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marci_paDecember 4, 2006

Good morning from chilly PA.

Besh sent me some wedding pictures and they are in the album. Take a look at her beautiful family!

QOD - (from the weekend) - How do you decorate your tree? Do you have a theme or a color scheme (Magic Kitty, your red tree prompted me to wonder) or is it eclectic? If anyone wants to post a picture of their tree, send it to me, and I will post them here or in the album.

I did get all my decorating finished this weekend and it feels good. DH rigged up the old tree to last one more year, but I may have to keep it longer. I went shopping for a new tree yesterday and I got sticker shock. I don't like the cheap ones and the ones I do like are $300 on sale. Guess I will wait and see what's left after the holidays or just make do with the old one for a few more years.

Have a great day!


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Good morning from freezing and windy NH!

I will check out Besh's pix when I get home.

QOD: For years and years I bought the biggest tree I possibly could fit into my house and decorated with white lights, red ornaments and gold ornaments. It was always spectacular.

Now, I buy a little tree to put on the table top and I keep the red and gold theme but I have added some equestrian ornaments that I have collected over the years.

I have not started shopping or decorating for Christmas yet! I have a Hags with Nags party at my house this Friday so you can bet there will be a big transformation in time for that! The good news is that the bulk of the cleaning is done I just have to decorate and get ready!

Marci, I have seen some very lovely Martha Stewart trees at K-Mart that you might want to check out. i did not look at pricesa as I was not buying but I bet they are reasonable.

How is everyone today...........Monday?

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Hi! It is supposed to be about 69 degrees here today. Not all that chilly. I've already told you about our little ol' tree so I won't bore you again. LOL Dave got the last of the packages mailed out today. Yippee! I've got calls in to the Chamber of Commerces in towns that we think we would like to live in. The one that I really want & that is closest to the little one is so small that they are all volunteers so I had to leave my number & they are supposed to call me back. They have fewer than 900 people there. But they are part of "Hill Country" & close to the boys & hopefully close enough that I could do some babysitting! I hope that everyone is having a great Monday. Patti :)

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Marci - you need to answer the QOD too.

Patti - I hope that small town works out for you, sounds like a place you would be happy. Is this move going to have any inpact on Dave's claim? I hope you don't have to start over again.

Besh - you have a beautiful family - everyone looked great - I love the dress you finally decided on.

Suzanne - I can't believe that I actually have done some shopping done. But I will still be flying around a couple days before Christmas on things I forgot. We used to look for the biggest tree too. The garden center used to hold one of their biggest for us each year. I really want to do a Charlie Brown type tree some year.

Joanne - if you are lurking, I hope all is well - all this tree decorating talk has made me think of you and all your trees.

Enjoy the day.

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Hello! I've been shopping and decorating for the last 3 days but still have a ton of stuff to do. Absolutely no cookie dough completed, but from now through end of year I am taking Monday and Fridays off, so I should have plenty of time.

Besh, if you send me your addy, I'll pass it along to Tikanas!

QOD: Most of my ornaments are sentimental. I get one from most of our vacations, lots of angels (from my angels on this board!), some that my beloved mother gave me, and a few that my sister and I made (and my nieces and I made). Eclectic I think would be the short answer!

Marci, I'll take a photo and send it along after the Snow Village is up.

Gotta run and get some more Snow Village houses up from the basement.

Make this week count!

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Hi All!

Qod: My tree is always big and eclectic. Nothing but the real deal will do here as I LOVE the smell! I have done nothing in the way of decorating yet. I was a bit under the weather on Sunday and did the work of two nurses today!

Back later... I am off to check out Besh's pics.


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I had to come right back to OOH and AHH over Besh's photos! Besh, it is so nice to "see" you! Your family is lovely. I love your DH's 'stache : ) and your boys look full of mischief!


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Just quickly. This is for Suzanne, but I think everyone else will enjoy it too. I watched with tears in my eyes.

Be back later.

Love, Besh

Here is a link that might be useful: Horse rescue in Holland

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Besh, thanks for that link! What a story and how lovely those horses were even during the catastophy! What lovely front end action in all those Friesians!

