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beshDecember 29, 2008

Good Morning....time to wake up and start the diet!


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Good Morning! Start another diet for the 15 millionth time!
Right now my body is screaming for me to do something good. I have over indulged in just about everything bad in the last few days and weeks!

I have been reading up on WW Momentum and it's very much like the points/flex plan. I think they are combining Core and Flex. It it highlights high fiber filling foods. It's better than anything I am doing now which is NOTHING!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Ours was nice but I am glad it's behind me. I am anxious to say good by to 2008.

I fell on the ice yesterday and have done something terrible to my hip which makes me feel old!! Will be calling the chiropractor this morning he always seems to help!

Raeanne, I am sitting here looking at your beautiful art and thinking of the frame I am going to put that in!
Is there a Red Door Spa in Saratoga? I have some gift cards and the one I have been to is in Providence. I am thinking of a serious spa day, a night in a lovely hotel with room service and a great night sleep! I think it would be a great way to start the new year.

Off to work!

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Besh - thanks for getting us started. I started off well by making soup yesterday, but I just couldn't resist a few goodies that are still hanging around. This afternoon they are OUT.

Suzanne - (((((HUGS))))) I hope the chiropractor works for you. It is hard not to fall this year with ice everywhere you step. No Red Door around here and our luxury hotel in town just laid off 200 workers and are closing their doors for 3 months while they undergo some renovations. I have to say they give very pricey but wonderful massages and facials. I would love a day of pampering myself. I would even consider a manicure and pedicure a day of pampering right now LOL.

I brought 2 clementines to work today for breakfast. I will try to stick to my salad and soup plan for today - we will see.

I hope everyone gets a chance to jump in and say hello.

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Ohhhh, Besh. I wish I had read your post an hour ago. I had a decent breakfast, and then ran an early errand for my brother. Came home at 9am and raided the fridge like a mad woman! We had 4 couples yesterday for a fat-laden party and I dove into the leftovers! Sheesh! Gotta get my act together quickly.

[[[[[Suzanne]]]]] feel better. Take a hot bath and relax today. You've had a tough winter.

Raeanne, everyone is enjoying your artwork here too. I've placed the card on my sofa table so most people see it when they walk into the house.

Looking forward to behaving hour at a time.


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Hi Guys!

Man oh man! I am joining the chorus of sinners here. Friends, food, wine, and overindulgence this past month and a half---since Thanksgiving!

The next 2 days, I'm putting some serious time into figuring out what I can do for myself to BE HEALTHY and STAY HEALTHY and WRITING IT DOWN. I am going to try to make a plan I can LIVE with and STICK to! I am sure it has to include regular EXERCISE---and a FOOD DIARY! But I want to feel GOOD, not GUILTY about it, so I am going to start with something realistic for me! I have a former-employment reunion on March 14, so from January 2nd until then, at least, I am forced to behave myself--or skip the reunion!

Have a great day! Again, thanks for all the wonderful cards! I have them hanging on the wall and LOVE looking at them!

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Think of me BJ - we are going to FL 2/25 and I will be expected to go swimming which means BATHING SUIT!!!! I have Dr. Oz book "You on a Diet" maybe it's time for me to read it.

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Hi Everyone!

First I'd like to thank everyone for your cards. I enjoyed them and I'm keeping them for awhile.

Second - I'm starting my WW today. Since the summer I've been cruising with my food in all directions. Deep seated stress I'm sure from all of the events. I just couldn't commit to sticking to any plan. I've been thinking about this for over a month, let myself go nuts over xmas and just weighed in. Since the spring of last year I have put back on 25 pounds!!!! Ooooooopppppssssssssyyyyyy. Yikes. Instead of being on my 'home stretch' this annual winter healthy eating session I am almost back to square one. On the plus side I have almost no family pressure now, have been focusing on positive thinking, learning to take new steps with my mental health and working on killing some bad habits. Here I go again at 152 pounds. At 5'3", medium frame, it's too much and I'm feeling it in my lower back and hips again. I'd be jumping over the moon if I can get back down to 140 and hold that for awhile.

So, there is fresh fruit salad in the fridge. Working on drinking more water and going to make some veggie soup for dinner. My worst weakness has been too much carbohydrates. I believe in balanced eating to maintain weight but since the spring it's been unbalanced.

I'm joining all of you in returning to the game plan.

