quadrafire 1100i troubleshooting needed

drumwerxJanuary 27, 2012

Hi, I own an apartment where I have the 1100' insert and my tenant said that it stopped working.

I looked at the 7amp fuse and it was blown and got a new one. The only thing about the new and old fuse going back in is that they seam loose when I tighten the fuse holder and not set correctly.

The blown fuse led me to believe that something else was wrong so I continued to look at things.

I found that the heat ignite-er was broke and had looked like someone welded metal on it. I ordered a new one and just put it back in.

The heat exchanger was pretty dirty so I cleaned that all up and then plugged it back in. Nothing worked.

1. I checked and replaced the batteries in the thermostat and that was not it.

2. I made sure the wires were good by putting a jumper on the thermostat and that was not it.

3. I checked to make sure the breaker was not off and was fine.

4. Checked that the cord was good using volt meter and was good.

5. Looked at snap disk 3 and I could not tell if the small red button was good becasue it was loose but not sure so I jumped that with a paper clip and that was not it.

6. It is out of warranty so I opened the control box to see if the 12A fuse was blown and it was fine.

Is there a way temporally to check if my fuse holder is not good by putting in a wire or paper clip to see if it is this? Because it seams loose I thought I could at least test this.

With power to the stove is there a place to be able to test on the junction box if there is 110 power coming out or test it for what it is to have coming out?

Is there anything else I need to do or test before I purchase a new control box at $375?

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