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Besh, I love your dress. Great photos!

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WOW Patti, that is some b-i-g box! Ed wanted to open it, but I told him "nothing in there for you..Santa came early for me"!!

It's beginning to look like Christmas in my house...lots of decorations and now a big old box with my name on it!

Maddie, your package will be mailed this weekend. Just got the last of it this morning, so I need to wrap it up and ship it out!

I'm going to my first holiday party this evening and it's a buffet dinner, so YIKES! I took the banana out of my lunch and placed it on my kitchen counter so that I can eat it with a glass of water before leaving for the dinner buffet. Let's see how I do, because this is an Italian place...double YIKES! Me and Italian food is like Marci and Peanut M&Ms....steady as she goes. LOL!

Where is Joanne, Gretchen, Amy, John, and the usual suspects? Check in, please.

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Good day all,

Dee, did you shake the box ever so lightly? Way to go on the time off each week! I wish I could arrange that but it would never work. Sigh.

It's awfully quiet here. I hope everyone takes the time to stop in and say hello for a second. We are worth it aren't we??

Anyone else watch the horse rescue video Besh sent? It's good.

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We are going to be doing a Yankee Swap with DH's siblings which is a huge breakthrough because in the past we exchanged names and had a whopping $100 gift each to buy! So DSIL has decided that a Yankee Swap will be okay for a change and we have a $50 limit!

SO, I need lots of great ideas that could be used by a man or a woman............

Who has some great ideas?

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Besh - thanks for the link, it is beautiful

You gotta love those Women and their Horses!!! (Suzanne)

Suzanne - Several years ago I got my husband a weather clock that projects the time and temperature on the ceiling in the dark. He has trouble reading the clock in the middle of the night. It is his absolute all time favorite gift - that was probably about $50. Do you have to abide by the $50? I think the new ipod shuffles are great - They hold about 250 songs and are so tiny, but they cost $79. Annie Leibowitz has a new book out of her photography that looks beautiful, that is about $50 - I love coffee table books as gifts. Do you have a nice picture from Nantucket that you can have framed? That's it for now, I will keep thinking though.

Dee - Mangia!!!

I just got back from a nice lunch and lots of laughs with my 2 girlfriends

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Good Morning!

QOD - My tree is eclectic. All my ornaments are special to me and I can't exclude any of them, so my tree is loaded with ornaments. I have special collections (my wool ornaments), ones the kids made or gave to me, some from vacations or events, and the ones from special people (like my SS friends!) and some I just like. I have a blown glass church that belonged to my father and survived a fire. I have a blown glass angel from Germany that a friend sent me when her DH was stationed there. My DS brought me back a Minnie Mouse when he went to Disney with the band, and so on and so on.

My DMIL had a colonoscopy yesterday and they perforated her colon. She had to have emergency surgery yesterday and will have a long recovery. I was relieved that she didn't have to have a colostomy, but they did have to remove a small section of her colon. It is going to be a rough few weeks for her.

Besh - That was a great video.

NHSuzanne - Raeanne had some great ideas. How about a gift certificate to a restaurant. Champagne classes and a good bottle of champagne for New Year's Eve? A set of stemless wine glasses and a bottle of wine? A 6-month subscription to Netflix or other movie service?

That's all I can think of for now.

Have a good day,

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Good morning all,

I just returned from my annual mammogram! Now it's over and hopefully clear.

Raeanne, who would guess how much your DH would love it I have seen that clock. I like the IPod idea especially. I am so technically challenged that I would never have thought of that one! What made you think of Nantucket? My SIL beats us to that kind of gift. She is the family photographer and every event she comes up with great photos and then puts little books together - it's great and alot of work.

Marci, sorry to hear about your MIL - I hear that a little too often and it scares me. I am glad that she did not have to have the colostomy. I really dislike the fact that I am now familiar with these words/procedures! LOL. I like your ideas too. Especially the Netflix subscription! That might really be cool.......I wouldn't mind it myself. I did see these cool martini glasses in the Red Envelope catalog that has a holder so they can stay cold in ice.

Keep the ideas coming.

Where is everyone today.

