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deemarie5500December 15, 2008

Good MONDAY morning.

Tis the season to enjoy ourselves. Share you thoughts with us.

Repeating my

SPECIAL NOTE: If you receive a card from me this week, remember this --- No matter what the scale says or what size we wear, we are all fun, sexy women inside. ATTITUDE, Baby, ATTITUDE!!!!!!

Make it count!


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Good morning! It is a cloudy, warm day here, which makes the tree lights seem even brighter. I spent practically the entire weekend outside. Yesterday was like spring it was so nice. Cleaned out our garage. Repotted a peace lily plant someone had sent after my sister died. I thought it would have died before now, but luckily it hasn't. (I'm much better with outdoor plants than indoor ones.) I had at least seven large contractors' bags of trash and old "stuff" that the garbage men have already picked up early this a.m. (It doesn't take much to make me happy, doesn it?)

Today I concentrate on dusting, mopping, etc., so if I want to play/shop on Tuesday and Wednesay before my sister arrives on Thursday, I can, without anxiety or guilt. ha.

I cooked a simple but delicious chicken tetrazzini Friday night and we ate it all weekend, until my husband finally opted for chili last night!

I hope I can keep this energy I've found throughout the week. I love getting things done. (It helps when you know company is coming!)

I have not been watching tv, but NH Suzanne and others, I hope the ice is melting and each day has gotten easier and y'all are back to normal, if not now, then very soon. It has been such a crazy year, weatherwise.

Stay warm and have a great week.

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Good Monday morning, ladies! It's so nice to be posting once again. No excuse except that I've been either too busy or tired from being too busy. LOL

Dee, I can't wait to get your Christmas card. You're piquing my interest daily!

Jan, your post just made me smile. I am so thankful that you've found your joy during the holiday season. The best way to honor the memory of your sister is to enjoy living, and you are certainly making the best effort. I hope you get to keep that energy, too!

I've been busy doing volunteer work, then vegging out since I last posted. I'm working daily at the thrift center helping them get packages ready to distribute this coming Saturday.

Thursday, 2 other women and I spent most of the day shopping for the children of prisoners from this area. I didn't know that I could ever burn out on being in Kohl's, but I did that day. We spent 3 hours and over $300 there, then lunched, and moved on to Walmart for another couple of hours and about $300 to finish the shopping. All the gifts are resting in my corner bedroom until 2 women come over here this afternoon to help wrap everything. This is for Angel Tree ministry in case you do this in your church.

While we're wrapping gifts today, we'll have Christmas cookies and hot chocolate, accompanied by Christmas music in the background. That will definitely put me even more into the Christmas spirit!

Suzanne, I'm so glad that you're managing to take good care of things and animals during all your weather mess. I thought of you everytime I'd hear something on tv or the radio the past few days. And, why is it that anything that can go wrong, does go wrong when the hubby is out of town???

Dinner tonight will probably be a big salad for me as hubby is still visiting his kids in MS. Wishing everyone a great and productive day!

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Good Morning

Dee - That will be my new mantra for the Christmas and New Year.

Jan - It feels so good to get rid of "stuff", I can totally relate to how you feel.

They keep showing a town not too far from Suzanne's on our news and they are still in bad shape. I feel for her.

Suzanne (((((HUGS)))))

McPeg - It just hit me this morning that I forget to put extra postage on your card, so I am sure it will be returned to me. I will send a new one out in the meantime.

We were out every night this weekend and so far this week we will only be home tonight. I hope everyone had a good weekend.

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Major Flashback. I posted a game we played 4 years ago - 2 Lies, 1 Truth or was it 1 Lie, 2 Truth's LOL? We should do that one again. However, I am a bit insulted that the majority of you thought my truth was seeing a UFO ROFLMAO.

Here is a link that might be useful: Game

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This is kind of funny, thought I'd share. I am not a big tea drinker, but have always enjoyed the Christmas spiced tea that you use Tang (the orange-flavored drink mix that the astronauts used to drink many years ago.) Yesterday, I thought I would google and asked the question "where can I buy Tang." You would not believe the porn-related replies!!!!

So, thought it might be a little safer to ask here for the recipe, if any of you have it. Thanks.

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So now we really know what Jan was doing yesterday LOL.

I am sorry I don't know the recipe and I'm not looking it up LOL.

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Good Monday all,

Still struggling here in NH. I am home as my office has no power still. We were able to get out a little to see some of the destruction! WOW is all I can say. Predictions are that it could be another week before we have power! They have to get all the huge fallen trees down off the power lines before they can fix them. This is truly the worse ice storm I have ever been a part of. DH was home on Saturday and Sunday so we got the trees off our fences and replaced the broken rails. This spring is going to be a horrendous mess to clean up. We can't do it now because of all the ice on the ground. BUT, all is well and I am not complaining some people have it far worse than us. My generator gives me water and heat so my house has been the shower spot for those who can actually make it here!

Raanne, I LOVED THAT GAME even though you and I got it backwards, 2 truths and a lie! LOL It was fun and I am up for it. Who is going to be the first? I have to get creative and think of something!

Jan, I have that recipe but haven't thought of it for years. I believe it was donned Russian Tea at one point. I googled "the beverage tang" and it brought me to several spots to buy it including amazon.com of all places!!

Two large cans tea mix - plain or lemon
4 cups lemonade mix
3 1/3 cups Tank
8 cups sugar
3TBS ground cloves
3 TBS cinmammon

Spices are to taste.

If you have a minute I have attached a link to photos. I haven't seen one yet on this site that gives you the idea of how bad it is. Out here in the SW part of the state known as the Monadnock region is at least 10 times worse!

Okay, who's first with the truth and lies?

Here is a link that might be useful: Ice storm

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nhsuzanne, thanks so much for the tea recipe! I definitely should have typed "beverage" in my googling. And those pictures - good grief! Such beauty yet such destruction. I just scanned through them, but want to take time later on to really look at them. I'm so sorry you are having to go through this. It's mindboggling to think that your area would be even worse than these areas shown in your pictures. I'm so glad you have a generator to provide some small comfort while you get through this mess. Take care.


