternative is much more frightening. Early detection is best and worth any discomfort. You will see on Wednesday that it's nothing!

I would love to see how you do your recipe scrapbook Raeanne. You may be able to do a search on that and get some great ideas from other scrapbookers. In fact, I think there is a scrapbooking forum at this site. Check it out.

I have the pleasure of staying home late this morning and I am watching my lovely laying hens on thier nests. I am waiting for another blue egg as I write!!

QOD: Has anyone here every seen Loretta Laroche on PBS?

Check in everyone.

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Good luck Suzanne. I've been called back several times...most often it is because they did not get a clear picture and/or there was a shadow on the film.

Raeanne, did you get what you needed?

Gotta run...the traffic was horrendous this morning in the NYC area....took me 1 hour and 20 minutes to drive 18 miles. I alternated my radio between Opie&Anthony and the all Christmas-music station. How eclectic is that? lol!!!

Make today count!

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Hi Gang!

I am sooooooooooo busy, I am sure you are all in the same boat! DS is coming home tomorrow night but will only be here for a couple of days, so we are having Christmas tomorrow night. So I have been shopping, wrapping, cleaning and cooking. Plus my Mom will be staying here because she wants to see DS. Then my DH and DS #2 are leaving to go back to Virginia with DS #1 and DIL to move the rest of their stuff. Alot going on.

Tikanis, I am mailing your package tomorrow. Did you ever get my address?

Raeanne, I am so glad that you liked your stuff! I have had it for a while and wasn't sure when I should send it.

Suzanne, (((HUGS))). I'm thinking of you and hoping that everything goes ok. I have had a call back before, and it ain't fun. (Just turned out to be a shadow though)

Marci, the kids at school have been off the wall as well. It is definitely time for vacation!

Dee, if I didn't say it already, thanks for taking care of the addresses for Tikanis and I.

Jen, I'll be thinking about you tomorrow. It will be fine. It is very quick and you really do feel good AFTER you have had it done. Peace of mind you know. The girls (your daughters, not the other ones ;) ) must be getting so excited!

I'm thinking of all of you.

Love, Besh

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I just made an elf out of myself and you can too.

Besh - I love the gifts.

Dee - Yes, I was able to get what I needed. You are too sweet - thank you.

Check out the link below - I bet you didn't know I had such great moves LOL.

Here is a link that might be useful: Raeanne aka Santa's Helper

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Hi all! Just a quick check in...

Suzanne, I am thinking of you. Any more blue eggs? I'd love to see those pics!

Jen, I'll be thinking about you tomorrow. all will be FINE. A little elf sent me a Christmas card with a picture of two of the most GORGEOUS little girls!! Please hug them for me. (Thank you!)

Raeanne, you have outdone yourself! You make a great elf lol! I would like to see that scrap book too....

Besh, I did get your address....from THREE different people!
I am behind but almost done.

Marci, thank you for the link. How do you manage with all of those kids? You must have the patience of a saint!

DeeMarie, What menu did you decide on for Christmas (saw ya over on cooking...) Who are Opie and Anthony? I absolutely HATE traffic! I let it be known today that I would no longer see patients in Beverly Hills (not AT ALL glamorous, if you ask me!) It took 2!/2 hours just to get there and parking was AWFUL!

Gotta run! I love reading about everyone's holiday spirit!



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Good morning all,

Everything is fine with my pictures. Whew!

Jen, I hope you have a positive experience today. It will be okay.

Tikanas, yes, I have had two more blue eggs. She (Ladyhawk) seems to be laying every other day right now. The egg production is really curtailed during short days so I am amazed that I am getting so many. For the last two days I have had 5 eggs each day! They are all different shades of brown, pinkish, creamy white and blue. I will try to get a good photo to share this weekend. They look like jewels to me!

Besh (((HUGS))) you do have alot on your plate right now! Wow, when Christmas rolls around you are going to be so exhausted! Tis the season. I finally looked at your pix on Marci's site. What a beautiful family you have. I love your dress.

