Fireplace Grout Coming Out

debbie370January 6, 2006

I've read all the postings in regard to replacing fireplace grout but still have questions.

We have a huge granite rock fireplace in our keeping room. At the bottom where the black metal meets the fire box (I hope I'm using the correct terminology here!) the grout is coming out in chunks. (Our home is only two years old!) This leaves an unsightly line of black metal exposed.

What do I buy to fill in this gap? It is about a 1/2 inch gap and runs the length of the fireplace. The grout that is coming out is the same grout they used to put the stones on the fireplace, sandy, gritty type. None of the grout that holds the stones is coming out or loose; just the seam along the bottom of the fireplace is my problem area. If I use the same type is it going to come out again????

I want to use something (easy I hope!) that will stay in once it has dried and will not crack and chip away again. Do I need to use something that tolerates the high heat from the fireplace or something that "gives" a little? All of our granite countertops were attached where they meet the walls with "sanded grout" that is flexible and won't crack. Do I need something similiar to this?

Thanks for all your help!


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It is coming out because when exposed to the heat from the fireplace the metal expands and contracts at a different rate than the mortar/grout, and the mortar/grout is not flexible. What should have been used is a high temperature caulk. If it's not available at HD you can get it at a fireplace store. I'm not sure if it comes with a sanded texture. If it doesn't, get some sand and right after you apply the caulk (while it's still tacky) sprinkle the sand over the surface and very lightly (without leaving impressions in the caulk) press it into the caulk. When the caulk dries, sweep up the excess sand.

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