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nhsuzanneDecember 3, 2007

Good Monday morning all,

It's snowing alot here in NH! I have been out to the barn and shoveled all I can until the plow comes. We have about 4-5" on the ground right now and will probably get that much more before the storm passes. It's sleeting on the coast of NH.

Besh, be careful going to work today!

We managed to get alot done outside yesterday as it was much warmer (21) than Saturday. I think we are as buttoned up for the winter as we can get at this point. Of course snow on the ground means that we can have fires to burn brush that we cut all year! The fun just never ends.

BJ can you please send me your mailing address? I thought I had it but don't.

Dee, what are you doing all this cooking for? You will never starve with all that food in the freezer!!

QOD: Did you all get what you hoped accomplished this weekend? I need a vacation now!

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Tikanis - I am so happy for you - you deserve the home you have and sounds like you will be enjoying it for many years.

Dee - I sent you and Maddie an email (I think Friday) I hope you got it, because it was from my yahoo account. Can't wait to see you. Sounds like you got a lot accomplished this weekend.

Suzanne - it was a cold, windy and snowy here too. It does sound like you could use a vacation - how does NYC on Friday sound LOL?

I organized an art show for our town this past weekend and it was a huge success - I was beginning to stress about it by the end of last week. Thinking nobody would attend it - but we had a great turnout and most of the artists sold a lot of art. It was the first time I tried selling any of my work and actually did sell one of my bigger pieces. I couldn't wait for the buyer to leave so I could do a happy happy dance LOL.

I need to go reread the previous posts as so much was going on, but I will send hugs to all in the meantime.

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QOD: Got a lot of work finished around the house; mainly because of the storm we had. We cancelled dinner plans yesterday that would have taken us away from work around the house about 3pm. It was a good thing. Still feeling like I'm ahead of this holiday thing.

Suzanne, hope you are OK up there. We had ice this morning, and yesterday we started up the woodburning stove in the family room about 8am and threw the last log onto the fire about 8PM!!!! really chilly

Raeanne, congrats on your successful show and your sale! YIPPEEE I had replied to your Friday e:mail. Just re-sent it to your alternate addy. I think my biggest problem in midtown on Friday is going to be finding a public bathroom! If your daughter knows any, please advise; otherwise, I'm going to spend a fortune buying stuff just to use the 'loo!!!!! LMAO

With apologies to the Florida gals, GO JETS!!! I did, however, feel sorry for the Miami QB John Beck. He looked dazed and confused for most of the game. That can't be an easy job.

OK....I'll be back later. I need to update a whole bunch of projects in my database, and then off to lunchtime choir practice here at work. (yes, in the spirit of diversity we even have a choir)

Check in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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From the WW website. Even if you aren't on WW you can certainly benefit from some of the strategies here!

Ah, December. After five years as a Leader, I know that my meeting rooms are about to get very empty. Each year at this time, members throw in the towel and decide to wait until January 1st to jump back into the plan.

Although many see December as the most difficult time to lose weight, I believe it's all in how you look at it! Let go of the defeatist attitude; this time of year doesn't have to be a bust. Just a few simple tools can put you in control and gliding through the holidays with a positive, can-do attitude.

The first thing you need to do is to ask yourself what you would like to happen this year. Would you like to lose weight? Maintain your weight? Or is a small weight gain acceptable? Once you determine which of those options you want to pursue, the principles remain the same.

After several holiday seasons on the plan, these are the things that I have found to anchor me to my resolve and goals.

1. Write it down.
Each year I create a calendar for December. On the first day of the month, I sit down and plan out as much as I possibly can. Then I:

* Write in the date of every social event and party
* Mark the days that I plan to exercise
* Highlight the days I could stay within my daily POINTS allowance because there's nothing out of the ordinary happening
* Mark in the days that I plan to attend meetings
* Record my actual weight on the day I weigh in

This calendar is important because it gives you a gauge on just what you're looking at for the month. It might look like a minefield, or it may help you realize that there are plenty of days with not a lot happening. Once you see it laid out, ask yourself if the decision you made (lose, maintain or gain) is viable. Be honest and let yourself off the hook if you decide you need to live a little this year and that a small gain is an acceptable tradeoff for the fun and lessened stress you'll have.
Print your own calendar here

2. Step on it.
No matter what happens, weigh in weekly. Regardless of your decision about the weight, you need the feedback, to stay in touch with what's going on. Otherwise, you may blow it out of proportion and throw in the towel because you've made it worse in your head than it actually is. This can keep a two-pound gain from turning into a five-pound gain.

3. Talk about it.
During difficult times, many of us have a tendency to move away from the plan. That's precisely the opposite of what you should do. Protect following the plan fiercely, make it a priority in a positive, self renewing way.