Dee, are you ever going to give in and get Sirius radio? There are some great new characters on the show like Riley Martin who is an alien from another planet.......very funny. George Takay who was Sulu from the original Star Trek is a guest frequently........I love his voice. I have to say that they are all going over the top without censorship and I do cringe from time to time.

Okay, it's still pitch black out! I can't stand this time of year because it's so dark. It will be another hour before it's really light. It's 6:30am!!

Hope you all have a good day.

Has anybody ever seen Loretta Laroche? She is a motivational speaker from the Boston area and is very,very funny. She was frequently on PBS years ago.

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Suzanne - Howard was on Dave last night. I haven't caught that show in ages, but we were at a party last night and got in a little late. He gave Sirius radios to the audience. I think I am going to buy Rich the setup. Do you have any suggestions? I saw one that is a docking station for the house and you can also use it through your car radio. I have seen Loretta on TV sheis a riot, what a great speaker. I drive to my gym in the dark and hate it!!!

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Good Morning,

Well, I expected the worse and it wasn't bad. Hopefully everything was fine. They said I would get a letter in a day or two, but the tech said that everything looked normal to her. Glad its over though.

Tikanas, glad you got the card. They are definately growing. Tara's hair just gets curlier by the day.

I am done shopping! Now, maybe my checking account can build back up. Funny though, you can always think of someone you missed.

Oh shoot, gotta run. I will be back to finish later.


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Good Morning!!

It's sunny and cool here today. I have an easy work day and hope to get a little shopping done. I have 2 office parties and a Sunday school Christmas party to go to tomorrow. My best friend comes in from Oregon tonight too!

What's everyone up to today?


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Good day from 52 degree NH!!

It's unbelievable. I found a wooly bear this afternoon. I don't know what that means!

I went home for lunch and let the hens out for the afternoon. They laid 5 eggs since I went to work this morning. I played with the horses and donkeys for a few and wished I didn't have to come back to I am.

Jen, glad your exam wasn't as bad as expected.

Raeanne, I have the Sportster model of Sirius radio. I has a boom box for the house and a docking unit for my car. Now that I can listen to Howard on line I don't use the boom box much except I take it camping. The newest model is the Stilleto (sp?) that is what Howard gave away to Dave's audience. Your best bet is to go to Radio Shack and see the differnt models.

I am one gift away from being done!! And all I have is wrapped. This is great.

QOD: Are you done with your shopping/wrapping?

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QOD: Wrapping will be done tomorrow and Saturday.

Shopping: DH still needs to get MIL something. He did not like my idea (Cell Phone which we pay for!), so he can figure it all out himself. LOL I need to make a trip to the wine store for my last few gifts (and one or two selections for me!) HAHA

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Happy Thursday all!

Jen and Suzanne - glad your mammos turned out OK. I had mine done just before Thanksgiving and fortunately it was OK. Where I go too has the padding to make it more "comfortable" but Suzanne you are right, those side shots are killers. I have been called back too and all turned out well but it is still scary.

I am getting Patti's package ready to roll.

QOD: Not even close! I don't know what my problem is this Christmas. Family gifts still to buy - you would think I have all the time in the world. I am further behind than I can remember being in a very, very long time.

Today's weather was very nice except along the ocean where we had fog all day long.

Raeanne - I loved you as an elf!!!! Cool..

Dee, I got some wine tonight :-) Not drinking much cause tomorrow is a work day. I personally think your idea of a gift for your MIL is a great one.

Suzanne - I can see why you didn't want to go back to work, I wouldn't have either.How cool the hens are laying so many eggs! Can't help you out on what finding the wooly bear means.

Tikanas - your holiday seems to be shaping up great. How long will your friend be visiting? If you said it before and I missed I'm sorry.

Besh, I am tired just from reading your post....hugs.

Marci - hi!!!! I know you are looking forward to your break.

Gotta run - have to address Christmas cards. Never thought of those either, what is my problem???

Catch up later....Donna

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Suzanne - in 3 days we will be Howard listener's once again LOL. We ordered the Stiletto -if you go through AAA they give you a 20% discount, plus there are $100 in rebates right now, so it wasn't a bad deal. I was going to surprise DH, but decided to let him in on it and get exactly the one he would want - it get's complicated with car mounts, etc. Our car dealer said we are already hardwired for it, so it should be easy to install. Sounds like you have a confused caterpillar on your hands LOL.