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Suzanne - I am so glad you were able to check in. My news keeps showing the Derry photos, so I had to google it to see how close you were. I hope it comes on quicker than they are saying.

I agree with Jan. It is hard to imagine all the destruction from such beauty.

Maybe we should wait for the game til after Christmas. We aren't getting too many posts these days.

I was trying to find Maddie's Sticky Chicken recipe story and that is when I came across the game. I couldn't find that story but wanted to revisit it.

Love to all.

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Good morning everyone!
Geez that horrible weather/ice reminds me of our experience with the ice storm in 1998. It was sooooo eeeerie seeing major power line towers crumble, hearing trees snap and knowing you just had to wait some things out. I am sending prayers for safety and health to everyone affected by this.
I just put CNN on to see if there are any updates on this situation.

We were at my in-laws over the weekend - I actually got to the post office on Sunday to post my cards. I hope they make it on time to everyone. Time has escaped me these last weeks. Today I am going into the warehouse to help move stuff over to the new location (2 streets down). We've done about 47 xmas trees and office decorations this year. I think I'm cured now of my affliction to add colour to spaces.

Jan I am happy to hear you have found some positive energy to get things moving. Isn't it wonderful to chuck stuff? Sure motivates you to get on with more things.

Nhsuzanne it is amazing how people pull together when harsh times hit. You are very kind to share your shower - I know your neighbours must be extremely grateful. Even to be a few moments in a warmed house would feel like heaven. I hope the spring finds everyone pulling together in the same way for the clean-up.

Aka raeanne don't worry about the card. It's xmas. Given the volume I imagine the card will probably get caught up in the rush and get here.

If you didn't catch the Sunday post, I had Dave's folks drop me at the local 'smaller' mall to do my xmas baking shopping to save time this week. I am soooo far behind on my cookies this year. Nothing done yet! So tonight I start cookie central. Not for me but for the gang I work with, neighbours and of course the family. Like I have said, January I am seriously kick starting my weight watchers and Dave is quitting smoking. He has had a serious talk with his doc and will be seeking medication to help. He's tried the patches and gum but needs a little more help and has taken this time to mentally prepare. I figure if I can fill the fridge with 'good' stuff for both of us to munch on maybe I'll shake a few pounds and he won't gain as much when he quits. So the new year has possibilities.

On another front I got a call from the hospital for my course - F I N A L L Y - the doctor running the cognitive thinking course said she will be contacting people in the new year for a possible end-Feb course (18 weeks). Not good because it now interferes with my work. I have to think hard about this one now. I have cut back on work due to my health over the last couple of years but it's getting to the point, like many, where I have to consider going back to full time employment. At any rate I see my shrink this Friday. We will talk. My great aunt passed away almost 2 weeks ago - my other responsibility after my mother so now my sister and I are going through 'the drill' again but know the steps to do her taxes, wind up bank accounts etc etc etc and take care of her will. We have been 'power of attorney' in all aspects and now are her executors. We are using the same accountant and lawyer we are using for my Mom's estate. Once this is done I am done with family matters. My externals stress factors have diminished quite a bit. My sister is actually speaking with me (I don't trust her good mood by any stretch) and we can get on with things. If I decide not to take the course which I will discuss with my shrink, I may opt for sessions with a shrink to talk things over for the next while. There are still choices. We'll see how things go.

I have not poked my head outside but the news states we have ice all over outside - so it's time to wear those shoe gripper bottoms and lay down the salt/sand so my favorite postal worker can get to my mailbox! Bless her.

It's great to be back posting. I'll be taking my laptop with me over the holidays so I can check in. Stay warm and safe today. Enjoy!


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Good morning, everyone! It's very gloomy here and 40 F. More rain in the forecast.

Raeanne, I'd love to participate in that game after the holidays, too. Seems like right now is just too busy and distracting. You always find fun things for us to do though!

Peggy, whatever you decide to do, just remember to put yourself first! Taking care of #1 is necessary to your well-being.

Suzanne, you are such a kind and generous person, so why am I not surprised that you'd share what you have with others? I'm sending you WARM wishes!

I've got the biggest mess in my living room right now that has to be dealt with before hubby gets home this afternoon. Our gift-wrapping party didn't go as planned (HA!). It took us several hours just to organize the gifts into families and get them into the right bags to be wrapped. I started wrapping alone last night while watching Christmas movies, but I only got as far as the first 6 children before calling it a night. I still have about 24 children left to wrap for - and at 4 gifts apiece, that's going to take a while.

Today, after working out and buying a new toilet seat and a pair of girl's size 13 tennies (which we forgot on Friday), I have a community Christmas lunch to attend. Then, I'll be wrapping away the afternoon! Anyone want to come help? I'll provide you with lots of hot chocolate and Christmas cookies!

Dee, BJ, Patti, Donna, Marci, and Jan - come and say "hi" and let us know how you're faring this week.

Marci, I really miss your inspiration about saying "NO"!!! I need a refresher on it because lately, all I've said to myself is "YES, go ahead, it won't hurt you!".

Time to get ready to run the roads. Wishing everyone a day full of whatever you need!

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Hi Everyone!

Power is back on in my office so I am at work. The office is freezing and the heat is taking forever to come up.....I am wrapped in a blanket. I feel like a major cold/flu is coming on!

PATTI - I need your street address for UPS shipping. The won't ship to a PO Box. Please send via email right away if you are reading this.

Peggy, I vividly remember that storm and I can still see the images of the big towers crumbled under the weight of the ice. You folks up in Canada really got hit hard.

It is amazing how everyone pulls together in a crisis. I am fortunate to live in a place where you don't need a crisis for that to happen.

I will check in later after my fingers defrost.


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Checking in---I have meetings upon meetings upon meetings. As of this second, I think I can see the light if I put in some hours from home at night. I'm blessed to have a corporate laptop to work from home, so while dinner is cooking...........I can write some reports.

All this talk of gift wrapping has reminded me that I need to wrap a few gifts for my friends in the office. Most everyone is taking next week off, and we are closed from Dec 24 to Jan 5. Can you imagine? No work for almost 2 weeks? And no one will be sending e:mails because the worldwide company is closed. Yahhoooooo!!!!