If you attend meetings, don't skip them to finish holiday projects or attend a social event. Stand tough and refuse to miss even one. But remain flexible. Maybe you'll need to find a different meeting that's more convenient that week, or even attend more than one to help you with your resolve. If you follow the plan online, take the time to talk to fellow members on the Message Boards, read articles and use the online tools regularly.

4. Swap tips.
As a Leader and Lifetime member, the one thing I know for sure is that I will never know it all. I am constantly learning. So, use the holidays as an opportunity not only to ask for advice but also to share your best tips for surviving the next four weeks. You will indeed have a happy new year.

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NH Suzanne~Thanks for the WW reminders. It was very insightful and can be applied for all of us. I'm sorry that you lost electricity & that it is so cold there. But on a positive note, you should lose the allergens in the air. Here I don't think we ever do.

Dee~That's all right. I never yell for Miami anyway. :) I don't even think that they have won a game all year.

Marci~It is hard to let go of sentimental stuff. I am glad that you passed along info from Joann. I think that you would like Christmas in Florida as long as you don't want it "white". LOL

Raeanne~Congrats on the art sale! I would have loved to have happy, happy danced along with you.

Besh~Congrats on your 29th anniversary. That is so wonderful. Let me know how you like your new tv.

Milkdud~Sorry about the cold. I hope that you are still able to have a good week with your DSis this week.

I worked a little on our wedding scrapbook this weekend. We didn't do a lot yesterday but opted to watch football b/c we have so much to do over the next 5 weeks. Dave was very sweet & made my Dad some cookies for his b'day.

Hi to everyone else. I hope that you aren't overwhelmed with all that this time of year brings. Take time to be good to yourselves b/c you honestly deserve it! Patti :)

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Raeanne, that sounds exciting about the art fair! Wish I could have seen it. :) I guess you are right that it wouldn't look good to dance around singing "yaay, I sold something!" in front of the customers, lol. What size and image did you sell? How many pieces do you have done altogether? I wish I were well enough to put up and sit with an exhibit.

Patti, that sounds like fun with the scrapbook. I have a few I wish I could put together, but don't have time to work on them.

I had another demonstration of how the calorie paradigm (calories in vs calories out) doesn't work for me. According to all the charts, my doctor and various nutritionists, if I stay under 2000 calories a day I should lose weight. I have stayed at 1700 and still gaining. I have hypothyroidism but take synthroid and it doesn't seem to help with the weight. What did Suzanne Somers say about hormone balance? Anyone remember? I have been allowing myself some fruit, some bread, and some nonfat milk, but it looks like I'll have to give them up. Still doing the Oz shakes. Today's was spinach, zucchini, broccoli, parsley, a bit of orange, and looseleaf lettuce.

My son in Wisconsin got several inches of snow, too. In some ways I miss the beauty of it, but not enough to go back, lol. It's fun and cozy sitting around a fire on a snowy day, and (dare I say it?) drinking hot chocolate.

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Hi Guys!

Just checking in real quick...back later...I still have to read and get up to speed here.

Rain is pouring down in buckets and enough wind and water in the last couple of days to close a couple of major highways here. Side streets experiencing some MAJOR urban flooding. I spent about 45 minutes clearing tree needles and leaves out of a neighborhood storm drain to alleviate the road of about a foot & a half deep water. Amazing, but hey!---all this weather really makes a person feel alive!!!! Plus, the exercise of raking and lifting WET piles of needles and leaves can't hurt!

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A taste of what we're experiencing...quick slide show.

Here is a link that might be useful: My neck of the woods!

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Good Evening!

BJ - That is terrible what is going on in your neck of the woods. The pics were sad. Please stay safe!!!

NHSuzanne - Hope you get warmer weather, even if its 10 more degrees.

Raeanne - congrats on the sale of your painting. Was it hard to let it go? Do you have any sentmental attachments to your paintings?

SW FL is supposed to get a cold front tonight and wednesday. (Sorry for those in the frozen north, you might want to skip over this part) It might actually get into the mid 70's. 60 at night. We are so looking forward to it. A break from the heat will be greatly appreciated even if it is only for 2 days. I hope the humidity leaves for good until next summer.

I did not get to decorate over the weekend, we were on the go quite a bit. Maybe Friday.

Besh - Happy Anniversary!!!!! Enjoy that TV!!!

Have a great week!!!


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Hi All,

Sorry I have been MIA so much, I have been spending lots of time with my mom. I am off tomorrow, it is my parents anniversary and I am taking her to lunch and shopping to keep her occupied. First up though is my mammo and dexa scan.

Raeanne, congratulations on the sale! I would want to do a happy dance too.

Besh, happy anniversary!

Lynn, every time I use the lavendar shower gel you sent me for my birthday I think of how sweet you were - I absolutely adore the smell of lavendar (and chocolate, but that's another day).

