snowflake tea party

mleaDecember 26, 2005

We have a ladies breakfast at our church once a month during the winter months and in Januarty we're wanting to have a snowflake tea party. We have a light breakfast and a speaker...anyone got any quick and easy ideas for decorating the tables?

Thanks in advance


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My neighbor gave me a set of snowflake cookie cutters, (I think she got them from William Sonoma -- sorry about the spelling I think I'm a bit off). Anyway, a snowflake cookie name card would be cute.

I have also seen at the craft stores, snowflake wax shapes, to be set into Gel candles. You could make a few of the candles and have them drawn as door prizes.

This year I purchased from Linen and Things a white and silver snowflake table cloth. I also sent one to my sister (mine was 120 and cost $29, but the one I sent for her was smaller and about $19). Michaels had some lovely glass snowflakes, about 8 in a pack for $6. (I have these hanging from the doorknobs of my kitchen cabinets)

I also have snowflake dishes, cups and serving pieces. I have seen (last year I think) snowflake paperware.

But, I would consider the table clothes, or get white plastic and a metalic paint pen and draw the snowflakes on them, in a variety of sizes. Small rosebowls filled with opalescent marbles, white, blue and maybe silver, with votives lit to reflect through the marbles. If you can find the snowflake ornaments, one could be placed on each place setting and would also reflect the light.

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I would be finding or making royal blue cloths....fabric is really quite cheap and for those 8 foot tables 45 inch wide works well.
If you want to use the fabric for something else, I would scatter the tables with cut out paper snowflakes....
Get the Sunday School kids to make them!....or just buy a bag of that sparkley snow.
If the fabric is just for your Tea....I would be getting those squeeze tubes of silver fabric paint and making lota of snowflakes all over the cloths.
Make centerpieces out of styrofoam ball snow men on some tables.....and put piles of styrofoam balls in a glass dish on other tables......add silver balls and a generous sprinkle of silver glitter.
If you need help with the on the cooking forum.
Linda C

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Sure sounds like it will be a lot of fun!!

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I saw a link on the craft and decorations site, see snowflake wreath pattern link. It was pretty neat!

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