Another big announcement.........I got four eggs yesterday and I got to watch the two Buff Orpingtons lay their first egss via the "chicken cam" that DH bought me when we built the coop. I thought he was nuts but I am really enjoying watching them in the morning before work!! I will have to post some shots of them soon.

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Suzanne - I thought Nantucket is where you go each summer - but it must be somewhere else around there - that is why I thought of it. I just ordered my daughter the ipod shuffle and apple has free shipping plus free engraving - so I had them engrave "Dani California" which is what I call her since she moved out there. I am also due for my mammo OUCH.

Marci - I am so sorry to hear about MIL, how awful.

I did a little more shopping after working out this AM. So I am making progress.

Enjoy your day!

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Suzanne - I just read the last part of your post - how great is that a webcam in the coop - DH really knows you. Congrats on the eggs.

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Raeanne, we do go to Nantucket each thoughtful of you to remember that! I like the IPod idea.
I could have killed DH for spending money on that little thing but I love it.

Our hospital is now doing Soft Mammo's now. They put a piece of foam padding down before "you" go in. It's nice on the down pressing and hurts less but the Side views haven't improved much. Seems they squeeze so hard on we well endowed girls! Ouch is right. LOL

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That video of the horse rescue was amazing! Thanks for sharing that Besh.

Dee Marie, how did you do at the Italian buffet? I can't wait to see what's in that box (shh.. can you peek?)

Suzanne, what are the inlaws like? what are their hobbies, interests etc? Dinner theater tickets? Dessert of the month membership? A family portrait?
A chicken cam?? What a clever idea!
I am not fond of the mamo either : (

I am so far behind! I have hardly decorated at all. This weekend I will get our tree and catch up. Tomorrow is my friends annual mother-daughter gingerbread house making party so I will be taking off work early. I still have to bake the house pieces yet tonight!

See you all tomorrow!


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Good FRIDAY Morning!

Tikanas, I was good at that Italian buffet (for ME anyway!) I ate a banana and drank a glass of water before I left the house. At the party, I had one glass of wine at cocktail/networking portions. At dinner, I chose a huge salad with lots of veggies first. Then I went back and had salmon, green beans, some bowtie pasta, roll (no butter) and a normal side serving of tortelini alfredo with peas. For dessert I ate half a piece of the 'celebration' cake.

Maddie, your packages is all wrapped up...I stopped at a Post Office this morning on the way to the office and the sign said "Window opens at 10:00am". What the.....??? It's now in my trunk. I leave at 1pm today, so I'll go to another post office and hope they are open. LOL!

QOD: What are you all up to? I'm doing the bulk of holiday food shopping (all gifts are bought now!) this afternoon. Tonight I'm going to wrap what I can (if DH does not help me with Snow Village assembly). Tomorrow I start baking and Sunday I will continue baking and continue with snow Village (while DH takes his youngest to the Jets Game......we sold all our 3rd and 4th seats this year, so he decided to take one of his other 'girls'!)

Make today and this weekend count.
Check in!

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Good Day for 15 degree, windblown, snowy, NH!!!


Dee, you are so organized it kills me! Half of the Christmas shopping is knowing what to get. If only I knew. I do have all my doughs made and in the feezer so all I have to do is bake them off. That feels good. What are you baking Dee?

Tonight is Hags with Nags and I have worked overtime all week to get everything ready so I don't have to cook alot. I made Coquilles St. Jaques ala Cresca ( I added shrimp in with the scallops) and I am going to serve it over linquine which is not at all traditional but it's good! I am making pomegrante margartias to start which I am going to make in a big round pitcher and I made ice cubes with the seeds in it. Should be very pretty and festive. For dessert.....Crepes Suzette. My all time favorite. I am making myself hungry.

I got four eggs again yesterday!!!! I wish I could share them with you all. It's so much fun.

QOD: What are you weekend plans?

I will continue my quest to find the perfect gifts! I will wrap what I have and try to relax some. My house is decorated so that's all done.

I made a beautiful huge ornament out of walnuts last weekend. I will try to get a photo to post here. It's really pretty.