Suzanne, try and stay warm if you can....brrrr. We got lucky and got off with only a light dusting and lots and lots of rain prefaced by some hail. Nothing like what's going on in BJ's world...that is awful....stay safe!!!

Marci, glad you heard from Joanne, I know it's hard for her right now too.

Dee, you are one busy woman!!

Patti - you have a keeper in Dave but you know that already!

Milkdud - feel better soon!!

Amy - glad to see you checking in. It's frustrating isn't it? I have another blood test in January - my doc is convinced I have a slow thyroid. We'll see.

I hope I didn't miss anyone!!!

I started finally decorating for the holidays - tree will go up one night this week.

I did my weekly weigh in change this week but hey, no gain either so I'll take it!

Raeanne, Dee and Maddie behave yourselves on Friday. I don't want to hear about you on the 11:00 news!

I will try and check in more often. Take care!!


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Good Tuesday all,

It's 14 degrees here!

Raeanne, congrats on selling a painting! I am impressed and can't wait to see some of your work.

Besh, happy anniversary. That's was a nice celebration!

Dee, I still want to know what all the cooking was for. LOL
And, did you see the game last night.......Go Pats! Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Donna, I am stalled on the scale too. I know if I get out and walk a few times a week it would move but it's been so cold that I can't make myself do it! Not gaining is huge though. I am really focusing on what I need to do and don't want to lose sight of my goals. It's frustrating.

BJ, I hope the bad weather and flooding end soon. IT's bad news.

Patti, I love scrap booking but won't take the time to do it! It's alot of work but worth it.

Amy, it's always nice to see you post. Stop in a little more often!

Yesterday I had the a horrible migraine ( I rarely get them) I was up at midnight with it but managed to go back to sleep. This morning it's in the background and I hope it does not come back like yesterday. Ugh.

Tick, tock the meeting in NY is happening soon. I am sorry I won't be joining this trio!!

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Suzanne, I have decided to do a bit more entertaining this year. Christmas Day I expect the usual gang (12-22 people). There are 2 groups of friends that I usually meet with around this time at a restaurant. Since I went through all the trouble of decorating, I've decided that we will meet at my house. They can bring dessert or bread, and I'll provide the meal. This way I control the amount of portion on my plate and the amount of fat I cooked with.

[[[[[[[[[[[BJ and her family/neighbors]]]]]]]]]]]]]] I saw this story on the news and I yelled "BJ!" (and woke up DH!) Hope you stay safe. Taking that shovel and matters into your own hands was a smart "BJ" move. Stay in touch with us.

Donna, good to see you back with us. [[[[[[[[your mom]]]]]]] I know how hard this time of year can be. Hang in there.

Lynn, you'd better bundle up down there! LOL!! We had a 29 degree morning when I left for the office. Not nearly as bad as Besh, Raeanne, or Suzanne, so I took it in stride.

Amy, hope all is well with you. Glad you keep in touch with the kids. Hope you enjoy the holidays.

Maddie, if you are reading this....START PACKING!!! Bring a scarf, hat, and gloves---at least earmuffs because the wind really whips around that City.

Marci, thank you for posting comments about Joann. I miss her and wish her a blessed holiday. Hope you are doing better.

Hello to Patti, Dave, Jen, Gretchen, Besh, milkdud, John, and everyone I've missed.

Gotta run and send some contracts out to Legal.


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Just a quick note to say hi to everyone! We had the car worked on yesterday so that it would be ready to go on the trip & today the ac went out. We don't want to chance the long drive without one so there goes over 1/4 of our money. Ugh! Apparently a rock hit the condenser? & so it has to be fixed. The insurance said that our deductible is all but $50 of the amount & that it was silly to make a claim on the $50 & then have a claim on our insurance. This started out to be such a wonderful day. The temps are very, very nice--about 71 degrees & the humidity & barometric pressure are way down--I don't have a headache or hurt anywhere. Yippee!

BJ~I hope that the rivers have crested by now & that you are safe & sound. I have an aunt in Oregon that told my DM that she was going to watch the waves b/c they are so beautiful when they are that big. Surely she changed her mind when she got outside!

Amy~Thanks for posting. It is so nice to see you here when you have the chance to stop by. I understand about not eating the calories & still gaining weight. It is all in the book I have about our illnesses. I looked at it again last night.

Each of you are important so take the time to do something for yourselves...Patti :)

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I just emailed Marci a photo of me with my painting, I am sure when she finds the time she will post it.

Donna - we are making no promises of behaving ourselves and we are counting on you if we need someone to bail us out of trouble.

BJ - WTG with the clean-up! Now stay out of the rain and be safe.

Suzanne - Sorry you had to deal with a migraine yesterday - I hope it is gone for good.