OK, gotta run.

Check in please!
[[[[[[[[[[[[[HUGS to those struggling]]]]]]]]]]]]]

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Hi Guys!

I have been on the mainland, weathering the weather. Cold BRRRRRRRRRRRR temps here in the Northwest. I came back to the island last night at 10:30 and it was very icy. I bundled the kids and baby up and thought I'd have to walk in the dark and windy night up the steep hill I'm renting a house on, but my trusty truck and 4-wheel drive got us here. DH was waiting on the porch---I had called him when I drove off the ferry.

Today, I bought groceries, tire cables, and stocking stuffers for my kids---we're expecting MORE cold winds and snow through the weekend.


...With all this card talk, I am going to drive to the mailbox now!

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Thank you Milkdud for the xmas card! Love saying hello back to you.

It's been a busy day and I've just finished working some more on my website - not yet available to the public. Still tweaking it. I'm starting to get tired of the laptop and will soon be signing off for the night to wash dishes and settle down for the night.

We are continuing to have a bus strike in Ottawa - tomorrow will be 'fun'. We both have blood work first thing, then I get dropped off at home. DH is taking the car to get leaking transmission fluid checked - don't know if it's just rings/seals or something more..........so I'll be mixing cookie dough until he calls with a time estimate on the car. If there is time, I need to get dropped off downtown to run a few errands - including dropping off my passport renewal forms and finish stocking stuffer shopping - if there is time. Otherwise I will continue baking. Working on Thursday all day. I am so far behind with this bus strike so I will do what I can and that is that!

Stay warm for my pals who are cold. Glad to hear the heat is getting restored. I can appreciate how cold it can get.

Good night folks!

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Hi Everyone!

Everyone is soooo busy this week before Christmas! I have gotten some fabulous cards - thank you - I love them. I am happy to report that my cards are all in the mail! Today I shipped my gift off to a very old friend who lives in Vegas. She should have it on the 23rd. Tonight, spent lots of time and money in Yankee Candle store...it will be a candle holiday for many in my life.

I took my Mom for her follow up today and the doc confirmed she has a crack in her wrist, it's small and showed up in only one picture of the many they took today. Fortunately no need to cast, she'll stay in her thumb spike another 4 weeks then back for more films. He says it takes about 6 weeks to heal and our next visit will put us right at that point. Fortunately she's mobile, can use her hand for the most part and is able to write and drive.

I am having such a hard time this year finding my Christmas spirit - is it just me? I love this time of year and am usually gung ho - my tree is up and lit but still no decorations on it. I keep thinking I have more time, maybe that's it?

Suzanne, glad you got power back! I've been thinking of you and your babies.

Got to run, get ready for work tomorrow. At work we have our holiday meal which is very nice but I also have a team holiday dinner around 5:00 - 2 "dinners" in one day is not a good thing.

Tomorrow night after the team dinner which - Dee - is at Smithville Inn, off to the hardware store for a carbon monoxide detector. The plumbing inspector was here today to inspect the new HVAC system and said that's all I need to pass. He was a very nice man and is willing to work with my schedule to stop back and check after I make the purchase. Might as well get this over and done with!

Have a wonderful night - hugs to all that need them. I might not get to check in tomorrow but will pop in before the end of the week.


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Good Wednesday all,

I have power at the office but still not at home! I hope soon but now it's snowing like crazy with 5" already on the ground and more to come before it ends midday. So many people here without power still. Even at my office buildings all around us have no power! We have no mail service and no banks are open and worse. Many businesses like the farm supply store is operating without power - in the cold trying to service those with animals that need feed and other supplies! It's really bad. I feel so grateful that I have what I have. Our shelter remains full.

I am sorry to say I haven't even thought about getting Christmas cards out! I have lost what little enthusiasm I had for this Christmas with the drag of this storm upon us all. If anyone has Patti's physical (not po box) address please email it to me asap. I emailed her but have not heard back from her.

Hugs to all! Hope your day is going better than the folks here in NH!!

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Good morning from cloudy and cool (48 F) SE Texas!

(((((Suzanne))))) I have no words to say that can bring you and your community the comfort and warmth that y'all need right now. TG you have power where you work so that you can get something done though. How are your animals faring through all this? I've only ever been without power in the winter for about 5 days, but it was miserable and painful (especially those freezing cold spit baths!). Know that I'm keeping everyone up there in my thoughts and sending warm wishes for y'all.

I received two lovely Christmas cards last night. Raeanne, I finally have a piece of your artwork, and I'm delighted! You really captured what I imagine a winter scene should be. Thank you!

Dee, your card and the bookmark are just cool! I've already put the bookmark to work. Many thanks for making my holidays even merrier!

Got to get ready to work out. This cold weather is great for sleeping in, so I'm just now getting up and going.

Wishing everyone a warm and wonderful Wednesday!

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Oh, I have ATTITUDE!!!!!!!!!!!!! alright! I just got back from my workout. I heard good news there. The owner of Butterfly Life has had no luck selling the equipment, so she is donating it to the non-denominational church out on the highway that already has a very manly/weight-heavy gym. They'll come pick up the equipment the Monday after Christmas and will, hopefully, open a "women only" workout room early in January! I'm so happy about this as I love the equipment, and it is working for me very well.

Okay, now I have to do my Christmas cards and get some gift-wrapping done. Continue having a good day!

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Today is my Dad's 74th birthday. We called & sang, "The Old Grey Mare She Ain't What She Used To Be!" LOL I thought anybody can hear "Happy Birthday" on their birthday.

I made another word album b/c my DN who is 18 wasn't going to get a gift from us due to the fact that we are doing a large graduation album for her & it is very expensive. I felt guilty & wanted her to have something to open so last minute fixed this for her. Then, copied all pictures so I could get oldest DS's album started on for him & pics of others for them. I still have some cross stitching to do & it may get done on the road or not at all. I finished quilting my 2nd tote bag today. Dave has all the gifts that are ready wrapped & everything that we have ready packed in the car. We are going tomorrow to make 10 copies of the family tree so everyone can have one. We leave on Saturday. We are meeting a friend from England in Orlando. Then heading for Texas. I hope to meet two more friends on this trip. Will visit with most of my family except Mom & DB. We are going to visit a cousin too.