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Suzanne, I am baking some of the cookies that I learned from my class last week...very European and if I get the chance this weekend, I will post some of the easier recipes. A word of caution: they are NOT SS friendly. LOL

BTW, I am soooooo on my way to NHSuzanne's house for that party. Some of my all-time favorites on that menu! You guys can leave me with the margaritas while you talk about the horses!!!!! LMAO!

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Brrrrr here too - it is all the way up to 13 degrees right now with a brisk wind blowing. I am thankful that there is no snow.

Tikanis - I was trying to remember who goes to the mother/daughter gingerbread party, funny that you mentioned it. Have FUN!

Dee - You are amazing! How nice that DH and DD can spend the day together. A lot of PO are cutting back on hours - our's closes from 1 to 2:30 everyday.

Suzanne - I made pomegranite margaritas for Thanksgiving YUMMMM. I felt they were at least healthy for you with all the antioxidants or whatever pomengranites are full of LOL - I also made Oprah's pomengranite martini's - maybe for the 4th of July. I will try the seeds in the ice cubes next time, sounds very pretty. Your menu sounds delicious as always - I wish we lived closer so I could just happen to stop in on you at dinner time LOL.

Enjoy the day!

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Dee and margaritas - Suzanne may be able to get you on one of those horses afterall!

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Like I would leave Dee alone with the Margaritas!! LMAO
However Raeanne has a good notion there.....I would love to be the firt to get Dee on a horse. Maybe I could get you in the carriage and work my way up!! So Dee, do you want to change plans and stop over this evening? LOL

Raeanne, you are right...they are healthy drinks!! Thanks for giving me a great excuse to drink more! What is Oprah's recipe for them? I will do a google search.

Raeanne, you would be welcome to my house anytime. I wish we lived closer too! You would enjoy this group even the horse talk!

Okay, I don't want to bore you with chicken talk but I one else is talking here!! LOL

It's inched it's way up to 19 degrees here and the wind is howling so I went home at lunch to give the girls some more hay to keep the furnace going. I also stopped in the chicken coop to collect any eggs........there were of them is BLUE!!! I ordered two chicks calle Ameracanas that are blue layers but the one I could actually identify turned out to be a rooster and I figured I didn't have a hen. Well, I do have a hen who looks like another breed I ordered but not quite and it turns out it's really an Ameracana! I am so excited I will have to take a picture of this egg for you to see!

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Suzanne - does this mean you will be having a lot of egg nog this Christmas LOL. I might have to go get myself some chickens - I never knew they could be this exciting LOL. We would really be in trouble if we lived closer - we could kiss any attempt at dieting good-bye!

I thought all this talk about margarita's was too much for BESH and she had herself a few. I came home from work to find a package from Besh. I'm thinking she made a mistake and sent her Christmas package to me instead of her partner LOL. I figure I better investigate this and open the box, right on top it says SURPRISE HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY... underneath were a bunch of neatly wrapped gifts with lovely little ribbon bows - she really got me! The first thing I opened was a beautiful stained glass flower with a fairy sitting on it and was made by her sister in-law (I will put it next to the stained glass angel that Jen gave me), 3 bracelets of different sized pearl-like beads that are the perfect color for me! A luggage tag of a witch knitting a boot LOL and another tag/keychain that is a sunflower - perfect for my upcoming vacation, the "Queen of Chocolate" ornament which I can totally relate to, a T-Shirt from her Yacht club - it has a Jimmy Buffet theme on the back with a cute shark riding a broom on the front - her son is not only handsome but talented as he designed the shirt! and to help me with some feng shui a serenity windchime. I was also gifted with some beautiful photos from the wedding and some tourist guides on Salem. I hope I didn't forget anything! I will try to take a photo later so Marci can post it.

Besh - ((((((HUGS)))))) and thank you from the bottom of my heart. It was so much fun to open the box. I can't wait to look the guides over better. There looks like a lot to do in Salem and I have always wanted to visit - so who knows??? You made my day - love ya!

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It's been a crazy week and I'm glad it's over. I will have to take a look a the horse video and Besh's pictures.