Lynn - I thought I was more than ready to sell the painting until I actually did. I had seller's remorse, but I am over it and counting the money LOL.

Amy - it was 16x20 oil painting of one of the big boats on the lake. I know you would've made a lot of money over the weekend with the beautiful work you have - wish you could've joined me.

Patti - I hate to spend money on things like that, but unfortunately they are necessary. I couldn't imagine a trip like you are taking without everything in working order. Glad you and your joints and bones are feeling good.

Enjoy your evening.

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Check out Raeanne's paintings in the album!

Donna - I thought the exact same thing about that trio loose in NYC. I don't want to see any of you on the 11:00 news! LOL

Maddie-Raeanne-DeeMarie - If you don't take a picture, you will have some 'splainin to do! Have fun and remember that we are enjoying NY vicarioulsly through you.

My DD's 16 year old cat died last week and I had to call DD and tell her. That was a hard phone call to make. I am going to give her a couple of days and check in with her to make sure she is ok. DH buried her over the hill in our back yard, may she RIP.

BJ - I can only imagine the horror those people felt whose cars are in the middle of all that water. Kudos to you for unplugging that storm drain. DeeMarie is right, that was a great BJ move. I do have to say that sometimes, I stop and say, "What would BJ say or do" before I act.

Amy - I am sure NHSuzanne would send you some snow if you really missed it! LOL Do you still have an art website? The URLs I had are no longer valid.

We are going on a field trip tomorrow and I hope the weather cooperates. I don't care if it is cold and windy, just no ice! If we have to cancel, we won't be able to reschedule and the kids are looking forward to this trip. Not to mention that I only have to work a 1/2 day!

Gotta run and finish up the dishes and work on some lesson plans.


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Good Morning,

Patti, I know how you feel. We are having the opposite problem with my car. After hitting a huge buck in October and totalling out the passenger side, We finally got my car back on Friday. Monday, the heater quits working. Thats one extra expense that we really don't need right now.

Raeanne, Congrats on the painting. I am so happy for you.

We are in the 30's here. I wish it would get into the 20's then the kids wouldn't have to be outside at playtime. Around here, as long as it's above 30 degrees, they have to be outside.

I am off to go get the girls Christmas picture. I ordered Christmas cards through ClarkColor again this year and they did a really crappy job on them. I guess I am going to have to go ahead and send them, but I am disgusted with the quality.

Well, I have more to say, but I gotta go meet DH.

Back later.

Oh yeah, I need a good Kick in the butt to get it in gear to exercise. I just don't want to and can't find time.


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Good Wednesday all,

Raeanne, congrats on your painting sale! I am anxious to see it on Marci's site - as soon as someone sends me the link at work! I can't wait until I get home to see it otherwise!

Sorry Patti and Jen you have those hard to swallow vehicle expenses! It's tough at this time of year for sure.

Marci, I am sorry about DD's cat. Hope DD is doing okay. And bless the cat's sweet little feline soul.

Amy, I would love to share some snow with you. I really do love snow but shoveling it at 5:00am is hard at times!! I prefer to share the beauty of the snow with you all.

Dee you must be in excellent shape for Christmas entertaining. I am way ahead of my usual schedule and it feels great!

If anyone here has BJ's home address would you please send it to me? I would love to get her package out the door this week. It's all wrapped and ready to go!!

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NHSuzanne - I sent you an email. If you don't get it, let me know, as I wasn't sure which address was your work email.


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Jen~I'm so sorry that you are going through the same thing with expenses on the car. It is a real bummer! :(

Raeanne~Dave says that you can drop paintings by here anytime. LOL He wants a cabin in the picture by the water though--he isn't picky! ROFLMBO

Marci~TY for posting that for us. What a joy to share things like that. Sorry about DD's cat. We still cry over the one we had to give away when we moved here. There will never be another one like him. He was so special.

NH Suzanne~And to think that people had the nerve to complain about how cold it was here today b/c it was inthe high 60s. Dave & I were in shorts & they were in long pants. We were watching a softball game & they were all crying. I don't think that it was thin blood either. Most of them are in much better shape than us & from up north. tee hee

Dee~Are you the leader of the pack? Have a margarita for me! :)

Donna~It was so nice to have you posting. I'm sorry that you are having a hard time during this time of year. I dread when my time comes too. Both of Dave's parents & my parents are still alive.

BJ~Check in GF!

Milkdud~I hope that your cold is better & that you are having the time of your life decorating your house. I imagine that your DSis had lots of ideas.

John~It is time for you to check in again.

Maddie~Check in before you leave please. Your package is on the way. Dave mailed it yesterday.

Lynn~We should think about planning some time together after the middle of next month.

