Reasonable Pretty Centerpiece

eileen_launonenDecember 11, 2002

I make this every year and place in one of the rooms in the house. EASY & CHEAP yet looks elegant some of you may to do this at holiday time:
Take a different variety of frut IE: grapes lemons oranges limes (seem to works well. Wet down the fruit in eggwhite wash and sprinkle a good amount of sugar over it Dry on a cooling rack. When dryed place in a beautiful crystal bowl looks so beautiful this to can be done with flowers I always do the flowers the day of the event Poinsettia Lily and pansies work well.

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Eileen, how long does the fruit last and look pretty like this. I have always wanted to do it but don't have time the day of.

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I lasts me through a good portion of the holiday season. it nly takes a couple of minutes to do.

I also take a crystal bowl put a large round candle in it...the ones that have 3 wicks and surround it with a bag of fresh cranberries it looks so elegant and its easy and cheap!

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Eileen, what terrific ideas, thanks a lot.

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Eileen, these do sound pretty! Thanks for the ideas.

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