For any lurkers thinking of joining us - Please Do! It doesn't matter what healthy eating plan you want to follow, hopefully with some exercise (walking), we are all in this together.

Okay, I'm ready and back in action.

LOL to all my pals,

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Good Tuesday all from cold, windy and snowy NH. This weather is crazy - in the 50's on Sunday now bitter cold.

Peggy, good to hear from you!

BJ, I keep hearing about the crazy weather in your neck of the woods. Stay safe.

Hope everyone is well. I get to see my chiropractor today and hope to get some relief. Boy does this make me feel old for some reason. Perhaps I am realizing that I am not exactly bullet proof! LOL

QOD: What are you doing for New Year's eve?

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The kids are gone and life is slowly getting back to normal around here. I too have over indulged this past few weeks and am actually looking forward to a fresh start. I can tell my energy level goes way down when I don't eat right. And since I seem to be on an emotional roller coaster these days, I know it is more important than ever to make sure I am eating healthy. I am sure all the sugar I have consumed lately isn't helping.

So off the cookies and candy go to DH's work. At least they can spread the "wealth" around many people there.

QOD - DH has to work until 11/pm, so I am not sure what we are doing. The older I get, the more I just want to stay home, have a glass (or two) of wine and celebrate quietly. Plus it is hard for me to stay up much past midnight and still be coherent! LOL

I am watching my great-niece today, so I had better go baby-proof the house and gather up her toys.


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Have this week off, and I made the mistake of going shopping at Lord & Taylor yesterday. Even DH noticed that the jeans I bought were "a bigger size"; but I got unbelievable bargains on 3 sweaters and those jeans. My stepdaughter got me a gift certificate to Macy's so I may take a peek, but only because I need new nightgowns. I just hate the multi-size closet, but it's a part of my life lately.

QOD: My sister and DBIL will be up for a few days starting tomorrow. My nieces will come most likely on the 1st, because sister and I are sending them on a cruise from up here on the 2nd. They are so 'babies' are going away on their own. lol!!!

Gotta run to the bank and the pharmacy.

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Good morning! It's cold (40 F.) here this morning, but the sun is trying hard to shine. It's supposed to reach 70 F. later today!

My Christmas was the best one in a decade with both my sons and their families here. Everybody loved their gifts, liked and ate the food, and played nicely with others! LOL All in all, a great celebration.

Suzanne, I hope your chiropractor makes a significant difference in your body today!

Marci, it's so nice seeing you post this morning. Things feel "normal" now.

It sounds like everyone had a nice Christmas and overindulged as I did. I feel very much at home here today! LOL I intend to start back on WW in some form next Monday because that is the smartest way for me to eat and lose. I'm also going to join the new gym this morning and hope to get to work out today and tomorrow and get back in the habit of exercising.

QOD: Our New Year's eve party has been cancelled because everybody is under the weather, so I called my youngest son in Beaumont and offered to babysit tomorrow night. He was thrilled as they'd had no luck getting a sitter. I'll drive over there early tomorrow afternoon to do some shopping before checking in for Mimi-duty! Hubby has always fallen asleep before 9 every New Year's eve, so he doesn't mind my going.

My big gift from hubby this year was a Cuisinart blender/food processor. I've never owned a fp, believe it or not, so I'm really excited about having this. My oldest Dson and DDIL assure me that it's a great one and that I can perform all kinds of kitchen wizardry with it.

Peggy, I didn't gain back as much as you did, but just enough to make me very determined to get back on plan ASAP! We can hold each other's hand through this!

Raeanne and BJ, your deadlines coincide with one of my biggies, so we can all recommit and stay the course through March. I want to be in a fashion show at the end of March, and I don't want to model plus-size fashions! LOL

Well, ladies. It's time to get ready for the day. I wish you a good one!

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Good morning.

QOD.....Good friends are coming in tomorrow afternoon. Staying through January 2nd, (they are Ole Miss alumni, as is my husband, and Ole Miss is playing in the Cotton Bowl on the 2nd, so we will all be watching together.) They are bringing crab bisque and some sort of black-eyed pea recipe (for good luck in 2009) - We will probably do a ham and whatever. Some wine and beer. They love one of our local bbq places (The Shed) so we will pick up ribs and stuff for another night. Then as soon as they leave, I'm vowing now to start WW. If I say it here, I have to stick with it, right? I have so much to lose, probably more than anyone here, it's mindboggling even to me.

