Getting Wine Stain out of table cloths

gardener64December 14, 2006

I saw a post about this but can't find it

I have a table cloth with a small red wine stain

what is the best thing to get the stain out?

Also in taking out her christmas decorations my sister in law found an orange in the bottom of an xmas stocking ( thinks it was her little brother that out it there!!

now there is a brown stain in the "toe:

any suggestions

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oxyclean. if it's a white table cloth, use bleach.

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If it's a white cotton or linen table cloth use bleach....
if it's rayon or not use bleach.
Linda C

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I hate to recommend this, as I am so diametrically opposed to the Amway business model, philosophy, politics...I could go on and on. However, their
Amway pre-wash is the best I've found for getting out stains. I use it with nearly every load I's the best for removing red wine stains. Last year, a clumsy friend sprayed a whole glass of merlot on my new khaki pants...and with this pre-wash it came out. It's just killer on grease, and I use it to pre-treat placemats and napkins. Just today, I used it to get out mustard on a shirt, tomato sauce stains on a shirt I'd carelessly cooked in, and coffee grounds which had settled on my sleeve as I emptied the grounds into the wastebasket. I buy 10 cans at a time, so I don't have to get pressure from my Amway guy, who left a career in opthalmology(he is an MD) to pursue Amway fulltime. Don't know how he's doing, but his wife now drives a Chrysler instead of her cute Porsche. Lecture over. It IS great stuff.

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Wine-Away. It rocks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wine-away

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Thank you all , never heard of wine away but will try it next time
I went to a In home wine tasting and the gent putting it on suggested taking white wine and putting it on the red wine stain and it will come out, it worked except the middle was real red and the stain had sat

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I know this is an old post, but I thought I'd throw this out here anyway. I recently used 100% cotton, white cloth and napkins and by the end of the meal they were covered in spots (I'm a very sloppy eater!) The stains included quite a bit of red wine. The laundry didn't get done for several days and I thought that they were all "goners". Not so. I sprayed them all with "Spot Shot" and EVERY SINGLE STAIN CAME OUT. I just washed them on a regular cycle with a regular amount of laundry detergent.

Incidentally, when we had our carpet cleaned recently the cleaning company couldn't get out some black grease spots from the ladder used during painting. I just said "no problem" and cleaned them all up in a jiffy with Spot Shot. It's billed, I think, as a carpet cleaner but we use it for almost everything around the house. I have no idea what is in it so if I were using very fine linens I would find out a little more about it -effects from long term use on certain materials, etc. but for cotton linens, spotting our clothes, etc. we consider it indispensible. We've found it at various grocery stores but usually buy it in quantities at Sams Club. Here's to more linen-requiring occasions! Amy

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I always use white cotton table clothes and napkins. Even serving BBQ or whatever. I just put them all into the laundry sink and soak with warm water and Tide with bleach. I usually only need to let them soak for 4 or 5 hours, but can leave them overnight. Then a run through the washer. I have never had a stain not come out, including wine.


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We use Shout on clothing and table cloth stains before washing. Works nearly 100 % of the time. Trick is to double check stain removal BEFORE drying. Sometimes requires a second treatment. Once you have dried a stain, it is there permanently.

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