Hi to anyone that I have missed. Each of you are very special & deserve to spend a little time doing something for yourself...Patti :)

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Thanks for reminding me, Patti, about mailing the package. When was the date for opening them? I hope to get mine out to Lynn by the 14th.

Maddie, you've got mail! Please remember to turn on your cell phone when you land. Also, pack a small umbrella because they predict light rain for Friday with a high of 40 (a heat wave! haha)

Work is so incredibly busy that I'm ready for a week in the tropics. My only problem would be the 800 e:mails and 1000 voice mails upon my return!

QOD: Are you having any problems thinking of gifts to give? I need some suggestions (under $20) for a few ladies in the office. Just something classy that doesn't say "you owe me something". lol! Last two years I gave them nice wine, but another of year of that looks like I don't care.....


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Talk about spending money on stupid thing!!! I just got a speeding ticket for $200!! I haven't had a ticket for anything in too many years to remember! I deserve it for sure 57 in a 30..........but I didn't want it!!

Dee, how about some nice French milled soaps. I saw some beautifully boxed sets at HomeGoods last week and I thought what a lovely gift they would make. The were less than $10 but looked like they cost a fortune. I will keep thinking.

Marci and Raeanne, I got BJ's address from you both, thanks very much. I hope all is well with her out there.

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Oh no, Suzanne! [[[[ H U G S ]]]] It is awful having to spend that kind of money--especially at this time of year. Ugh.

Dee~The idea that I had was more expensive than NH Suzanne's. I saw on QVC some fleece wraps in all different colors. They had pockets in them. They were talking about the girls in the office that get cold & how they were good to have at their desks so that they could just wrap it around them. They came over the shoulder & bsck but not real far down that they looked like they would hinder work. (I don't know...)

I'll check back tomorrow. Just wanted to see what was happening around here. Patti :)

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Wow, BJ! That's a lot of water. What city is that? Last night we had the worst storm since I've been here, but I was lucky and there wasn't any damage or flooding here where I am. The electricity went out a few times, but not for too long.

That's amusing about sending me snow. You could send it in a chest packed in dry ice, lol. I could build a snowperson for Christmas, but it wouldn't last long.

What is happening with Joanne?

It's taking me forever to get my site back up under the amylynnefineart link, but eventually I will. I lost it when Verizon sold out to HawaiianTel. In the meantime, you can see some of my stuff at
And I posted the link below.

I've been going into Second Life, and it's a lot of fun. Maybe I can get some of you to try it sometime, lol. It's free. Now there are a lot of places there with snow falling and Christmas trees. So pretty. Also, Serge King, the man I took shaman training from, has a virtual island there called Pali Uli.

I'm still glad to be able to come here, and I hope none of us lose track of each other. Maybe one of these years I'll get around to making everyone those hawaiian Christmas ornaments I wanted to make. Not this year though. I'll try for next :)

Take care and eat healthy

Here is a link that might be useful: Paintings

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Good Thursday morning all,

It's frigid in NH this morning..........10 at 7:30! The sun is shining today however and will warm things up a little I hope.

Amy, I enjoyed looking at your paintings. I am intrigued by "Looking for Home" - is there a story to the painting?

Dee, a gift that I bought for all the women family in my life is a pair of pink socks with the Breast Cancer ribbon on it. I got this terrific idea from Donna who was my birthday partner last year. She sent me the most lovely chenille socks that I really enjoy wearing. Warm, snuggly feet for a good cause.

How are NYC plans coming along Dee, Maddie and Raeanne? I hope you have a blast.

QOD: What is everyone doing for the weekend?

I am continuing my Christmas stuff and really hope to be substantially complete by early next week!!

I am still fuming at myself for getting that ticket! Stupid, stupid, stupid!

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It's like Friday for me because I have tomorrow off!

QOD: Friday I'm meeting up with the girls in NYC. I have it on good authority that Maddie is busy packing. Saturday I hope to get some final shopping completed with the help of DH (he doesn't know it yet!). Sunday I pack up tailgate goodies for DH and stepdaughter for the JETS game, and I'm going to a 80th birthday party for my neighbor (the mother of my walking partner!) They are having a high tea for her with just a place called High Societea! We dress up and have imported tea, scones, tea sandwiches, pastries, etc. Should be really fun!

OK, I need to get going on my work.


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DeeMarie~TGIF! Have a great time this weekend. I forgot to tell you that the wraps were $15 then the S&H.

NH Suzanne~Brrr. That is really cold. Please don't put yourself down for the ticket. Sometimes we get to thinking about something else & our foot gets a little heavy on the pedal. It isn't on purpose. It is part of being human. Take a deep breath & blow it away. :)

Amy~I'm looking forward to looking at your pictures. I'm glad that you survived the storm. They were saying yesterday that we "could" have another hurricane although it isn't very likely. At first I was really listening close. LOL I'm not keen on hurricanes. (We do need some precipatation however.)