I hope that you have received a card from me. I have gotten one from Dee & one from Rae & one from Marci. NH Suzanne, I haven't gotten an e-mail from you but I'm going to e-mail you as soon as I get off here.

Peg~I hope you decide to keep seeing the psyche at least a few times a year. It is always nice to talk to them.

NH Suzanne~I hope your power is restored soon.

BJ~It was so good to get an update on you.

Milkdud~That was wonderful news. I hope that you will still get to use the Butterfly equipment.

Dee~That's 2 weeks & no cruise? What do you have planned?

Jan~Thanks for the lovely e-mails. Keep sending them.

Donna~Sounds like you are busy, busy too.

Marci~Love you & thinking of you.

I'll try to get back before I leave but if I don't I'm leaving Dee in charge!! She knows what to do! ;)

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Ho Ho HO!

I'm doing great - made cookies last night for our office party breakfast. Wrapped everything up and tossed the few morsels rather than eat them that were left (much more to bake this weekend....).

Patti thank you for the beautiful card. I love it!

We are enjoying a week so far of a city transit strike. Talk about messing up people's xmas. We're also hosting the world junior championship hockey right now and SHAME ON OTTAWA we have no buses for the kids to get around. I'm sure alternatives have been made but come on - enough is enough. I keep thinking about those who can't get out of their home and now have to rely on the kindness of neighbours to get food and to medical appointments.

I will chat more later tonight. Just want to wish everyone a wonderful day.

Hoping that the heat returns ASAP where the storms hit. LOL

Take care,

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Good morning!

Sister will be here in two hours! House looks nice enough, but still need to run a mop really quick. It's hot as Hades for December - highs today and tomorrow might reach 80. Suzanne, I wish I could click my heels and send some of this heat your way, I really do.

Will be busy - my sister hasn't done any of her Christmas shopping. Of course, we'll have to give them the Katrina tour, drive by our empty lot. Ho, ho, ho - don't I know how to show a good time! ha.

Fortunately, y'all won't be hearing from me for a few days, but just wanted to hope you all have good days until I talk to you again.


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Hi Guys!

I'm sending my cards today, if I can GET OUT to the post office! Raeanne- MY HOLIDAY PAL-Good things come to those who WAIT! Thank heaven you KNOW me and know that I have good intentions! lol. I'm the latest, I guess. BUT THE CARDS ARE QUALITY! lol!

I have LOVED every single card I've received! What a wonderful thing, to go to the mailbox and receive greetings from you all. I LOVE YOU!!!!

The weather here has been nothing but COLD and SNOW. But the schools are open...we're the only ones in many counties that contiue to have school. DH almost put my rig in a DEEP ditch day before yesterday, so I insisted he put cable on the tires if he insists on driving! Today, even the cables were iffy on a couple of hills here. Had to tak ethe kids to school and go to Radio Shack to get a new babysitter (DVD player). Mine broke early this morning. With no TV, I can't get anything done---Baby V wants to be held all the time! I've spoiled him---but good! :-)

Now I don't know when my DDs will get home from college. the roads are impassable in Seattle. Plenty of wrecks and drivers in over their heads.

Jan: I'd love some of your heat right now.

Well, I am ordering last minute gifts express mail over the internet today. There's no way I'll get off the island to shop for anything. Is Nantucket any better? lol. At least I'd be closer to my gal pals if I lived there.

Good to come here and see everyone checking in.

NHSuzanne: I am hoping with all my might that your power is restored. I remember clearly the ice storm we had year before last that knocked our power out for a week. It's horrible on adults, let alone kids and animals. (((HUGS)))

Okay, I better clean. I have a state inspection tomorrow. Everything is everywhere right now! YIPES!

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Good afternoon. I've got great news (for me!)! With the help of 2 friends, all the Angel Tree gifts are now wrapped and ready to be delivered next Monday!!! We'll call the guardians on Sunday to confirm delivery Monday, then deliver as best we can during the day Monday and possibly the evening, but I hope not in the dark!

I've received such lovely cards from Patti, Raeanne, and Dee. I hope I didn't overlook anyone, but I'm in need of a nap, so I might have.

Patti, you and Dave have a safe trip to Texas. Our weather is weird these days. Monday it never got warmer than 42, and today, it's 73 and sunny.

BJ, I don't envy you your weather right now.

Jan, enjoy your visit with your sister!

Suzanne, I've been sending those warm wishes your way. Do you feel them yet?

Peggy, you're sounding very chipper today, and I'm happy for you!

We're having a bad series of carjackings in our area (the biggest reason I don't want to deliver gifts after dark). Two cars are working together to force cars off the road then pen them in and rob them at gunpoint. It has terrorized this little community, let me tell you. I want to go to dinner at Peso's tonight, just 2 miles away, but I have to weigh how badly I want to go out after dark. Shame on lazy people for taking the violent way out to get money and gifts for free.

I'll wish everyone a good Thursday and sneak in that nap now.

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Good Friday all,

Not much to report here that is really happy or upbeat! I finally have power at home but many don't.

Crews are making progress on getting electricity restored to people's homes but it continues to be a struggle. We now have crews from the mid-west, Canada and Texas. A town near by lost 7 transformers in this storm and another town has over 100 telephone poles yet to be replaced! The began replacing them with helicopters yesterday! You are getting the idea that lights are going to be out for many for Christmas!

Today, we are bracing for another snow storm - rather large 10-12" range. Those poor crews will have to work out in this. I just feel awful for them so far from home and all of them are so tired working around the clock.


Milkdud, I do feel your warm wishes and they feel wonderful.
Please stay home until they get those creeps who are doing the carjacking in jail! There's no place like home.

I am appalled at the crime sprees going on everywhere! People stealing gifts out of the Toy's For Tot's boxes, etc.
Shame on them is right!

Peggy, love the graphic!

Marci, thinking of you and hope you can check in. xxxxoooo

Patti have a good trip to Texas! Bring some heat and sunshine back with you.

