Game night or casino night party

maisoui1December 29, 2011

Has anyone ever hosted on of those. Please share what worked and what didn't. I'm putting on one for work and want to make it classy and nice

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Our Club always did one...
Plan on designating certain people as dealers and or croupiers....and make sure they know the rules of the game.....and plan on relieving them if they want to be relieved....I know one man who was happy dealing blackjack for hours. Have your dealers and croupiers dress the part...arm bands, eye shades and fancy dresses for ladies.
Rent some equipment.....perhaps a roulette wheel and a craps table. because of the state laws, we always gambled with "funny money" and you could buy the amount you wanted.....then there were prizes to be bought......and a member who was an auctioneer auctioned the prizes. U=It was nice that some prizes could be a case of wine or 8 frozen things like golf balls and tennis balls went well too as did radios, clocks etc. People would share their chits to buy somethuing.
Have fun!!!

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What fun! I am usually on the committee to plan our company's winter parties and we have done two casino nights in the past. One was a Vegas theme, and the other a classy Monte Carlo Casino party.

In both cases we contacted an entertainment agency that arranged to have casino tables delivered to the party. The cost also included their own dealers. Those people set up the tables, took care of the dealing, and were so helpful to people who never played some of the games. I think we spent about $1,500 for 2 or 3 Black Jack tables, a Craps table and Roulette. Then we provided decks of cards for those that wanted to play poker. The entertainment agency organized the playing chips, and we gave everybody a certain number of chips with their name tags. Then as the people won chips at the tables, they could use those chips in a silent auction for prizes.

Table decorations for the casino night included mirror tiles with hearts, diamonds, spades and hearts confetti, cylinders with candles and some dice and poker chips tossed about. We had the venue provide black and red napkins on white tables.

I don't know what your budget is, but I highly recommend checking into an entertainment agency to see if you can rent at least one black jack able and one craps table. Those were the favorites of our group.

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Our Sunday School Class does a game night, but we use broad games, card games, Mexican train & so on.
As always more food then anyone can eat.

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