Open House invitation, need to R.S.V.P???

millymooDecember 10, 2012

Hi all!
My husband & I would like to hold a Christams Open House either a few days before the day or shortly after. It will be for friends, family & neighbors we don't know too well. We are new to the neighborhood, have been working on re-habbing our old house for a year before we moved into it this September.

I would like to include on the e-vites & paper ones; 'No need to R.S.V.P.' I just think that it's a casual open-house-I don't expect some of them to respond. I'd like it to be something they can feel no pressure to attend if they have other obligations since I know people are busy over the holidays. Is this alright to do?

Entertaining is largely foreign to me so please advise. I have read 'Lessons in Entertaining here on the forum & it's filling me with dread,lol!

A friend asked 'How do you know how much food & drink to provide if they don't R.S.V.P? I just figure I'll provide enough drinks, cookies & app's for the amount of invitations sent more or less. It will be buffet style with a food table and a drinks table where guests can help themselves.

What do you think?

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Around here, 'Open House' means that no RSVPs are required/expected. The "No need to RSVP" on invitations would be redundant.

I would use at least 90% of the invitation head-count when deciding how much food/beverage to have -- unless you know that a large percentage of those invited will likely be unable to attend due to weather/driving distance, having to work during the hours of your Open House, etc.

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Better also check local / national sporting events. I got skunked at an open house one year by a Green Bay Packers game. Open house was to end at 5, game ended at 4:30pm and everyone came after that!! Needless to say, it was a long evening, but they did eat and drink everything I had planned they would!.


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Thanks for the replies & good advice. I have left the R.S.V.P off the invitations and am pretty sure they're's no big game on the day of the open house-hopefully all will be good!

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