QOD: what is everyone doing this last weekend before Christmas?

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Good morning, Suzanne and all! It's already 68 F. here and a milky sun shining so far.

QOD: Tonight, one of the couples with whom we play Canasta is hosting a dinner party as their gift to everyone. We'll be taking their gift with us - Bailey's Irish cream with cute glasses included.
Tomorrow, I'm going over to Beaumont to babysit my DGDs while Dson and DDIL host a graduation party for their friends at their house. I'll also attend their new church with them Sunday morning before returning home. It's supposed to rain on Sunday, so I'll leave early for home and drive carefully. I'll finish my confirmation calls about Angel Tree gift deliveries on Monday morning.

Going for my last workout at Butterfly Life in a bit. I'm actually sad about this because I feel like my life really got going here in Crosby once I joined up. I've gotten in better physical shape and made many great friendships there. It might be corny to say, but I came out of my cocoon there. LOL

Wishing everyone warm wishes for a great Friday and weekend if I don't check back in until Sunday evening!

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Hi Guys!

Wow, Milkdud, you sound likeyou're having a great time there! Baileys---one of my wintertime favorites--my sister used to make something similar to Baileys and give it as gifts--it was great with coffee! I make hot buttered (rum) mix with vanilla ice cream as a base. Such a SIN-ful drink! The kids mix it virgin style and it is a yummy warm up after the snow play! Have fun at the dinner!

NHSuzanne- I was wondering when you'd get your power back! YAY! When we had huge outages here, power worker from all over came to help to get people back "online" for Christmas. I hope that happens there!

Re: crime. Wow, I'm amazed at the crimes I hear about. Speaking of that, last time I was at my mainland house for sale, I found that someone had broken in, scrawled a note on my whiteboard announcing how clever they were, and they stole our sword collection and I don't know what else. They rifled the packed boxes I had in the garage, so it's hard to say what they got. Live and learn. On the bright side, I'm lighter on material possessions now, and THAT'S NEVER BAD!!!! My DH and I had collected the swords from our travels and they had aa fair amount of sentimental value to us.

Again, THANK YOU for the holiday cards---and the bookmark, Dee! Raeanne, you have amazing painting talent. I can't believe you're not doing a road show yet. And Patti, your homemade card is very special. I know what goes into making your own cards; I did that before I had so many offspring.

Okay, I better get going. Love and warm hugs to all...

CHECK IN AND SAY HI---We want to hear from EVERYONE! :-)

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Checking in from snowy New England. The storm started about 3 hours later than predicted, but once it hit it was a complete white out with high winds and ice. It is about 26 degrees right now and sitll snowing....it puts DH in such a baaaaad mood, I am walking on eggshells...arrrrr

Thank you for all of the cards...even though I did not participate this year, I appreciate you for including me. Dee, I love the ATTITUDE bookmark. Thanks so much to you all.

Not much else new. DS is coming up the first weekend in January....can't wait to see him. This weekend, just doing some cleaning, getting a cut and color, baking and tackling that never ending pile of laundry.

BJ, so sorry to hear about the breakin. Some people just really, really s*ck! That collection means nothing to them but $$, and to you and Steve it is a collection of wonderful memories.

Suzanne, I was talking with someone that lost the power at their restaurant business and they ended up sleeping there because there was so much looting going on that they could not risk losing anything. They had already lost $40,000. worth of food. It is incredibly sad. I am glad that you are up and running again. My mom got her power back on Tuesday.

Milkdud, I hope you savored your last visit to Butteryfly Life. I am glad that you still have your friends and it sounds like you will still have the equipment to enjoy.

Jan, enjoy your sisters company and Patti have a wonderful trip. Marci, miss you.

Got to go...enjoy the weekend.


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We are leaving for the airport in a few minutes to pick up DS. But I wanted to get online and thank everyone for the great Christmas cards. I too appreciate being included in everyone's Christmas wishes. And I promise that my New Year's Resolution will be to start posting again.

We got a new computer for Christmas and I will be offline for a day or two while DS gets the system switched over to the new machine. In the meantime, thank you again for thinking of me.

I miss you guys and I will be back soon.


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QOD~Well, we are leaving in about 3 hours & will be on the road all weekend. LOL We are meeting one of my OL friends in Orlando & one that I've already met for lunch before we take off. That will be fun.

Marci~Enjoy your visit with DS. A new computer--very nice. I'm so glad you popped in.

Besh~Enjoy your visit with your DS.

BJ~Sorry about the theft.

Milkdud~Have a great time with DGDs.

NH Suzanne~Hope things get back to some semblance of normal soon.

Jan, Peg, Dee~See you soon.

Donna~Got your card.

Wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. Love you all.

Patti :-)

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Despite a big snow storm, I was busy at home yesterday. Was on vacation, but had my corporate laptop on in the kitchen while I made about 20 dozen cookies.

DH is outside shoveling the frozen stuff now; he needs to travel 8 miles towards Manhattan to shovel out his mom. He promised to take me grocery shopping, as I am hosting Christmas Dinner here for at least 12, and a few for Christmas Eve. Also, we invited several couples here next Sunday afternoon, and I want to get most shopping completed for that in order to make things ahead.

Speaking of next Sunday, I've invited our guests over at 3pm. I told them I would go heavy on appetizers (hot and cold) throughout the afternoon (guys will probably watch football), followed by sit down coffee and dessert (possibly around 6pm or 7pm)? Does that sound OK to you, especially because I'm not serving dinner? Most everyone has to work the next day, so I wanted everyone to come early and relax a bit without rushing.

Glad everyone enjoyed that ATTITUDE bookmark! LOL! I forgot to get one for myself, so I must go back.

Gotta run....just ordered 2 Slankets for my oldest stepdaughter. She always wraps herself up in one of our blankets when she comes by and watches TV with her dad. He thought of that gift this morning, so I went online and ordered her 2 (in case she wants to keep one here!). Other than cash, we had just about given up on having an idea.


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Dee - Next Sunday at 3PM? heavy appetizers? - throw in a couple cookies and I'll be there LOL! We have a formal sit down dinner on Christmas Eve and on Christmas I make a good breakfast and then we do heavy appetizers in the afternoon. Yes, I meant to mention that I loved the bookmark as well, very cute and so true!

