Dirty Santa Game Rules?

DixiespellDecember 5, 2002

Do any of you have the rules to this game? I played it once at an office party. Each person brings one gift, numbers are drawn, and that determines the sequence of opening the gifts. I think that when it became their turn, the person could pick a new gift from under the tree or take a gift from someone that had already opened one. What about number one? Does he get a chance to steal a gift? We want to do this with our family this Christmas and I would like to have the rules straight. Thanks!

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The way we've always played is that number one does not get to steal a gift. One friend of mine plays two round, so that gifts get stolen a lot!

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Number one cannot steal a gift because there is no gift to steal. Our office has a rule: once a person has had two gifts stolen, he or she is safe for the remainder of the game. No one can take their most recent gift. We had to do this because there's so many in our group and the game went on forever.

BTW, you understand that when a player has to give up a gift, he or she can either steal someone else's or take a new one from under the tree.

We always play this at work and it is always a ball!

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Dixiespell, the site below has some rules for the game--and annoying music as well. The rules are not plainly spelled out, but it's a start. You should disregard what I said above our office rule of two gifts! LOL. I really am not sure if that is what we do. I'll be reminded soon enough though.

Do have your family members buy gifts that are in the same dollar amount. You don't want folks getting stuck with something cheesy like a $2 ornament and other folks getting a box of $20 chocolates or a gift certificate to a restaurant.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dirty Santa

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I've played this game several times and the person who drew number 1 always got to steal a gift at the end. So, it's neat to be number one because you get to see all the gifts after they have been opened. Also, the rule was that after a gift has been "stolen" three times, it's out of circulation.

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Thanks to each of you for your help! We have all decided to purchase a gift that costs $30.00 and will be appropriate for either sex. This will be lots more fun than drawing names. Again, I appreciate your input.

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When we play this game before taking a gift from someone you must say thank you , and if you fail to do that you have to give it back.Always #1 has the last chance because that is there only time to take anything and has the final pick of all things--best # to have.We play this every year at church and at work and we just buy $1.00 gifts and it is a lot of fun with cheap items.

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