QOD~I'm not quite certain. Sunday we are doing the laundry so that we can pack on Tuesday. Then we'll come home & watch football. Dave will watch the Buccaneers & hopefully the Cowboys will be on too. We have 2 dr. appts. on Wed., 1 dr. appt. on Thurs., & we leave on Fri. I don't remember if we have anything on Monday or not. I'm just going with the flow. Ha! Ha! Dave got the car to the shop today & we needed another part. Thankfully it was just a $4 part. Whew! Well, I have book club tomorrow p.m. but I should be checking in tomorrow a.m. Dave has to go back to Tampa tomorrow a.m. Ugh! Please put out positive thoughts...the VA is trying to take his disability away. Be good to yourselves b/c you deserve it! Patti :)

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Good afternoon! I'm just peeking in to say "hi" and let you know that I'm still alive. :)

My sister and I had the best time this week shopping, decorating, talking, laughing, crying over memories, and eating out a lot. I had to take her to the airport this morning so that she could return home. We both teared up badly. I'll see her for a couple of days right after Christmas, but I had so much fun with her that I didn't want her to leave. :(

Since we did eat out twice a day during her visit, my weight didn't drop an ounce since I weighed in last week. But, I know that I'm eating well, and noticing when I'm full now, so self-education is worth more than a loss right now.

Hi to everyone, and I'll take time to catch up later. I still need to do a little more decorating, then put all the tools away before H gets home from work. Hope everyone has a great day!

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Hi goils!

I haven't caught up, so this will be quick!

In 18 hours, I'll be with Dee in Manhattan--I can hardly wait!!!! :) (Raeanne can't make it, unfortunately! :(

Pics, pics pics! I am so lloking forward to this weekend!



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Good Friday all,

Maddie, have a blast with Dee! Raeanne, sorry you can't make it.

Milk Dud, your sister time sounds so nice. I love my sister time too but we see more of each other because we live close (5 minutes).

Okay, it's really cold this morning...............4 degrees when I went to the barn at's not usually this cold this early in the season. Maybe that means a warmer and early spring. No global warming in this neck of the woods right now!! It is warming up today and we will get a little snow. Weatherman says high 30's tomorrow which means a ride on my beloved Sweet Pea for sure!!

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Well, I"m off to meet Maddie in about 1/2 hour. She has arrived safely in The Big Apple about 9:30am, and I'm guessing has reached her hotel by now(certainly hope so!)

I'm heartbroken that Raeanne is not with us, but I respect her reason which is totally unselfish.

Raeanne and I have decided this morning that as many as possible from this forum will be headed to Maddie & Jen's part of the world at some point in the future. Let's get a date on our calendars for 2008 or 2009, keep it sacred, and start saving! We owe it to ourselves to do this. It will be a blast!

Gotta run and put on some makeup. Don't want to scare Maddie!

Hope to check in later tonight to tell you all about it.

Make today count!

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Maddie has landed in NYC!

I had to bow out of the trip and am feeling a bit bummed about it. My boss had a death in her family and that meant 3 people would be out of the office today. We are already working short staffed but that left only me and DH today and DH had appointments he couldn't change.

Dee called to tell me that Maddie's plane arrived safe and sound and she was getting ready to go and meet up with her. I know they are going to have a ball together. This makes me want to get down to French Lick more than ever, is anyone else up for that trip?

Suzanne - Rabbit Rabbit means nothing but is suppose to give you good luck if it's the first thing you say on the first day of the month! Some people say bunny bunny instead. I hope you get some time on Sweet Pea this weekend.

Milkdud - I know how you feel - I feel exactly the same when my sister leaves me. My DH and her's get along like brothers too, so we all have a great time together. My sister is about 3 1/2 hours away and they own 2 restaurants so they are hardly ever available.

Dee - I just picked up a bunch of the scented diffusers (with reeds) from Yankee Candle for gifts to bring to parties, etc.

Marci - thanks for posting the picture - I know I still have a long journey ahead of me but I am enjoying it in the meantime.

QOD - tomorrow night I have a Christmas Ball to go to, they raise money and collect toys for a local organization called Operation Santa. It is a very dressy and elegant function and we always have so much fun.

Enjoy your day, while I sit around and mope LOL.

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Patti told me about the Chicken Foot? dominoes game and Dee told me about LCR dice game. Does anyone know of a new popular game that I can get this year? It is our tradition to play games on Christmas and I can't seem to find a new good one.

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Raeanne~I'm so bummed too that you didn't get to meet up with Dee & Maddie. I can certainly understand why you couldn't though. I haven't been up to any games this year so I'm not in the "know" on any of them. LOL Chicken Foot was my one "hurrah". Oh, well...