QOD - I think I have 1 present left to get and I hope to wrap everything on Sunday. I still need to get envelopes ready for the delivery guys, and my nieces and nephews. DD#1 may not be able to come home from San Diego, so I may have to pack her stuff up and mail it.

Dee - I also liked your idea for a gift. We got my MIL that once - we were worried about her traveling by herself and getting stuck.

Tikanis - are you enjoying your company? What trouble are you 2 getting into?

Jen - the picture of the girls was great - they are so pretty. Glad the other girls are okay too!

I have most of the supplies for the scrapbooks, but I think I am biting off more than I can chew. I will attempt to make them, but if not, I will just mail them out to them later. I am only doing desserts, but I keep thinking of things to add LOL.

Donna - come on, you can do it -just bite the bullet and SHOP LOL. I think it is hard to think of Christmas shopping when it feels like Spring out there. I actually am ahead of myself this year for once.

Have a great day!

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Good morning all,

Raeanne, congrats on your aquisition! Be prepared to cringe once in a while LOL. It is too warm to be Christmas time!!
Yesterday was an absolute beauty!

Donna, I shipped your package off via UPS this morning and is expected to arrive by the 19th.

I HAVE to clean my house this weekend. It's making me crazy because it's so conjested with wrapping paper and gifts! I can't see the floor in my office.

I am glad it's Friday - it's been a long week for some reason. I will try to get some egg photos this weekend. Shouldn't be hard they aren't moving!! LOL

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QOD: Not by a long shot. I am almost ready to mail Besh's pkg.....but but quite!

Jen and Suzanne, congrats on the clean mammos!

Raeanne, how did you know Gee and I were getting into trouble? Ha Ha! We are having a GREAT time! Out to dinner last night at our favorite Mexican place.We plan to spend all of Saturday shopping and Saturday night watching movies and decorating my tree.

Speaking of my best friend... she looks wonderful! She's lost 35 lbs, had a tummy tuck, lightened her hair and looks better today than she did 15 years ago! My turn next... :)

I have 2 office parties today and a Sunday school party tonight. Wish me luck! One group told me they were saving me a seat at the "Bad Girl's Table", whatever THAT means, it sounds like fun!!

Have a wonderful day everyone!


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Raeanne~Dave's claim was apparently denied & we were never told. But they are giving him 100% for his heart so I will continue to fight but it probably will not be as hard. It will be on principal though. It happened & they know it & they are denying it. We found out today that it is a fact that there are still people missing from the "Cold War" which is what Dave was in. Thanks for posting the Pomegranate Margarite recipe.

Dee~I had to laugh when you said that you had a large box.

NH Suzanne~I watched the horse rescue video that Besh sent. I was so touched. It is neat hearing about your eggs.

I have my mammo next Friday. I guess that we are all trying to get them in before the end of the year. I had something wrong with one of mine & they took the fluid out of it & it was just fine.

Marci~I'm glad that your DMIL is getting to come home. I hope that I am not going to become your enabler here but I was reading about sweets & how food goes by how much it changes your blood sugar & that M&Ms were one of the candies that doesn't change it much. I'm sure you couldn't just eat tons of them but if you could eat just a

Jen~An elf sent us a pic of the girls too & Dave swears every year that you should enter them in some type of beauty contest. He just thinks that they are the most beautiful girls in the world!

When are we opening the packages? I've done all my shopping but it hasn't all gotten here yet so it isn't all wrapped! LOL Have a good weekend. We are going to Cypress Gardens tomorrow after I go to the cardiologist. I see doctors about 3 to 4 times a week. My foot isn't healing. I had a cortisone injection put in the knee yesterday & some injections put in the top of my foot this p.m. to help block out the sympathic nerves. Patti :)

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Good SATURDAY morning!

Slept in a bit after I got up at 4am with vertigo and had to take some Bonine to stop the spinning. Must be a middle ear thing again.