Patti - I know I missed you but have a wonderful trip. It sounds like it will be fun from the very start.

Marci - thanks for checking in with us. I am happy that DS will be home for Christmas and I love your resolution. It's not the same here without you.

Milkdud - there is a reason for everything. So I am sure that by the gym closing down will lead you to some new and exciting adventures and people.

Besh - our storm arrived later than predicted as well, but once it came it built up so quickly. We have to wait to see DD#1 till January also boo hoo.

Suzanne - I am so happy that your power is back and I hope this storm has been much kinder to you.

BJ - (((((HUGS))))) I am going to find a BIGGER St. Joseph statue for you. Someone must have known the house was vacant - that is sad. Nantucket got snow too LOL.

Peg - I got your card, thank you so much, especially for the handwritten message - very interesting. I sent you a new card just in case the one with insufficent postage never turns up. It hasn't been returned to me yet.

It has been snowing here since around noon yesterday and we have at least a foot of snow. It is just 8 degrees out which made for some nice dry snow which was much easier to shovel this morning. We are in for another big one tomorrow. There has been snow, sleet or rain every other day for the last couple weeks.

We have a dinner party tonight and I am looking forward to being with some good friends, but I am also looking forward to staying home tomorrow all by myself LOL.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Hi Everyone!
It's cookie baking day. I think my body is finally realizing it doesn't have to haul boxes, climb ladders and run around right now - I'm feeling a few spots I forgot had muscles.
Don't cha just love the holidays when your house not only becomes baking central but cluttersville too until the presents get organized and sorted? Oh and we won't talk about laundry...you'd think by now it would know better and just slink itself down to the laundry room and put itself through the paces. Bad laundry. I keep telling it the charity bag is not far off and there is not one dirty piece that can't be replaced. It just lies there, looking at me, laughing....bad laundry. Dishes are on that list too but unfortunately my kitchen is so tiny it has the upper hand. DH keeps offering to get slabs of wood to eat off of and then burn after wards but we don't have a wood stove....hahahahahahahahahaaaaaa.
Boy I have to get shaking my fanny soon before it seizes up.
I will post an update on the cards next week - believe it or not I have mail to open still but have not got to it yet.

Good news with my shrink visit - rather than lose employable time he is recommending cognitive thinking education on a 1-to-1 basis, once a month with the doctor who runs the course. I can't afford any more part-time work, I need to go back to full time employment to pay bills. So I am waiting to hear back in the new year from his recommendation/referral.

I need to move, my back is starting to feel really stiff. Ouch. I'm not 20 anymore and I really have to get back on my diet in January. I don't want my weight to interfere with my planned spring gardening/overhaul.

I love all of you - friends through and through.

Stay safe everyone,

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Hi everyone!

I just came in to defrost (10 degrees here at 10:30 am) from moving mountains of snow. We got a foot overnight and it's still snowing! I have to get everything pushed back and shoveled out because GUESS WHAT? We are expecting a 12"+ tomorrow starting at dawn and going through the evening! At least this snow is light and fluffy but tomorrow's snow will be heavier! This is hard to take after no power all last week and the ice damage that is endless.

We have had no time to prepare for Christmas! We were going to do only a small amount of gift buying anyway so that doesn't bother me! It is just that our house is in total disarry and I have to get it picked up but I also have to be outside. Can you tell I am a little overwhelmed right now! Still, others have it much worse than I do so I guess I will quit my whining! LOL

Raeanne, I have been on Nantucket when it was snowing and snow covered! It's very pretty as you can well imagine.

BJ sorry about your house. It's really sad that people are like this. Glad you are not feeling attached to the material things! It's very healthy.

Besh, I have never seen this kind of damage and loss - not even in the 1998 storm which I well remember and was out of power with too. A neighboring town, Dublin (home of Yankee Magazine) lost over 100 utility poles! The areas are not reachable with cranes and trucks and they are setting them with helicopters! Another neighboring town, New Ipswich lost a whopping 7 transformers! Just staggering.

There are crews from all over putting us back together and they were out working in the blizzard all night which has to be tough. Plus alot of them are far away from thier families and that has to be hard. We are all grateful they are here.

Well, I have dry clothes on and my hands are defrosted so out I go again!

Have a great weekend everyone. I will stop back here to whine somemore before it's over!@@@@

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Peggy, if I lived closer, I would come and help you declutter that kitchen....one of my 'things' is to cook and clean up after myself constantly, so that by the time I finished cooking or baking, the kitchen is clean! When I was a kid, I could not watch Julia Child...she was sooooo sloppy. I remember asking my mother "Mommy, who is going to clean that mess?". haha! Never could enjoy a show when there was a mess (or when the cowboys fought and knocked over the tables, chairs, and glassware). LOL!!! Funny how you just remember those times in your life.

Raeanne, can you please list some of the appys that you serve on Christmas Day? Maybe it will shake me up a bit. I'm going to do a shrimp tray, veggie tray, cheese & crackers, bruschetta with Trader Joe's sundried tomato spread and their roasted red pepper/eggplant spread as cold. For hot, I'm doing franks in blankets (Ed's #1 choice!), BBQ'd oriental meatballs, skewers of pineapple chunks/water chestnuts wrapped in bacon, hot pepperoni bread, hot garlic bread with fresh mozarella, and some Mexican mini thingies I found in BJs wholesale. I think that's it for now....can't find my paper. There are only going to be 8 of us, but the men are big eaters; plus that's how my Italian mom taught me! LOL. If it works out OK, I will repeat most of it for New Year's Eve (different people).

BJ, so sorry about your break-in; that is such an eerie feeling. I hope those thieves have nothing but bad karma with your stuff.

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giving [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[HUGE HUGS]]]]]]]]]] to Suzanne! You have had 2 tough winters and deserve special attention (maybe a spa weekend) in the spring.

Marci, enjoy your holidays. We are all looking forward to your return soon. Take care, sweetie!


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Good morning, everyone! What a blessing to come here on a Saturday and find this place chockablock full of posts!!! It's an early Christmas present, I tell ya!