Reasons for me to lose weight:

1) Live longer and better.
2) Even if I'm not swimsuit ready by summer, I would love to be able to wear summer clothes, like shorts and sleeveless shirts and not feel self-conscious. I get so hot and having to wear clothes that I think are covering the flesh just make it unbearable in the summertime.
3) Be able to see myself in pictures or in the mirror and not recoil with disgust.

I figure now is the best time, to be starting this with my new friends, rather than trying to catch up later. I even looked at Oprah's website and they are accepting entries on people who have fallen off of the weight loss wagon. I am so desperate I thought about entering, but you have to include photos, and I don't have any of me fat - I destroy them as soon as I see them. How many ways can I spell "denial?"

January cannot come soon enough! Happy New Year to us all.

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Hi everyone! Just skimmed through really quick. Want to say a quick hi to everyone!

Rae~Are you going to have time to stop to see us this time when you are in FL? I hope so. Let me know.

NH Suzanne~We got the pkg yesterday. DS said, "Why are you using this address?" LOL We had gotten 3 things while we were here. DSis said, "You are still having Christmas?" LOL I just said, "Yes, we have some wonderful friends." We loved everything & thank-you from the bottom of my heart.

We are leaving first thing tomorrow morning for Oklahoma. Not thrilled about it but it is one of those necessary evils. We will be heading for KS the morning of the 3rd & I'll be cropping with a friend. We'll spend the 3rd & 4th with her & the 5th with my cousin. Then we'll head for home. We've had a lovely time. Yes, I'll need to get on the Diet Train too. My DDIL always feeds me so good. She makes certain I get plenty of fruits & veggies too though. Well, I'll check back when we get home if I don't get a chance before. Ciao! Patti :-)

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Just stopping in. I have to catch up on my reading here before I post anything!

In-laws are arriving by car today. Their flights got cancelled out of California, so they DROVE UP IN THEIR CAR! Yee gads. Ah, well, at least they will have a car to tool around in.

QOD: We're not sure yet. I'm calling a few restaurants today to ask about an early dinner (so Baby V can get to bed on time!). Other than that, I am planning on having some Cellarmasters wine and listening to some mellow tunes and writing a list of resolutions.

So, I am writing my New Year's cards today! And getting some Christmas packages bundled up to mail--you know how I hate that, yeah, right.

All for now! Loving coming here and seeing so many checking in.....

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Merry Christmas and almost Happy New Year--

Add me to the list of those who HAVE to hop on the weight loss wagon. I am joining WW again beginning 1/1/09. Let's all join in and I promise (holding my hand up) to be here each day to give you a report of my eating and to help encourage anyone else who needs it!


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Gretchen! Girlfriend! We knew you'd hear the call and join in!


Here comes the NEW YEAR---

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Good New Year's Eve day all,

Wow, lot's of comittment here! I LOVE it.

BJ, I think having some wine and listening to some good tunes would definitely help me with my resolutions list! LOL

Gretchen! Good to see you here and I am looking forward to hearing from you every day!

Patti, I am glad you got your package. Enjoy, enjoy.

Jan, go for it girl! You know you can easily get some photos of you now. Don't be afraid. Sounds like you and I could use some body image improvement classes. I don't understand why it's so hard for us to love us the way they are. I always admire those who seem comfortable with themselves no matter what! Then again, mabey that is not a perfect scenario either!

Milkdud, you sound like you are well on your way to making your goal.

Raeanne, a bathing suit...........Yike! I hate the thought of it. For me it would be my body plus my white skin! LOL

Dee, I need to go shopping for bras! OMG, I hate doing that. LOL

Besh, what are you doing tonight?

I have been thinking of Lynn, John and Amy. I hope you all are lurking and have a chance to check in. You are missed. Amy, you have an amazing journey to share with the newer people here! Hope you are all well.

WELL, it SNOWING and we are expecting 6-8" with very high winds tonight. Yesterday in the high winds over 5,000 people lost power again. People are on an edge here. Arghhh
Even my animals are grumpy!

Check in today all!

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Good Morning!!!

Today is Day 1 of the new WW program for me. I went last night, weighed in (not a pretty story), stayed for the meeting and stayed after to discuss the new program. I was the only newbie so I got a lot of one on one time with the leader. My regular leader was not there, but the sub was great and I felt really pumped walking out of there. I headed directly to the grocery store and shopped with about 5,000 other people getting ready for New Years and the snow that is heading our way! So any way, I plan to keep you all posted on my success.