Suzanne, I sent your package out last Saturday, I hope it got there OK.

I will be sending Patti's package out this weekend.

Just checking in...will catch up tomorrow.

Enjoy your evening!


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Suzanne - here is a link to Oprah's Pomegranate Martini.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pomegranate Martini

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If I could just buy anything for anybody - the link below is what I would get Maddie LOL.

Here is a link that might be useful: For Maddie

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Raeanne, you are TOOOOO funny! You should have sent me the link last week. I mailed Maddie's holiday package on Friday already. Would have loved to take a chance at that for her!!! Love the pose; picture Maddie in it! LOL! Maddie, hope you are reading this stuff.

Suzanne, how can you even think that I could not be trusted with an entire pitcher of margaritas? (ahhhhhh, do they have vodka or rum in them?) Ahem......REGARDLESS of the content, I would save some for you (and maybe a guest of two). LMAO!!!

Had great intentions of getting stuff finished around here last night, but DH accepted a dinner invitation. This morning I got up and walked with the neighbor; ran out to BJs (a warehouse club); made up dough for 2 kinds of cookies (wrapped and freezed them); and put pork chops, apples, and kraut in the crock pot. Thought I'd wrap a few gifts while more butter is coming to room temperature but had to walk past the office and this computer....sooooo here I sit. haha

Make this weekend count!

Suzanne, I'll take a dozen eggs over here!

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Good SUNDAY morning!

DH and I have had our first major 'disagreement' over the placement of several Snow Village houses (lol), so thought it might be a good time to check in.

Marci, could you please send me the link to the album? I don't have it marked as a favorite on my home computer. Also, I plan to download some photos of our decorations next week (at home) and want to send them to you for the album.

Making a big pot of soup, doing laundry (I miss BJ!), and plan on wrapping some gifts after DH leaves at 1pm for the JETS game. This afternoon I need to run over to Trader Joes for some nice blanched almonds, pecans, and walnuts for my baking.

Tomorrow I work from 8-Noon and will do more baking during my 1/2 vacation day. Don't know if I told you guys, but (in the spirit of Diversity) we started a corporate holiday choir and I have a rehearsal tomorrow at 9am; otherwise, I would have taken the entire day off!

Good news about having to use some vacation to come in is that they are allowing me to carry over 13 days into next year's time. That gives me 55 days for 2007!! The carryover will come in handy as we are going on an 11-day Holland America cruise on January 6 and taking a week in March for Florida. DH likes winter vacations, and since he truly kicks back when he has the least worries about work, it makes the time away that much nicer.

OK, time to get back to DH's way of doing things once I switch another load from washer to dryer.

Have a great Sunday.

GO JETS -- GO STEELERS (for Marci!)

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Dee - I will email you the link, just in case Marci doesn't read this today. I hope 1PM arrives quickly LOL. I will do some laundry with you.

Marci & Jen - have either one of you made a recipe scrapbook? If so, did you laminate or protect the recipes somehow? I know I could put them in protective sleeves, but thought that would take away from the embellishments. I was thinking of actually putting each recipe on a recipe card, have it laminated and then attach the recipes to the decorated page, by inserting them in a pocket or having them clipped on somehow. What are your thoughts?

I have made progress with my shopping thanks to the internet. I just hope I am happy with my choices when they arrive.

Anyone have any new exciting recipes that I can make for a Christmas party next Saturday? It must be finger food and preferably something that is good at room temp. It's a bachelors house we go too and he doesn't like any fussing in the kitchen LOL. I was going to bring cinnamon/sugar coated nuts, but I think he needs something more substantial.

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Marci - I tried to log onto the picture site and it prompted me for a username and password - I was just on there maybe a week ago with no problem. I always just put in the one name. Let me know if I am doing something wrong. THANKS

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Wow, everyone is busy, busy this weekend.

I came home on Friday to a big box from NJ.!! It was Donna's unbirthday package. Inside was a big bag full of neat things. I big bottle of NJ made red wine from Tommesllo Winery, a pair of pink socks (in support of breast cancer), a pair of horse head earrings...........very cute, a breast cancer key chain, and a little vanilla birthday cake candle for burning.Thank you, thank you Donna I will enjoy everything, especially those pink socks!! Wow are they cozy - I love them. We had the wine at dinner Friday and everyone liked it. It sort of reminds me of a Pinot Noir.