Our dinner party last night was just lovely and so elegant. We had homemade cranberry cocktails and appetizers of nuts, black olives, cheese and crackers, followed by a very healthy corn chowder. Then, an incredible spinach salad with a dressing I loved. I'll get the recipe and post it to share. The entree was pork roast with apricot gravy and wild rice. Homemade beer crescent rolls, then a top-your-own cheesecake for dessert. She got the idea from last year's "Better Homes & Gardens" magazine and made a copy for me. We're going to steal this idea for Christmas night at my house!

I'm waiting for my laundry to dry so that I can pack and head over to Beaumont. Oldest DGD just called and wants me to come early so that they can take me out for lunch because they (parents) won't be home for dinner. Lucky for them, I'm flexible!

BJ, what a shame about that break-in. You have such a good ATTITUDE about it though.

Dee, my bookmark is already being put to good use, and I'm feeling empowered just seeing it when it's reading time. It's good to be reminded occasionally that we need a good ATTITUDE!

Suzanne, I can't believe you're being slammed with even more bad weather. I hope my warm wishes reach you quickly! And, I got your Christmas card - thanks!

Marci, I miss you posting here. You always seem to have the right words to say to me about over-indulging. I hope you keep your NY resolution and post more often. THank you for the Christmas card, too!

Besh, it's great reading your posts again. You were here when I started posting regularly, and it's not the same without you.

Patti, I'm sure you've left for Texas by now, but I'm wishing you safe travels anyway.

Peggy, it sounds like 2009 is going to be such a positive year for you. You've been through a lot, and you've earned good things.

Dee, I want to come to your party next Sunday. I'd love what you're already planning to serve. Your guests are so lucky. I'm sure that your SD will love her gift, too!

Raeanne, you have such a busy social life where you live. Is it a very big place? I think you've always referred to it as a "village", so I sometimes think you're in about the same size place as me.

On a personal note, I have to admit to shedding a couple of tears while working out for the last time yesterday. All the regulars showed up at the same time, and it was bittersweet.

Then, I used my GC for a 30-minute massage which did wonders for my ATTITUDE and body. I definitely want to get another one.

Now all I need to do until I join the church gym in January is try to get exercise where and when I can and watch the intake of food. LOL Not easy, as y'all know.

I need to get ready to go to Beaumont, but I couldn't leave without checking on everyone and responding. I wish you all a lovely Saturday filled with all that you need and a little of what you want!

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Dee - I am planning on pepperoni roll (pizza crust rolled up with pepperoni, mozzerella, parmesan, onions, green/red peppers), shrimp cocktail, warm artichoke dip, and a cheese fondue. Too much cheese for me, but these all have been requested LOL. I'm sorry but I cook like Julia, thankfully DH doesn't mind a little KP duty once and a while.

Milkdud - looks like Dee's card has given you the right ATTITUDE. My town has a population of 2000 year round residents. We probably know 3/4 of them personally LOL. Our school is K through 12 and there are about 300 students. I love going to the supermarket, bank, etc. and knowing everyone. We have been here for 16 years, leaving the NYC area.

Dee/Suzanne/Donna - I know of a nice spa in Saratoga hehehehe!

Peg - enjoy the baking!

Suzanne - I agree you have had your share of bad weather. It sounds like we are getting the same snow right now.

Gotta get back to work :-(

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3:45 pm and the first 15"+ has been pushed back awaiting the next load! I am going to take a nice hot epsom salt bath!

A spa day in Saratoga sounds nice but I can't wait until spring!!

Have a great night. Hopefully you won't have to listen to me whine tomorrow! LOL


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Good morning everyone!

Almost done my cookies - one more batch to go. I do clean as I go - otherwise I'd be working on the floor! Going to start putting away my baking stuff in a couple of minutes once the last recipe is 'in the bowl' and clear off my dining table. Need the space to pile bags of stuff to go down to the in-laws for xmas and to clear out the living room floor so I can start vacuuming today. I want to have my housework done today so when we return from xmas I come back to a clean house and can relax.

We are joining all of you getting inundated with snow - it's our turn big time today with a forecast of well over a foot - with blowing snow more like 2 feet already in some spots. Deja vu from this time last year, eh? Some young lad put a flyer in our mailbox for snowshoveling - by hand - I already called him since we want our house clear when we return from traveling too. I'm going to call him today in a bit to ask him to come by when the snow stops, once the plough goes by. I will do some shoveling myself. My neighbors offer to blow us out for free but I don't feel at all right about that - they won't take any money so I have declined. It sounds like a young couple on the phone doing the shoveling and they live around the corner from us - I am quite happy to hire someone needing a few dollars. We have no where to put a snow blower otherwise we'd have one right now. My back is still recovering from the manual labour and I know I have to drop some weight because it spasms when I carry a few extra pounds - doesn't take much these days. Okay, I'm stopping my whining now.

I saw the weather in the bad areas on the news last night in the US. My heart goes out to everyone concerned. Not funny at all. Hard to enjoy xmas when you have no heat, running low on supplies and all you can see is more snow falling.

Once I get on with my housework I'm going to work on a few craft projects so I don't keep looking out the window. Have some computer work to do too for my website/business I'm trying to prepare for the new year so that's fun too.

Hugs to everyone, I will probably check in later!

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Good Sunday,

I am here commiserating with you Peggy!! We are expecting 18" and heavy (up to 50 mph) winds tonight! I keep a farm journal and belive it or not - we have far less than we did in NH at this time! Last year we broke a record from 1876 with over 5 feet on the ground before December 23rd! OMG Anyway, good for you keeping busy! I wish someone would put a flyer in my mailbox for snow shoveling! I cannot find someone hungry enough to do this kind of work. It's unreal. Yesterday, I pushed all the snow back to get ready for this. I was out the majority of the day. Today it's already snowing so hard that there is no point in trying to do anything with it. I am staying in to get my house back in some semblance of order from being without power for so long.

I would like some cheese with my WHINE! ROFLMAO

Dee, I bring a smoked salmon spread for Christmas dinner appy contribution. It's yummy and easy.

