Quadrafire 3100i or Napoleon 1402 Inserts

boxerdogheidiJanuary 15, 2010

Can't decide which insert will be better for me. I'm in a 150 year old house with very little insulation. I currently have Arrow i12 by Heatilator, 13 years old. I find it too small, plus one fan doesn't work and second fan is about to quit. Can't get replacement fans. I want something that will heat my 14x24 living room QUICKLY in the morning. Would be nice to have something that would burn overnight but if it heats quickly thats good enough. It gets real cold here, Ontario, Canada. I already have a big stove in another part of the house. My only restriction is that the stove can't be deeper than 14 inches. It's a really big fireplace opening but not very deep. I'm looking at Quadrafire 3100i at $3,400 installed or Napoleon 1402 $2,600. But price is not the biggest factor. I like them both because of the large firebox and they both stick out into the room some, which I would think would help give more heat and heat the room up quicker. HOWEVER, the Napoleon has two 200 CFM fans. I can't seem to find out what size the one fan on the Quadrafire is. BUT the dealer said the Napoleon is not as qood a unit. He said the "air intake" ?? is known to burn out. And would probably cost $900 to repair. ??? We burn LOTS of wood in this stove and I want something that can take it. Does anybody know anything, good or bad, about these inserts.

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IF there is any chance of failure or known issue that could present a 900.00 problem that right there would make my decision. Quadrafire is good stuff, it might not put out quite as much heat but there would be more peace of mind with it. You never know it might draft better and put out more heat which is probably the case.

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