Yes, another snow storm is headed this way. Fortunately almost everything is gone from the last 2!

Tonight, we will probably be recovering from the snow shoveling and then I bought some nice steaks and will make salad, maybe watch a movie and if we are still awake, we will watch the ball drop!

I will come back later when I can address each of you.
Right now I am headed out to do a few errands before the snow flies! Nice to see you Gretchen...I am excited that you will be around more. Hello to everyone else...enjoy the last day of this long year!


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Besh!!! That is so great of you to actually get started before New Year Day! Good for you sister!!

We already have an inch on the ground and the roads were slick coming to work. Ugh, I am planning on leaving by noon.

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Just a light snow falling, but we aren't expecting any accumulation. I'm going to make a lasagna today and start to take down some Christmas decorations. I need to purge and reorganize. I have way too much stuff (from years of getting gifts from my preschoolers) and it is time to part with some of it.

Then I am going to put some new music on my MP3 player and find some books to download. That should keep me busy for awhile. Tonight we will have some wine with cheese and crackers when DH gets home and watch the ball drop.

Gretchen - Good to see you!!

Amy - I missed your birthday yesterday. So here is a belated birthday wish!!

Happy New Year to each and everyone on this board. I know I am not alone in saying that I hope 2009 is better than 2008!


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I knew I was thinking of Amy for a good reason!

Happy Birthday Amy - we miss you and hope you check in. Hope you had a wonderful day.

Happy New Year.

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Happy Belated Birthday, Amy! Please check in to let us know how you are.

Besh, good to see you. Looking forward to following the new WW program too. Will need to log in with my corporate laptop, as I think we get a discount through my company.

Gretchen! YEAH, you go girl. Looking forward to reading more from you.


Thanks again for all the support. [[[[Group Hug]]]]]

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Happy New Year! I hope it's a healthy one filled with whatever and whoever brings you joy.

I'm glad to see so many posts. Besh, I'm interested in knowing how you like the new WW program. Good for you starting early. I actually started on 12/29..saw no point in waiting for 1/2, there's always a reason for me to delay so I jumped in. I'm doing a modified WW, nothing official, just my own version.

Gretchen, glad to see you, it's been a very long time. I hope you stop in lots more often!!

Happy Birthday Amy - hope it was fabulous!

Like Besh I'll be back later when I can address everyone. I do know that the thought of getting in a bathing suit makes me sick and I need to shop for bras also and absolutely hate doing that.

In the meantime staying in tonight....very, very cold and windy. We had a power outage for about 1.5 hours earlier this evening, don't know if it was the wind or an accident. The sky tonight is gorgeous, clear and full of stars. It's just too darn cold and windy to be outside and enjoy it.

Thank you all for being there for me and I'm glad to be there for you. Like Dee says, let's hope there's physically less of us all next year!!

Have a happy, fun and safe evening.

Will try and check in tomorrow.


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Hello! I hope everyone is having a nice and warm New Year's Eve. My DD has been home since 12/18 but will be leaving for Costa Rica on Saturday morning. She is doing a Winter Term trip that will last for 3 weeks. She will return to her school and softball season. She will not be home again until the semester is over. Then she will be off to Ecuador for 5 weeks in the summer along with turning 20! Ack! she is growing up so fast.

I am going white sugar free as well as doing WW starting tomorrow. I promise to keep track of what is going into this mouth of mine. I think I gained my daughter's freshman 15 last year and this year. The image I see of myself is matching with reality this year and I don't like it one bit. I am heavier than I ever was when I was pregnant. I would like to chalk it up to stress but I think it is just allowing myself to eat whatever I wanted and it finally caught up with me.
Thank you for all the welcome backs...I have missed you ladies and am so thankful that you are all still here waiting for me!
I am off to enjoy my final sweets and a little champagne before I begin anew in the morning!

Happy New Year!


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Rabbit, Rabbit and Happy New Year all!!

It's very, very cold here below zero at 8:45 am and the winds are whipping like we are on the plains making it feel like -30! Brrrr. The animals in the barn are all tucked in and have had a New Year's Day treat of warm bran mash and apples! All are very happy. If it weren't so darned cold I would stay down to listen to them eat thier hay which is a favorite sound of contentment.

