FP buying recommendations for Triangle, NC?

chessiezJanuary 23, 2009

We're looking to buy a direct vent gas FP insert and live in Durham, NC. We want to get something efficient and have it installed by someone who is careful and understands how to preserve the thermal envelope of the house.

We had a very mixed experience with Fireplace Editions in Chapel Hill on a prior Jotul gas stove purchase.

I see there are NC folks on this great board. Any recommendations as to products, dealers, installers?


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I share your reservations about fireplace editions, based on our experience with their installation of a direct vent gas insert in our house. I am glad to share with you the details separately. There are several alternative installers in the area that you can check out. The one in Hillsborough (I cannot remember the name) is one we came close to going with except they do not offer Jotul which was the insert we wanted. I think they are a bit less expensive in installation costs because they do the gas line, so you do not have to coordinate that part to make sure it's done in such a way that it is compatible with the particular model of insert. That was an unanticipated complication in our case. There is also a dealer in Raleigh that carries Jotul and other high end brands.

Both Hillsborough and Raleigh dealers have numerous models on display in their showrooms. However, I cannot vouch for either one from personal experience. I would ask for personal references from the installer(s) you are considering. Putting a direct vent gas insert into a fireplace is a complicated lengthy job, taking several hours. Any info you can get about the competence of the prospective installer is worth getting.

I would also check out local building codes to make sure the planned installation is within code guidelines. I also strongly recommend getting a remote thermostat. They charge too much for them, but you really need it because otherwise you'll be turning the thing on and off manually. They throw off heat like a blast furnace after a while.

Good luck.

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haus proud,
Thanks for responding: I was hoping you might. How can I send you a message? Don't see info on how to do that from your page. Thanks.

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