Milkdud, it really is a blessing to come here and find everyone posting! I love it and right now it keeps me a little sane.

I just got a call from a dear old friend that I don't see often and it was great to catch up with her. She and I used to ride together all the time and she started a relationship with a man. At first she felt great and secure and now she is finding herself in the position of having to choose more and more between him and her horse. It's a terrible dilemma. I had the sense she was leaning towards the horse!! LOL

"The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit, and fire."
~Sharon Ralls Lemon

Hope everyone is having a great day.

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Okay ladies, I am typing this on my new wireless keyboard!! MyDBIL works for HP and he is retiring in April. So this was our last chance to use his employee discount. Plus HP was offering tons of discounts. So we now have a super duper fast computer. I am still getting used to Vista, but the advantages outweigh the negatives.

I finished up my cookies today and I need to make an apple pie on Wednesday for Christmas Eve dinner at my parents. I have some last minute food shopping and two gifts to put together and I am done! Both kids are home for a week. I do have to work Monday and Tuesday, but that will give the kids time to finish thier Christmas shopping and wrapping while I am gone.

Hope everyone who is getting hit with bad weather stays safe and warm!


(Milkdud - Put that cookie down!!! LOL)

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We have yet to have a break in the snow, we had about 15 inches last night and probably another 6 inches of fresh stuff that needs to be shoveled. They save we will end up with 14" by the end of todays storm.

Marci - congrats on the new HP!

Peg - You have been hit hard too. Yes, I think this winter is going to be much like last year.

Just wanted to check in. I have laundry that needs to be taken care of, so I have something to wear to work tomorrow LOL.

Stay warm.

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Good SUNDAY morning!

Congrats on your new computer, Marci! Hope the next few days fly by for you in work. I'm going in for a bit on Tuesday, but will work most of the day from home, I think.

We have over 10 inches of snow on the ground. DH just got in, as I was busy icing cookies (Italian anise knots), and baking small loaves of banana/pecan bread. Going to fish out my oriental BBQ cocktail meatball recipe, and head on back downstairs to make a triple batch for our various parties over the next 2 weeks. Then I should be caught up.

Can you believe that I invited 23 of DH's family to Christmas dinner, and only 5 have RSVP'd? I need to finish grocery shopping tomorrow, and I've no idea how many veggies to buy. This is so frustrating. I have frozen about 10 pounds of lemon chicken, an 8 lb spiral ham in the basement fridge, but need to pick up potatoes, rolls, green beans, carrots, etc. It makes a huge difference to me if 10 are coming or all 23! Tonight I'm going to have him make calls. grrrrrrr

Make today count. GO JETS; beat Seattle! (sorry BJ)



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Hi, honies, I'm home!!!

MARCI!!!! So great to see you posting at post-haste speed! And, I was very good while with the DGDs this weekend. I kept thinking "NOOOOOOOOOOO" (Marci's famous weight-loss secret word), and it worked! Now I can't promise to be as good on Christmas day, but it is one day after all!

Girls, I'm so sorry about all that snow you're receiving. I don't envy you one little bit because I don't want anything to prevent my kids from joining us on Christmas day. I do wish warm temps for y'all to melt that white stuff quickly!

DGBaby Aubrie had a terrible ear ache after she fell asleep last night that woke her screaming in pain. They had a 4-yr. old bottle of Similasan for ear aches, so I tried that and a warm wet washcloth, and within 20 minutes she was feeling relief. She was feeling good enough to start asking me questions about the story I dragged out over that whole time, then she wanted to "nuggle" with Mimi until she fell asleep. It felt so good to give her that gift last night. And, I highly recommend Similasan!

It turned cold down here during the night, and today it's only in the 40's and VERY windy with a "feels-like" of 35. But, I heard on the radio on the way home that it's supposed to be 74 on Christmas day! Definitely good duck-feeding weather at the pond for that afternoon.

Well, I've got to unpack and put things away to get ready for this busy week, but I just couldn't resist checking in and seeing how everyone's doing!

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McPeg - someone is asking for you over at the KT.

Milkdud - your grandbabies are very lucky to have you.

    Bookmark   December 21, 2008 at 6:18PM
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Oh boy - I just got out of my bath and looked in the mirror - oh boy...oh boy... oh boy! Yep, January will be a must do on the weight watchers for sure! I can see the weight back on in some spots...and I have been indulging in the cookies to the point where I am now craving fresh fruit.

Snow has stopped here. DH did all the shoveling today. We are waiting to see if the plow does another pass tonight before clearing off the drive tomorrow. We do expect a mix of snow and rain while we are away but nothing like today.

Marci it's good to see you post again. You've been missed.

Thanks for the heads up Akaraeanne - I'll pop over to the KT to check in.

Ta ta for now,

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Good evening all,

Happy Winter Solstice! Since this is the shortest day of the year it's all down hill from here! Yes!!!!

Snow is starting to let up and boy, do we have a pile!!

Peggy, sweet photo!

I just went to the barn for the last time tonight and let me tell you it's a major trudge!! I was out at 3:30 pm for an hour and I hope it makes my overall clean up a little lighter. Wow, according to my farm journal (which I keep religiously) we are no where near last year's record for this time! I hope that is good news!

Nothing new to report unless you are really interested in the shoveling reports!

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Coming back in to say a big THANKS to Donna for her lovely Christmas card and goodies! The pin and earrings will be on display on my person on Christmas morning for my kids to ooooh and aaaaah over, Donna. That was so very sweet of you!

Wish me luck tomorrow as I head out into "the weather" to deliver Angel Tree gifts all around the county. It should take us about 4 hours to complete the job if everyone's home as they said they would be. By the time I return home, I'll have room to begin wrapping my gifts and getting the guest rooms ready for Christmas day!!!

Tonight, I'm enjoying some new-to-me Christmas movies and catching up around here.

Love the photo, Peggy!

Suzanne, bless your heart. I don't know how you're managing to get done all that you do for your animals in that inclement weather. Take care and be safe!

Raeanne, thanks for saying that. I feel so honored to have those little ones in my life. They love and trust me, and that's the greatest honor anyone can bestow on you.

Nice evening, everyone!

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