And all the snow I shoveled yesterday blew back in overnight! Some days you can't win. LOL

DH got a call to leave with a big load to go to the coast yesterday morning so our New Year's Eve plans of a steak cooked over the fire were dashed! I spent the evening by the fire but instead of lively conversation with DH I watched the Who is the Next Food TV Star marathon.......pathetic! I didn't make it to the end!! LOL

Have a great day.

I hope everyone is enjoying thier day without a hangover!!

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Happy New Year!

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Good Morning and Happy New Year!

Happy Belated birthday Amy!!! I hope it was great. Marci thanks so much for remembering as you always do.

Suzanne, sorry you spent your evening alone. I spent it w/DH. We did cook a nice steak dinner and quickly fell asleep in front of the fire and woke up at about 1:30. Missed the whole evening! I also love the sound of the horses chomping on hay. I was at my sisters last Sunday and took a stroll out to the barn (it was about 60 degrees, if you can believe that) and I just stood there for a bit taking in the sounds and the smells. I love the smell of the barn!

Gretchen, wow your DD is so busy! Are you an empty nester now? I am dreading that day. Good luck w/WW. I just started yesterday...stayed on board, so I am thrilled I have one day under my belt.

Donna, I felt like you as far as starting WW. I knew if I waited until the first I would have delayed it until next Monday, because I ALWAYS start a diet on a Monday...hoping that doing everything different this time will help me do better. The new program is really is a combo of Flex and Core. Both of those programs are gone now. Core foods are encouraged but are now called "filling" foods because they keep you satisfied longer. So there is no more not writing things down if you were a Core person. I never could trust myself on Core...I tried it a couple of times and it gave me way too much freedom. The new materials that go with the program are much more organized. The points and exercise calculator are included in the book with the food lists as well as your weigh in chart. It leaves room for your tracker and your monthly pass as well, so everything is all together. I kind of like that. They introduce a new part of the program each week like they did in the past, so it does encourage you to attend every week...I like that too. So we will see. I have a great attitude going into it...better than I have had in a long while.

Dee, does your company have the WW at work program? I thought I remember you saying they did.

Raeanne, how was your New Years? I vote you most likely to have gone to a wild party last night!

I have to tell you a funny story that involved wine and WW. Last night, because it was day 1 of WW, I was weighing and measuring everything. One of the tips the leader gave me as far as wine goes, is to drink it from a champagne flute because it is about 4 oz and that would be 2 points. So I measure my 4 oz of wine in a measuring cup (just to be sure) and poured it into my flute and there was a little left over so I drank it out of the measuring cup. At the same time DH was outside on the deck checking something and could see me in the window. He came in laughing saying how proud he was of me to stick to my diet..ofcourse he thought I was cheating already by downing what was left in the cup. So the moral of the story is be careful...because even if you think you are alone, especially when it comes to dieting...someone is always watching! By the way, a whole bottle of wine has 13 points...I calculated it out!

Marci, I am so happy to see you here again. I hope that you and your family are doing well and that 2009 brings peace and a new beginning for you.

Well, I am going to run. DH is cooking bacon right now, so I need to calculate some more!

Happy New Year...


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Happy New Year!

Gretchen - So good to have you back. I also weigh more than I did when I was pregnant and this isn't going away in 9 months LOL. Glad DD is having so many wonderful experiences.

Besh - YOU LOSE! I was invited to my neighbor's house for a party - but always have a much younger crowd than us and things do get a bit wild - so we always decline. We went out to dinner with 2 other couples, was home around 10:30 and sleeping by 11 LOL. Cute story - it does seem like it shouldn't count if no one is watching LOL.

Marci - thanks for the beautiful 2009!

Suzanne - sorry about your New Year's plans being changed. I love thinking of your animals being treated to bran mash and apples. I think New Year's Eve is overated.

Patti - I am guessing you are in OK - happy rabbit, rabbit and New Year's to you and Dave.

We got just enough snow yesterday to slip and slide around. It was just 2 degrees when I woke up and I think it is suppose to be a high of 15 today.

I am having 3 couples over for dinner this afternoon. We are just doing some salad and grilled pizza margarita. Of course there will be appetizers involved, so I may get busy and prepare some of them.

Looks like we are sound recommitted to eating healthy in 2009 - let's try to make it work this time around LOL. I am officially starting tomorrow, but I will wean myself off of some funky stuff today.

