Diet Pals....A New Beginning 12/27/04 - 1/02/04

wildchildDecember 27, 2004

Morning everyone. I am posting early because I have to drive my DS to have surgery in the AM. He has a screw loose and it must be fixed. (In his femur...OK :)

Anyhooo, I'm hoping this weekly thread will work to inspire us, comfort us and help us stay accountable in our weight management journies.

Last year I lost 35 lbs and coming here was a tremendous help. In September due to a lot of crisis in my life I lost focus and have since gained back 8 lbs. I hope to take that 8 off and continue on to my goal of 10 to 15 more. I plan to have my official weigh-in and write it down day be every Tuesday.

I do a tweaked version of the "old" weight watchers program where I keep track of my food exchanges. It seems to be what works for me. I like to eat and don't like to have any foods I must avoid. On this plan I am able to eat with friends and have them not even be aware that I am on a "diet".

I hope that here we can share our successes and our backslides, offer tips and most of all encouragement to one another. This is the thread where we can be accountable to ourselves and to each other.

So here we go....with a jump start on a new healthier, slimmer and flabbyless year. Jump right in and introduce yourselves. All shapes,sizes, genders and food plans welcome.

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Hi all!

Wildchild, thanks for getting us started. i hope DS is okay and that the procedure went well.

Well, I gained weight when I was ill and started taking prednisone, and became very sedentary, had no energy. I have 35 lbs to lose now. No more prednisone for me! My energy is back and the doc gave me the green light to go back to Curves. I live close to the Curves here in town and walked there this AM. There and back = 30 minutes. I plan on taking another 30 minute walk later today. 3x a week I plan on doing a step routine for 15 minutes and on the other days will do 15 minutes with free weights. I bought a pedometer and am aiming for 10,000 steps or better each day.

I am following a "good carb" diet similar to the South Beach diet, but I measure or eyeball portions rather than "eat till full". I think I'll weigh in every other Friday but might make it once a week. I am using to track my food, exercise and progress.

So! Off we go! I'll check back tomorrow...


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I'm in! Today is a cleanse day for me. Out with the sugars and fats! The cookies and fudge (from my sister) went to work with hubby. It will feel good to feel loose pants again that are not made of sweatshirt material. One day at a time.... Kathy

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Good Day Everyone!

I am so ready for this. The holidays are over, leftovers are cleaned out of the fridg, decorations are all put away for another year, and I'm ready to get back to normal again.

Looking forward to exercising and toning up, eating healthier foods, and hoping to have a brighter outlook on life in general.

I have a few chores to do first, but I will be doing about 30 minutes of arobics, and 30 min of target toning this evening. Haven't decided on what's for supper, but I'm sure it will be something lite.

I'll check back tomorrow.


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One way I keep tabs on myself is to never (except for exercise) wear elastic clothing like sweat pants and stretchy waist pants.

I am still plateauing a bit. Have lost one more pound but no more seems to be budging. Now that the goodies are gone from the office kitchen and I'm not being offered a glass of wine everywhere I go, I hope to find the path of righteousness once more.

No more squishy middle!

BarnMom, total lost since February 2004: 51 pounds

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Well, How did everyone do on their "first day"? I did well. Met my exercise goal and ate within my food program with ease. We are having a family party here on Thursday evening that could potentially sabatage my diet but I am planning low calorie/good carb ways around that. The dinner will be Mexican food; tortilla soup,tamales,taco salad, crab tacos and the usual beans and rice. I'll let you know what I figure out...

So, what program, if any, is everyone following? Do you record your food? What kind of exercise is everybody into? What goals have you set? I have already answered most of those questions except my goals. I want to fit COMFORTABLY into the "regular" clothes in my closet by the end of January. I want to be 12 lbs lighter by the end of March. I want to be at goal weight by my birthday in mid August. I am eager to hear about everyone elses plans.


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Hi gals!
I did just fine yesterday...spent the day going to stores and counted that as exercise then I did the same thing today. Will need to add more but that will come. It is warmer today so will walk the dogs later. I hover around the 1200 calorie range usually try to stay around 1000 when I am dieting which has not been enough lately. Tomorrow will bring it's own challenge - hubby is home from work from then until next year.Supper is in the crockpot - taco chicken breast (or boobs as TREKaren used to call them).
Hope your son is fine Wildchild and you are just spoiling him rotten.
Sun is shining - hooray! Kathy

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Hello fellow losers!
Great to see all of you here. My first day is today. I got n the scale this AM and wrote my weight down.

BarnMom, 51 lbs. is fantastic! I find stretchy clothes "make" me gain weight also. I live in snug fitting jeans for that reason.

I do record what I eat and loosely keep track of my calorie intake. I can lose steadily but slowly at around 1200 to 1300 calories a day. If Idrop below 1500 or so my metabolism shuts down.

For exercise I like to walk or ice skate. Skating is out for now due to a minor toe injury and a bum shoulder. I hope to be back on the ice soon though. I am not much for organized exercise. I enjoy floor exercise but the thought of paying a gym to use a treadmill or stationary cycle when I can walk, dance or skate is unappealing to me. The idea of jumping around to loud annoying music is even more appalling.

