Dinner Party for @ 20 ppl - ideas anyone?

sophia71December 1, 2003

I'm having a dinner party at my place in about 2 weeks. I have invited about 15 people and they are free to bring a guest. I need didn't want to make it a pot luck cuase I know that everyone is so busy this time of year that I just wanted them to be able to come and relax.

I am thinking about making a roast and a chicken, a couple of salads, a lasagna... ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS?



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Iam having a paarty in 3 days with about 20-30 people. I thought I would get on this web site and find out how to rescue myself. Seems I will have to go to desparate measures, make my list today, shop tomarrow and cook all day Friday?!I was thinking about a Ham with sweet patatoes and patatoes. For desert, I ordered a liqior pound cake, however I need plain old chocolate for the kids and non alcohol types. Cookies, pie and more veggies of some sort....(Iam in trouble...)Any suggestins how to stay stress fress while one stresses out?LOL I do this to myself ofen, so I usually can pull it all off well, I just wish I could give myself more time to prepare mentally, Cheers and good luck to you, have fun!

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There isn't a lot of posting going on in this forum lately- may I suggest both of you ask your question over at the Cooking Forum, or the Recipe Forum? I'm sure you'll get plenty of helpful answers, ideas and recipes from the friendly folks there!

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Just to keep you updated and for moral support. I have decided to not go too fancy. I am going to cook a ham and a roast. a lasagna, 2 salads, scalloped potatoes, plus burgers (for the kids). Kind of a pot luck but no one else is cooking but me!
Good luck!!!
no worries, it's about the company you're with!!!

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