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Good New Year's day and Rabbit!Rabbit!

It's a lovely day today, highs in the low 60's and partly cloudy. We sat outside this afternoon at my son's house and watched DGBaby Aubrie "drive" her Barbie jeep around on the driveway. Then, I had to come home. :(

It sounds like everyone had a nice, low-key New Year's eve. It ended up just being baby Aubrie and me last night, but we had a nice time. Somebody was shooting off fireworks for hours last night, so she couldn't settle down to sleep. The noise kept startling her awake. Good news is that she let us all sleep in until almost 10 this morning!

Gretchen, it's nice to be posting with you.

Raeanne, I'm guessing that you're having your lovely dinner party with your friends about now. Hope it's special for everyone.

Marci, love the New Year's sign!

Suzanne, sorry that you celebrated NYE alone. Stay warm!

Donna, good for you for starting WW already! I'm starting back on Monday because that's the only day it meets around here; otherwise, I never start things like that on a Monday.

Besh, that was a cute story about the wine! It's good to know that there are already two of y'all doing the new WW plan in case I have questions.

Dee, do you have actual WW meetings where you work, or do they just pay for it online?

I was hoping that hubby would have the Christmas tree undecorated by the time I got home today, but he concentrated on watching football and playing on his computer while I was gone. So, guess what I'll be doing all weekend?

Belated happy birthday to Amy! Hope you come and post.

Time to start our New Year's day dinner. Blackeyed peas for fortune, cabbage for health, and ham because it makes the other two taste so much better!

Wishing everyone a good start to 2009!

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Good Friday all,

Milkdud, your New Year's day dinner sounds delicious! My mother, a grand southern cook always made blackeyed peas, collard greens and ham! Yum, comfort food.

I decided to come to work today and take a day off when the weather is nice and I can actually get something done outside.

Yesterday, I stood in the barn for 2 1/2 hours while my hoof trimmer worked on the horses and donkeys! I was so cold and I don't know how she wasn't but she is really working and I am standing! I was happy to get back into the house. It never got above 8 yesterday!

Well, I am very happy to say goodbye to 2008. It was not the best of years for anyone that I know. 2009 HAS to be better!

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Hi everyone and happy new year! I wasn't sure I still remembered my login and password, but I got it on the first try, lol.

Just want to say that I hope everyone had a great Christmas and that the next year will bring comfort and pleasant surprises. :) I know I don't come by much, but part of it is that my eyes and body are too sore to do all the typing and reading I used to do. My heart's still with you though, especially those of you who were so kind to me and helped me through some difficult times.

My older granddaughter turns 18 this month, and they are both beautiful, smart, sweet...well, just about every good thing you might imagine. She is wanting to study architecture and has been accepted so far to one of the colleges she applied to.

Take care and be well, and ... I'll be back :D


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And thank you for the birthday wishes :) Every time I thought of coming by I wasn't near my computer, and everytime I got on the computer, I got busy with something else. Anyway, nice to see so many friends thinking of me, and happy unbirthday to everyone. :D

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Good Evening all...

I have been preoccupied getting my DD ready for her trip to Costa Rica. We dropped her off today and it is hard to believe I won't see her until April when we go to visit to watch her play softball.

I am on day two of no sugar -no treats and I am feeling good at the end of each day that I could say No. I am going back to WW starting on Monday. I will be back at work and off of vacation.

I hope everyone had a great day.


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Hi Guys!

Happy belated b-day, Amy! So sorry to hear you're in pain. But living in Hawaii is good for the soul and the heat is good for your joints. Have a rockin' 2009 and STOP BY MORE OFTEN! We love your wisdom.

We went to dinner with the in-laws on New Year's eve and then back to their B&B for a time until Baby V melted down. We took him home and put him to bed, watched a crumby 80's movie and turned in early.

I am starting my good intentioned 2009 NEXT Monday. As long as my in-laws are here, I have to cook dinners and fancy desserts for them. They're taking off on Monday so it will begin then. Tomorrow we are going to a rich-food restaurant with them. Killer for a food plan, so why bother? --But fun, nonetheless--and a great "last supper."

I need to write my resolutions down asap. I looked at mine from last year and....well, I failed SO BADLY! I'll try again and see if I have more drive this year!

