Burning Tree Bark.

hortonJanuary 6, 2009

I just got a load of Tulip wood logs and the bark is falling off them.

The bark is about an inch thick and solid.

Is there any problems with burning dry bark on it's own in a wood stove?

I know folks who don't want to burn loose bark of any kind, because they say it gives off too much smoke?

I figure if it is stacked and dried properly, there should not be a problem?

Any thoughts or tips from experience 'Bark Burners'?

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I've found it doesn't burn particularly well--in fact, I've been pulling it off a bunch of firewood I have if it's loose, and I try to burn the logs bark up until they're really going. Haven't noticed smoke, just a lot less fire.

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Heimert, thank you for your response.
I have found in the past that unless the fire is burning hot, or there is a really good base of hot coals, the bark will, as you said, not burn so well.
I usually just feed in a piece or two of bark, along with small split firewood.

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I don't think there's any harm in tossing in a few pieces to a fire that's going. I just wouldn't rely on it to provide too much additional burning.

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We toss every psrt of the tree in the stove. It all burns. I'm not a fire conniseur so I don't worry that some bark will burn at a lower temp than the rest of the log. It ALL gives off heat. And right now it ten below outside so we burn all the log.

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Christopherh, That's how I think about it too. It all burns and gives out heat and that is what we want.
Stay warm guys and enjoy your wood heat. There is nothing to beat it for all round comfort and warmth!

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