Keeping food warm but not overcooking

black-thumbDecember 31, 2010

Hi all

I host Christmas every year and have a problem with the meat drying out when in the chafers. I usually cook for about two days straight since I have 20 people coming over and my menu is extensive. I also cook extra so that my guest all leave with leftovers which really came in handy this year since the blizzard hit right after Christmas.

The problem is people kinda nosh on this and that throughout the day/night ( 2 p.m. - midnight) so I don't want the food to get cold by eliminating the flame underneath but it tends to dry out the meat.

I was just wondering if anyone had any tips on how to keep the meat juicy so that the leftovers taate just as good. The chafers keeps everything warm but tends to continue the cooking too. I don't even use both sternos just one.


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Hi black-thumb. I'm sorry that nobody has come back with any suggestions. And I'm sorry that I don't have any. This is a problem I face, as well.

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Don't put all the meat out at once. Chill what you're not consuming immediately and reheat it in batches as it is consumed. Not only is it not drying out this way, it is safer.

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Thanks Suzieque :)


You I can't believe that never crossed my mind! Its so simple LOL. Thanks

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