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catodogJanuary 29, 2005

We are building an addition to our home and we would like to install a wood burning fireplace, either the Vermont Castings Sequoia EWF36 or the Quadrafire 7100. We have not been able to find any reviews on the web on these or similar units. Does anyone have any experience with these fireplaces or know where we could get unbiased info?

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Hello catodog,

I think the CFM (Vermont Castings) Sequoia is catalytic and the Quadrafire 7100 is non-catalytic. Are you aware of the differnces in the operation of a cat verses a non-cat?

I would avoid CFM because they are in financial trouble.
I have not heard anything too bad about the Quadrafire 7100 other than that it may not be the best value because it is quite expensive.

Take a look at the line of EPA certified clean burning fireplaces by Security Chimneys. Securtiy calls their line of EPA fireplace "BIS" which stands for Built-In-Stove. In particular look at the BIS Ultima and the BIS Panaroma.

The BIS Ultima is a non-cat without an ash pan. (Lennox markets this exact model as the lennox Brentwood)

The BIS Panarama is a cat with an ash pan.

THe BIS line of fireplaces have been around for a while and have a good reputation. http://www.securitychimneys.com/

Also take a look at the Napoleon NZ26 which is an EPA certified non-cat with an ash drawer. http://www.napoleonfireplaces.com/

The firplaces mentioned above (from the Sequoia to the Napoleon NZ26) are pretty much all of the EPA certified clean burning fireplaces on the market! Choose wisely and let us know what you what you pick and why.

Personally, I like the economical and good looking BIS Ultima (same as Lennox Brentwood).

Good luck!

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My mistake!

I see Napoleon now also has the NZ6000 "High Country" EPA fireplace that is comparable in size to the Quadrafire 7100. Also I forgot about RSF. So here is a list of EPA certified wood burning fireplaces:

CFM Sequoia
Quadrafire 7100
The BIS models by Security Chimney
Lennox Brentwood (same as BIS Ultima)
Napoleon NZ26 & NZ6000 High Country

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I assume you have seen the 7100 discussion on page 1 of this fireplace forum. Lots of comments...

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I see one of the privious post list the napoleon NZ6000 as epa certified. I don't believe it is. I have seen marketing info from napoleon that say things like energy efficient and enviromentally friendly, But I believe its EPA compliance is " certified EPA exempt". Please let me know if I'm incorrect because I really want to buy this fireplace but lack of epa compliance is holding me back. Does anyone have info of independent testing or review of the Napoleon NZ6000.

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I also am interested in the Napoleon NZ6000 but concerned about EPA exempt status. This is due to increased intake of combustion air, as the firebox itself is airtight. I suspect this is the result of having a larger firebox.
Anyone else have experience with this model?

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I will be replaceing our old Pacific Energy Insert with a new one this fall, the room it is going into is 14 by 26 feet. but the ceiling is only 7 and a half feet high.

It cooks down there when the fireplace has been running for a couple of hours, so am installing floor grates above to allow some of that beautiful heat to come upstairs.

We are looking at the Vista with a 1.8 cubic foot firebox..and are hoping for a 6 to 8 hour burn time--will we get that?? Anyone out there have one? And how well does it perform.? I like the thought of a wood insert that only puts out 2.9 grams of particulates per hour.

Many thanks in advance. George

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just a heads up on the nz 6000 high country - we purchased one a year ago and have had nothing but trouble with it...I so wish someone would have told us the truth before we bought it. At over $10,000 installed from scratch it is the worst purchase I have ever made. Glass is totally black everyday, burn time is approx 3 hours not 14 as advertised, no where nearly enough heat for 650 sq ft even with the blower unit -advertised for 3000 sq ft, we have already burnt 22 cords of wood in this beast and so disappointed - doors are dirty whithin 2 hours of lighting and our wood is moisture of 17 - 18% No help from the rep - he won't even return our calls and is saying wood should be at 12% or less (impossible in our climate which is so humid) Already had to change the blower unit switch. Don not buy this unit! There is no support from Napoleon and is falsely advertised.

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