Kathy, My son's surgery went just fine. I dropped him off at the hospital and went walking in a nearby mall as ther as a real rainstorm going on so going to the beach was out. He called me before the nurses could. When I got there he was already conducting business on his cell. The desk nurse just shook her head laughing and said she found him up and dressed when she went to check on him. They remove the loose screw fron the plate in his femur. His "dressing" is a extra large bandaid. Hard to spoil a strapping 6'2" 26 year old who pat me on the head all the time LOL.

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Hi everyone,

Woke up not feeling so well this morning and it has gradually gotten worse. Have a sore throat and a fever right now. Just took me a hot bath and am on my way to get a good nights rest. Hopefully, I'll feel better in the morning.(don't think I could feel any worse.)

I'll check in tomorrow.


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Wildchild, I am glad that your son is doing well. ( How are YOU doing?) I called you but don't think you got my message...

Pam, I hope you are feeling better today. Get plenty of rest. Sometimes the stress of the holidays can leave you run down and more susceptible to illnness. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Kathy, sounds like you are off to a good start!

Barn Mom, WOW! 51 lbs! Way to go!! I hope that we can keep encouraging eachother.

Day 3 and all is well. i have Thursday's dinner party under control and am enjoying the exercise and increased activity.I Need to drink more water though.

How's everybody doing??


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Hi All,

Nice to hear that everyone is doing well. I'm feeling alittle better today. The fever is gone, but now I'm doing alot of coughing and sneezing. I keep downing the vitamin C's.

I just ate some chicken and noodle soup. I really don't think I can muster up enough energy to work out though. Maybe tomorrow.

Till then....Pam.

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I'm ready to begin losing weight. I weighed yesterday morning and wrote down the weight. I need to lose 58 lbs. whew! that's a lot. I lost that much once before but, sadly, gained it all back and have been heavy again for over 5 years.

This week is a "quit pigging out" week. No more candy, chips, cake, etc.

Next week I'm beginning a modified South Beach diet.

For exercise I've been walking fairly briskly about 3 to 4 days a week - at lunch time with a friend. I'm going to increase to 7 days a week, using the treadmill at home on the weekends.


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Hi everyone, Well day 1 went well for me diet wise. I really cut back on the junk and was feeling really god about myself and then........

My left arm has been giving me a little trouble over the last few weeks. I 've figured it to be just a little tendonitis so I've been taking a couple of aspirin at night.
Last night the pain became unbearable and seemed to be radiating from my shoulder. I actually cried out and I'm pretty stoic usually. Ended up driving myself to the ER at 5:00 AM. Yep. Torn rotator cuff of the shoulder. I'm loopy on Vicodene (hate hate hate the stuff) and taking anti-inflammatories. See my regular doc tomorrow.

So there goes any exercise for the time being. I hurts to roll over, it hurts to move anyhing. But I intend to stay on course with eating right. Of course all the meds are "take with food" :0(

I'm happy to hear everyone is off to a good start. We can do gals!

Pam, Glad to see you're better. Stay warm and dry. Soup is good.

Tikanas, I will call soon. Drinking water is hard for me in the winter too. I really have to work at it.

Take care, eat well and and keep moving on fellow losers.

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Uck. It is hard to diet with hubby around but I am managing even though he is jumping on my last nerve. Long story - he is trying to get a tall antennae up above the roof. I think he finally gave up and will call someone. Not a beginner's job or one for a man with no patience that wants it all done yesterday. Well he needs the phone so I need to get off here. Good grief.
Take care Wildchild. Pam I am glad you are a little better. Will catch the rest later when life is peaceful again....

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Good Morning .... I am really ready for this support. I will offically start on 1/3/05 as I am away from home visiting relatives til then. I need to start exercising and eating better. I do like to sommersize because I have all her books and the receipes are great. I will start on that way of eating and just push myself on exercising.

Talk to you all next week. Take care.
A little shout out to Tikanas.... "hey girl"


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Hi there! I'm in, but I've not got my act in gear yet. By next week, I'll be back on track.

Stay strong!!!

I lost approximately 25-30 pounds during 2004 on Weight Watchers here at the office (I kept a solid 25lbs of it off). I have another 50-60 pounds to lose, and hoping to get at least another 30 off during 2005 (and keep it off!). No kidding; no excuses. My health depends upon it.

All my best for a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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I love the Gap. Today I bought size 8 pants there! Okay, they are a stretch jean but STILL, they were an 8! I also bought size 10 and size 12 in other styles. Ah, well.

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Barn Mom, That is awesome!! Size 8 jeans...

Staying close to home today. We live just a few miles from the Rose Parade route and it is a zoo out that way. I have plenty of projects to keep me busy right here.

I made a huge veggie and dip tray (non fat dip and lite bleu cheese) We are having soup and salad for dinner (throw in crusty bread for DS.)

Here's hoping that we are all big losers in 2005.
Clinking my glass of seltzer to all of you!

Hi Lynn!! : )


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