NH Suzanne~It really doesn't sound like global warming there either. I loved it here when it was in the 50s & 60s although my toes thought they were going to freeze off. tee hee Seriously, I've got to get out of FL before I turn into a "native". ROFLMBO

Dee & Maddie~Anxiously awaiting the exciting news of your get-together. With the 2 of you together it had to be loads of fun.

[[[[ BJ ]]]] ~Are things any better there now? The news is reporting Oregon & California are having the rains at this time. I hope you are able to check in soon.

Hi to everyone else. I hope that you are able to check in. I also hope that you have a great weekend. I got a great new recipe that I'm going to tweak but it has potatoes in it. Anyone that is able to eat potatoes & is interested, let me know & I'll share it with you. I'll tell you how we are going to make it lower fat. I read this quote & wanted to use it, "Don't be selfish with yourself!" Patti :)

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I've got a million errands to run starting NOW, but had to find a few minutes to fill you in.

Maddie is the sweetest person who goes along with anything and is soooooo geniune. I felt like I knew her my whole life, and missed her when I had to leave her. :-(

OK, very top level rundown:

Met at Central Park South (MIckey Mantle's restaurant, where we toasted to Raeanne, in particular, and the Diet Club) Maddie had Cosmopolitan (just like Sex in the City); and I had a boring Diet Coke & Malibu
On to FAO Schwartz
A dozen other high end stores (including Cartier!)
St. Patrick's Catheral
Rockefeller Plaza---tree, ice skaters, shopping, promanade
Down fifth avenue through more stores
Lord & Taylor spectacular decorations
SACKS---OMG the window decorations to die for
Past TImes Square (about 1 block away---it was rush hour)
Empire STate Building---to the top. I'd forgotten how beautiful it was, as it was almost 40 years ago since I was there. We walked around the c-o-l-d top (picture Sleepless in Seattle!) where I tried to point out landmarks for Maddie, including where I live!
We waited downstairs at 34th and 5th avenue for our "ride" back to her hotel---a white stretch limo. She was freaking out (Raeanne, you should have seen her face in
the back of that----I took a picture of her)!

I am absolutely serious when I tell you that more of us have to do this. It is a special gift to ourselves that we have to save and plan for. None of you will regret. I will never forget this special part of Christmas that I spent with Maddie. It DOESN'T MATTER WHERE WE GO--We are friends and just need to be in one room together exchanging stories and laughter just as we do here. Let's all think about it, and how we can get as many of us togheter as possible.

That's it for now...gotta run.

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Good Morning everyonw!

Dee- Sounds like a busy day!!!! Glad you two had a great time. A White Limo!!! WOW. First Class baby!!!!!

Patti - If Dee and Maddie did it so shall we....LOL> We can meet up in January as you suggested. We can exchange info soon.

Donna - I am glad you think of me with the Lavender. I do have you as my christmas buddy, but so far nothing lavender. LOL! I do plan on getting the package mailed out of her on Wednesday. I still have your addy but if you have moved since your b-day.......LOL!

DH and a couple of ladies he works with are going to The Sminole Casino for the afternoon. I got some free play coupons in the mial and what the heck....

DH and I got on the boat yesterday to take a nice little cruise and it would not shift. So, needless to say we were disapointed, but hopefully it will not be to expensive and timely to fix. We are just now getting to where it is comfortable to do any boating. We are chomping at the bit to go out.

Amylynne - I too am wondering if there is story behind "looking for a home". I just sat there staring at it. I think it is beautiful. As is all your painting, but that one struck a chord with me.

Suzanne - how ya doin? Keeping warm I hope!

BJ - are you staying high and dry?

Have a great day everyone.


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Good Saturday afternoon! It's warm here (77 d.) and sunny today.

My cold returned with a vengeance late Thursday, so I've spent a lot of time sleeping and lying around doing absolutely nothing, but enjoying looking at my new decor! :)

DeeMarie, I'm so happy that you and Maddie got to meet and have such a wonderful afternoon together! It sounds like a great way to spend a day. I've done get-togethers with 'net friends on other boards, and I agree that it's a special gift you give yourself and well worth the effort to do it.

My eating is still pretty good even with the cold, but I don't drink very much which is stalling me. Today, since I feel so much better, I'm concentrating on consuming lots of liquids.

I hope that wherever you are today, that you stay warm and dry, unless you're Patti and Lynn, in which case you might want me to wish you cool weather!

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Dee~Your time with Maddie sounds magical! I'd love for all of us to be able to get together.

Lynn~We may have to wait until after January. We don't get home until probably the first week in January & after being gone for 3 weeks & with all of the grandkids, it might take me some time to recover. LOL We have our 13th anniversary in February but we have discussed going to a B&B somewhere close this year instead of making a real big deal out of it. We'll see. I'd love to see you though. Sorry about your boat. (It sounds like your are in the same "boat" as Jen, NH Suzanne, & I.)