My HwN's party was fun and we all behaved. After dessert we watched Something's got to Give and called it a night at 1am! I didn't feel bad the next morning just tired.
The margaritas were really good!

How about a chicken or beef satay with peanut dipping sauce. Yum, Yum. Would work fine at room temp and could be made ahead.

Doing laundry and wrapping what few gifts I have right now!

Dee, how do you prepare your pork chops in a crock pot? It sounds like it might be easy. Please share.

Okay, I am off to do more housework.

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Suzanne, I had about 5 boneless pork chops which I browned in a non-stick pan with a bit of olive oil. Then I transferred them between 'pillows' of kraut and thinly sliced apples and a smidge of brown sugar. I added about 1/2 cup water, some caraway seeds, salt & pepper. The trick was to keep it on low for about 8 hours. The chops fell tender!

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Can you believe it's Sunday night already?? Where does the weekend go - only 2 weeks until Christmas!! I am so not ready.

Suzanne, glad you enjoyed! You are very welcome. Those socks are great aren't they? I love them..they get softer with each washing. Also glad you enjoyed your party and the wine!

Dee, the chops sound good, will have to give that a try. I am not baking this year because I know I will eat what I bake..maybe just before the holiday, we'll see.

Raeanne, I am internet shopping also. So far so good, just hope I keep being happy with my purchases.

Besh, I took a look at your pictures and wow - your sons are so handsome and you look beautiful! I love your dress.

I have one more thing I want to pick up for Patti and then it's off with her package.

I am doing laundry and just getting ready for dinner but wanted to check in - I will try and be better this week.

Have a wonderful safe and be good!!


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Good Evening.

Dee - those pork chops sound awesome. I will try it this week.

The drinks sound yummy too. I will have to make some for the christmas festivities coming up.

I made a big pot of chili on Friday night to have on Saturday as I had a friend from work over for dinner. I think the chili tastes better the next day and I do that with my homemade spagetti sauce too, that is always better the next day. I also made a big pot of ham and bean soup. I even cut up chorizo sausage into tiny pieces and threw that in and it gave it some zing. DH loved it.

The rest of the weekend was housework and laundry. Now just relaxing and resting up for the work week ahead.

Take care all!!! I am going to find the link for the pictures. I seemed to have lost it temporarily and I know I have it somewhere.

Bye - Lynn

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Suzanne - thanks for the great idea. I didn't think of satay. I am going to do that. We both had birthday surprises this week.

This recipe is similar to Dee's, but I haven't tried it. I took this recipe off the internet recently (maybe on the recipe exchange). Brown a pork loin quick under the broiler, slice up 3 to 4 apples, place them on the bottom of the crock pot, put pork on top, mix 1/2 cup of apple juice, 3 tablespoons brown sugar and a teaspoon of ginger, pour over pork and apples, cook for 8 hours.

Lynn - I agree chili and sauce are definitely better the next day - many soups too.

Donna - I usually do very well with my internet purchases and it saves me a lot of trouble - since crowded malls are not my favorite. Sounds like your gifts were a hit with Suzanne - the bottle of wine was a safe bet LOL.

I just bought a new Christmas CD by Sara McLachlan and she does a version of I Wish I Had a River by Judy Collins(?) that is beautiful.

Enjoy your evening.

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$46.00 | Hayneedle
Robert Abbey Albert 8 3/4" Wide Nickel and Glass Pendant
Lamps Plus
Devonshire Satin Nickel/Silvermist Nine-Light Chandelier with Faux Alabaster Gla
$219.90 | Bellacor
Access Lighting 52043-BS Viper Brushed Steel Multi Spotlight
Littman Bros Lighting
D3936 2G11 Fluorescent Socket, Non-Dimmable Ballast
LBC Lighting
Graff | Terra Contemporary Round Thermostatic Set With Flush-Mount Body Sprays
$2,931.00 | YBath
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