Nutcracker Menu

bobw4emailNovember 25, 2007

We are planning a Christmas menu based on the Nutcracker. Does anyone have any item suggestions? Main dish, appetizers, etc?

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Well....obviously something with about Baclava?
And sugar plums....and to honor the Russian about caviar Blinis? And perhaps eggrolls for the Chinese dance...fraid I am stuck on the reed pipes and the Arabian dance....and perhaps a salad with edible for the Waltz of the Flowers?
And of course there is Herr Drostelmeier.....and the Mouse King...something in Swiss cheese?
I think I would look at a Russian menu and serve some sugar plums for dessert. I mean after all...what would Tchaikowski serve?? LOL!
Linda C

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I love lindac's suggestions (especially the blinis with caiar! Serve ice cold vodka with that). The flower salad is very clever.

Hummous for the Arabian dance, and something with chives for the reed pipes. Marcona almonds or sangria for the Spanish dance. Ice cream or something for the snowflakes. Marzipan for marzipan! Or you can do coffee, tea, and chocolate for Arabia, China, and Spain -- I think that's what the dances are actually called anyway.

Maybe include a few ballet touches in your decorations.

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Great ideas. I'm still thinking on it but just wanted to share this story. Promise I'll come back with an idea too!! LOL

I took Meredith, my daughter, to see the Nutcracker when she was about 4 or 5. Wanting to make sure she understood the story and was familiar with the music, I bought the sound track and an age appropriate book several weeks before we went to see it.

She enjoyed the ballet so much and was able to hum along with all the music and was easily able to follow the story.

After it was over a gentlemen in a tux came out and presented the prima ballerina with a bouquet of roses. Meredith asked me who it was. I told her I wasn't really sure. To which she said in a very loud voice. "I think it must be Mr.Tchaikovsky". Everyone around us melted in laughter!

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