[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[HUGS to Patti & Dave]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

Marci, let us know how DMIL is doing this week.

Tikanas, I decided to cook for Christmas Day. Made 2 trays of my lemon chicken (in the freezer). Picked up an 8 lb pre-glazed spiral-cut ham. (Since the ham is fully cooked, what do you think about slicing it right out of the package and placing it into the foil stern/trays to warm up/cook?) Will make about 10 lbs of mashed potatoes a day or two ahead. These are a family favorite and work well when made about 2 days ahead. I bring them to room temp during Christmas morning, then warmed slowly before guests come. Going to make Rachael Ray's apple/onion stuffing muffins ahead of time and place them into the sterno-type baskets to warm about an hour before dinner. Also may make one tray of pasta....penne/vodka...not sure. Roasted veggies will be made on Christmas morning, and the rest will come from guests.

I've got the oven preheating to start my cookies. Most of the dough is completed and in the fridge. Today will be baking batch-by-batch. DH is working this morning, but will help this afternoon with icing some of the cookies. He has also agreed to put the final touches on the Snow Village by filling in 'snow' batting to hide wires.

About 98% of the gifts are wrapped and under the tree. Once the cookies are completed I am just about ready to party for the holidays.

Tomorrow evening we are going out to dinner with friends and then back to their place to book shore excursions and tuxedo's for the guys for our 6-Jan cruise. Yippeee!!!!!

Ohhhh, just forgot. Could not get into the wine shop parking lot yesterday. Crowds were amazing so I will go over early on Monday morning (I took a vacation day). That should do it!

Take care, eat healthfully, and NEVER NEVER GIVE UP!

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Good SUNDAY morning!

QOD: What's on for you today?
All cookies except my pignoli are baked...need to ice a batch of shortbread with choc and nuts.

All gifts wrapped and under the tree.

Today I plan to have a nice bubble bath, give myself a fabulous hot oil treatment on my hair; and then do my own pedicure (ob/gyn tomorrow -- LMAO!!)

Make today count!

Maddie, did you get my package yet? (If you are still having computer problems, just wave your hands in the air!) lol

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Good Morning from Cookie Central!

DeeMarie - I figured I had better post, as it looked like you were talking to yourself again! LOL I have all my cookies made and in the freezer except for the Pizzelles. I will do anise and orange ones on Saturday. They aren't hard, just time consuming, as I make extras to give away. I also made 13 dozen Lady Lock Squares and 15 dozen Cream Wafers to give away. Why do I do this to myself?!

Jen - I mailed your package on Wednesday. It is big! Hope it gets there in one piece. I apologize now for all the packaging tape I used! LOL

DMIL is getting better, but she is getting mean in the process. She can't accept help easily and she keeps yelling at everyone who tries to help her. She is still using the walker to get around, but I can tell she is getting stronger. Yesterday she ate eggs and toast for breakfast and beef noodle soup for lunch, so we are making progress.

I wrapped everything I had bought and now I am waiting on some late arrivals form UPS. I ordered a couple of things that were guaranteed to be here by the 23rd, so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

DD will graduate on Friday and we are having a small get together for her Friday night. DS won't be in until Saturday though, as he is driving from FL instead of flying. Luckily DD arranged to graduate at a branch campus near us, so we don't have to drive to State College.
DD has been offered a temporary job in State College in her field, HR. She accepted, but she had to find another apartment, since she had arranged for someone to sublet from her when she thought she would be coming home. I am happy she found something that will give her experience and look good on her resume, but I told her she has to leave PSU sometime! LOL

((Raeanne)) - I hope your DD can make it home for the holidays. I dread the days when my kids can't be here.

Patti - LOL - I read that Peanut M&Ms aren't supposed to raise your blood sugar, but I am afraid that moderation isn't one of my strong points. Also, I have found that sugar and chocolate in particular, affect my sleep, so I am trying to avoid them as much as I can. (You may ask why I made so many cookies, and I don't have a good answer for that! LOL I guess tradition is stronger than common sense!) Give Dave a HUG for me! Have you talked to Milkdud recently? I wish she would come back and post again.