Besh, your WW and wine story was SO FUNNY! My DH would think the same thing, I'm sure! He was pestering me for my resolutions today and I refused to tell him...!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Thank goodness 2008 is behind us! Have a great weekend!

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BJ, you may have failed to achieve some resolutions last year, but look at what you accomplished! Baby V, the big move, taking care of family and friends, inspiring us....the list goes on and on, kiddo. Give yourself a pat on the back!

WW is not onsite at my office anymore, but we do get the discount for online registration. I may do that so that I can get all the info on the new program. For those of you who worked the online WW program, please comment. Any advice appreciated! Thx

I signed up for sparks and have been fooling around, but the website is not easy if you've only got a few minutes a day to devote to it.

We woke up later this morning and had brunch at 10:30. I had a huge dark NYC bagel with 3 egg whites and 1 yolk scrambled. Followed that with 2 cups of coffee and melon. I'm stuffed because I just had to eat that entire looked like a small loaf of bread. One of my major triggers is good bagels...I mean "G-O-O-D" NY bagels. Talk about comfort food. Oh, I need to stop writing about them, because I have about 6 left downstairs. Told DH I'm going to slice them in half and freeze them later. Out! evil bagels Out!!!


Hang in there everyone!

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Thanks, Dee! I feel MUCH better now! :-)

Well, I am on my way out the door to pick up Baby V's potential adoptive parents. We visit every weekend now. They will be in on the ferry in about a half hour.

I will stop and pickup ONE bagel--not as good as a "New Yorker," I'm sure, but a bagel for me to eat with eggs and enjoy thinking Dee and Me are having brekky together, at different times and different places...

Enjoy the weekend. We have a dusting of snow here is it chilly but pretty.

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Hi ya!

Belated b-day wishes to Amy! Nice to see you again.

I've been 'offline' here because I have been consumed working on products and writing my website (learning on the fly) to launch an on-line business. I've registered for a vendor permit etc etc etc - trying to balance my 'work' time between producing products and doing administrative work. WOW! Love the internet for learning about writing web pages - in the process I have found a 'new box of crayons' and I have

SUBMITTED FOR COLLEGE - keeping my fingers crossed. I want to learn about web design. My husband has told me repeatedly over the last few years he honestly believed I would be good at this since I found doing network support extremely difficult. Taking care of servers was mind boggling to me and I never made it past first level of computer support (one level up from help desk). Cannot keep up with the software updates (microsoft releases new operating systems like candy). Keeping on top of everything is financially demanding - your talking about $500 learning on your own and taking an exam per 'book' on the new systems. Since I was not 'getting it' like Dave (it's his box of crayons. I swear he just has to hold a book and write the microsoft certification and he's done). I am a creative person and I've learned so much about writing web pages on my own from the internet tutorials - to a point where I can't sleep because I want to learn more - I talked to Dave and decided college would be a good investment. We are lucking - it's one bus ride and only a 10 minute ride from our house. So I'm waiting to hear back from the college. I think my Mom would be pleased that I am using some of my inheritance as an investment towards future employment. And my online business is for my 'mental' health venting my creative side. I've used some of Mom's gift in this area too. So I've not been posting much but I am with everyone in spirit. It's still a challenge because I'm so excited about everything.

So part time school on weekends to start if I can get accepted - I plan to enrol full time for next fall semester and do the 2 year program full time. Dave has secured a contract for the next 18 months and told me to get back to school.

I feel so blessed right now...2009 is MY YEAR. Thank you God for helping me find the right path and having all of my friends.

Please forgive me if I only post every other day - I am here in spirit - holding your hand and needing your help to stay focused too!

Lots of love to everyone - I have to get back to working in my 'studiio' - cleared corner of our rec room....

I love all of you so much!
Happy 2009!

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Good morning!

BJ, I'm starting WW tomorrow morning, too, and am looking so forward to it! Our company, who has been here since Wednesday, just pulled out of the driveway. We ate, drank and were merry the entire time they were here, so healthy living sounds actually tempting right now. I have eaten everything bad I could possibly desire, including a fried shrimp poorboy yesterday....

My neighbor who months ago talked about us exercising and going to WW together, but never did, called and said she wants to start walking. I'll believe it when I see it, but I am not going to wait around on her. I even bought several outfits to walk in so I'll feel good about myself before the weight starts going down. The journey begins tomorrow. I can't wait to hear about the new program. To those of you who have already started, how do you like it?