Milkdud~We've met face to face. I've loved every minute of you too. :) Today when we were out--it was 84 d & the humidity was about 75%. And it is hotter where Lynn lives. Oogachugha...So sorry that you are facing that awful cold again. Keep the fluids going.

Hi to everyone else. Hope that your day & weekend is as beautiful as you are! Don't be selfish with yourself. Patti :)

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Happy Sunday!

Dee - I am so glad that you and Maddie got to meet. I'm sorry Raeanne couldn't be there too but fully understand the reason why. There's definitely something special about NYC at Christmas...I haven't seen the tree live and in person in years. I agree, I would love to meet all of you. I was at the Smithville Inn twice this week...Thursday night for a holiday party from work and yesterday with my mom and sister. We had a late lunch including wine and dessert and then shopped in the village stores.

Milkdud, I hope your cold is better. I hate having a cold, it really slows you down. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit with your sister and are enjoying your new decor.

Lynn, you got me again! I know I will love whatever you send me. My addy is the same, I haven't moved. I finished shopping for Raeanne, now I have to wrap it, box it and get it mailed. How was the casino?? Sorry about the boat, hope it's an easy fix.

Suzanne, did you get to ride yesterday??

BJ - are you dry yet???

I know I missed lots and have to catch up. Take care and be good!


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Maddie/Dee - I am so glad you had such a wonderful time (but I have to admit I feel a little bit jealous hehe). I could just feel the excitement the two of you experienced together. Nice touch with the limo Dee!

BJ - I am on my third load of laundry, where are you?

Marci - I just made a pot of sauce/gravy and am making the meatballs right now.

Milkdud - I hope you are feeling better today.

Donna - I want to go to the Smithville Inn. I had to google it and it looks like a fun place to visit.

Lynn - sorry to hear about the boat too. We were out on the lake this summer and our boat just stopped. We had to call a friend to come tow us in and then we had to paddle it into our dock space - which went surprising smooth - I envisioned a couple bumps along the way. I can't remember what was wrong, but it cost a lot and we were without it for a couple weeks.

Suzanne - ((((HUGS)))) for your ticket. I got pulled over for 54 in a 30 but I got off with a warning. I think the sheriff sensed my shear panic. My bad!

Dee - how is your ankle? I know you said it felt better, but you put a few miles on it and probably at a NYC pace. Did you go to Bergdorf's? I thought of that after the fact and was hoping you went.

Maddie - aside from meeting our DeeMarie what was your favorite site or attraction in NYC (not counting the limo either LOL).

Patti - is the car all fixed and ready to go?

Stay well and have a great day.

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Raeanne, Maddie was dropped off early around 56th and 5th, so she actually stopped into Tiffany's, Berdorfs and a few places before walking over to Mickey Mantle's!! She fit right into the City spirit! She went to see "Wicked" last night, so I hope she got to see the Broadway side of midtown before or after the show.

I also advised her to try to get through the downtown area of Little Italy, Chinatown, Greenwich Village, etc. Her hotel was only 1 block for Ground Zero and I know she was going to walk there to pay respects.

I think she has a flight out later this afternoon, because I remember she said she gets back to KY around 10pm her time.

Maddie, you are welcome back any time! I loved our time together.

Just finished switching my coffee mugs and glasses out for the Christmas sets. DH is blowing leaves out of the flower beds (our final cleanup for this season as the trees are blissfully bare now!) He leaves with my youngest stepdaughter for the JETS game around 1:30 (just finished packing the picnic basket for them). At 2:45, I leave for my tea party, so I want to get at least 2 of the Snow Village scenes up before I leave.

No laundry yet, but maybe I'll get some in before I leave for the tea party (or after I get home).

BTW, my ankle is feeling much better. I was wearing a brace and taking advil, so it was not too bad for most of the day. By the time we made it up to the Empire State Building, however, I was starting to feel it a bit. We were on our feet for almost 5 hours by then and had walked 25 city blocks.


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I hope that everyone is enjoying this Sunday afternoon. It is a beautiful, sunny day here.

Raeanne~The car is ready to go. Dave packed his suitcase this a.m. (He isn't excited about leaving. LOL) He says he would stay here if it weren't for me? Huh... Thursday after the last dr. visit & doing laundry for the last time, we will pack the Christmas gifts & birthday gifts & clothes & be ready for departure Friday a.m. We are stopping by to pick up oranges for some of the family before we leave the area. (We are in the middle of big orange groves & orange juice plants, etc. There are several places close by that sell bags of oranges.)

I hope everyone is having a great time. Be good to yourselves. Patti :)

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