Donna - Did you ever get the new URL for Picture Trail. I don't have your email address. I will try sending an email through this site. Let me know if you don't get it.
Are you getting in the Christmas groove yet? LOL

Joanne - I hope you are able to slow down and enjoy the holidays. How is your mother doing?

Besh - Are you going to have your family home for Christmas?

NHSuzanne - I bet you are loving this warm weather. I hope we don't have to pay dearly for it later though. Any pictures of the eggs yet? I bet the blues ones are gourgeous!

Tikanas - Did you get the gingerbread houses made yet. I have always wanted to try making one, but never got around to it. I did make Ginger Snap Cookies this year though. LOL

Maddie - Waving back just in case you are waving your hands in the air.

I have to finish some last minute craft projects and hop in the shower. I have some errands to run and I dread the traffic, but someone has to do it, and I guess that someone is me.

Hello to BJ, John, Amy Gretchen and anyone else I missed.


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I am wrapping, wrapping and doing some more wrapping. My back is killing me, so I thought I would take a break and visit you all.

My whole family has been in Virginia this weekend. DS #2 and DH are flying home tonight. But DS and DIL will be staying in VA this Christmas with her family. They just got there so they are not in a hurry to leave again. They both have been flying back and forth between VA and MA for the last couple of months, so they are reading to stay put for a while. It is sad for me because they are now down there permanently, so I'm not sure when our next visit will be. Christmas will be quiet this year.

QOD: Wrapping, as you know; laundry and cooking a nice dinner for the men for when they get here. Also writing some cards.

Marci, got your card. Thanks so much. :-)

Hello to all. Have a great day.

Love, Besh

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Hi All!

I am sure gonna need a nap today! My best friend and I stayed up most of the night watching movies and gabbing. I went to bed at about 3:30 and was up at 6:30 to see her off : (

I am half way done with my shopping and the house is decorated. I will be doing cookies this week after work.

Patti, what is Cypress Gardens? I am sending positive vibes out to that foot! Give Dave a hug for me.

DeeMarie, Your menu sounds wonderful. I heat my spiral cut ham in a pan with a bottle of beer ( keeps it moist) at 350 degrees for 8 minutes per lb till the internal temp is 130 degrees. I glaze it 45 minutes before it comes out of the oven and set it in a warming tray. What time do we eat?

Marci, you have a lot on your plate right now! The gingerbread house is made and we had our usual great time at the housemaking party.

Raeanne, I hope DD makes it home for Christmas When are you coming to California? I will gladly paddle down to San Diego to see you! : )

I am playing hooky from Sunday school today. Just can't party like I used! I'll be taking that nap soon and baking cookies for the rest of the day!

Suzanne, any more blue eggs? How do they taste? Pictures please!



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I am a bit under the weather. Geeez I can't remember the last time I was sick and I am not handling it well. I have a sore throat and sound a bit congested. I have no energy, so I have been watching a lot of movies.

QOD - I did get some wrapping in, at least DD's are done. Marci's package is nearly complete, just waiting on one item that I need to go to a supermarket for LOL - got you thinking, don't I?

Dee - you cracked me up with your pedicure for the ob/gyn - I noramlly do the same thing, but my general pract. does my check-ups and he surprised me the last time - so I kept my socks on LOL. Thanks for the reminder I go Tuesday.

Tikanis - I don't know when we will be heading to San Diego but if she doesn't come home for Christmas it will be sooner than later. I will probably have to head up to LA to see my bro, so we will definitely meet up.

Marci - I am glad I don't live near you, you wouldn't be able to keep me away from those cookies LOL.

Besh - we may be in the same boat this Christmas if my DD doesn't come home, it is strange to even imagine it.

Patti - I am so sorry to hear about the denial! I feel terrible for you and Dave. My Dr. will be giving me a referral for a mammo when I see him Tuesday - it is funny that most of us are on the same schedule.

I am getting hungry reading all these posts about cookies and food - I am happy I don't have much in the house right now.

Enjoy your day.

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Raeanne, you just MUST feel better! That's an order.

Back tomorrow...


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