Peggy, I'm so excited for you and your plans for the New Year! You sound so positive and are so inspiring to the rest of us.

I agree with y'all - Happy, happy New Year! This will be our year!

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It's inspiring to see all the positive energy in every one's posts. My main goal is to purge my system of the sugar and my mind of the sugar cravings. Once I am past that stage, I will be better able to tackle the other problems in my life.

Peggy - Sounds like you have a plan and I applaud your enthusiasm and determination. Keep us posted on your plans for school.

Wodka - I wish it was easier to walk here during the cold months. I have tried the indoor walking tapes, but I get bored quickly and have reached a point that I just can't look at Leslie Sansone one more time! I did take my great niece for a walk the other day when it was around 47 degrees. I bundled her up and went for a stroll around the neighborhood. It gave me the itch to start walking again. I need to come up with a plan.

BJ - I am sure none of us can look back at 2008 and say we reached all our goals. But you have reprioritized your life to fit in Baby V and that is the most important thing you are doing right now. Don't sell yourself short!

Gretchen - I know how you feel about not seeing your DD for so long. When my DS left after Christmas, he said he probably wouldn't be back until November. I know we will see him before that, but only if we go to Florida. I certainly love going to see him, but coordinating everyone's vacation schedules isn't getting any easier. DD is looking for a new job and isn't sure what kind of vacation she will get, so she may not be able to join us this year. Which means I will only see her if I go to LA.

Amy - Glad you stopped in to visit.

I undecorated the tree yesterday and looked at my collection of ornaments from my SS sisters. I found one from KYSusie. I wonder how she and her girls are doing. And I often wonder how Maddie is doing. Did anyone hear from her yet? I hope and pray that she and Roger are alright. Maybe she will come back to us in 2009.

A friend of ours installed a new hot water tank this morning and from the sounds of it they are done. I had better finish getting lunch on the table.


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Good morning! I'm a newbie to your group, but not to dieting! (See my post yesterday for an intro.) It's great to know there's a support group for dieters. I started back to WW four weeks ago and as of last Monday had lost 14 pounds. I weigh everyday and the last few days having been bouncing up and down, down two, up two, down two again. We'll see tomorrow if I actually lost weight last week.

Part of my dieting success so far is linked to the fact that my kitchen was being remodeled. Most of my pots, pans, dishes, and food were packed away. I'd stocked up on Lean Cuisines to heat in the microwave, and then we had a big snowstorm which made the streets impassable for several days, so I couldn't even go to the store to buy snacks! Now the roads are clear and the new kitchen is beautiful, so it's up to me to be strong.

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deChristmasing my house and laundry has consumed my day.

Amy - Happy belated Birthday. I was so happy to read your post - thank you for visiting. I wish I could take your aches and pains away for you.

Peg - Love your future plans. I will keep my fingers crossed that you are accepted. How great for you!

BJ - I have to agree with the other's you outdid yourself this past year and should have no regrets about broken resolutions. Like you are the first person to do that LOL.

Marci - I am craving some long walks too. But we have so much ice and snow on the ground that even if the temperatures were to cooperate it would still be treacherous.

Wodka - I always tell DH that we need to find friends that don't imbibe and are not foodies LOL.

Dee - a NYC bagel, you lucky girl. When we left NYC and would go back for visits, our first stop was for pizza, then we would have Chinese or Portguese for dinner, the next morning bagels, and we would stop by an italian deli and pick up a sub with everything on it. The funny thing is when I lived in the city I weighed a lot less than I do now - go figure...

Marci - I am missing Maddie too. I just thought of KY Susie the other day. We haven't seen DD#1 since August but we are going the end of January for a visit. Then we won't see her again until August. It is very hard. We did the webcam for Christmas and it was a lot of fun, but I still just wanted to hug her.

Gretchen - where in Costa Rica is DD going? It is a beautiful place and the people are very nice. I was in Guanacaste and loved it. It is very hot though. How is DS doing?

I have sat long enough, it is time to fold some laundry and run and think about what I am preparing for dinner - I am leaning towards fajitas.

See you tomorrow.

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I had a great lapse in time between typing and possting as I helped DH get the tree outside, so I missed nwroselady's post.

Welcome to our group. It seems like a lot of this group is doing or will be starting WW. It is nice to have you here and I hope you continue to post. A kitchen remodel may be an expensive. Good luck with your weigh-in and your continued success.

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