How would I sell fur coats?

linnea56January 12, 2009

Let me say, first, please donÂt bash me for having fur. I did not buy these, they were my motherÂs. Please donÂt bash my mother either. I would like helpful suggestions, if you have an agenda please donÂt answer. IÂm almost afraid to post this question. I'm not sure it should be in this forum either but I don't know which one would be better.

My mother left me 3 fur coats. 2 are mink and one is squirrel. She belonged to an older generation, got through the Depression and many financial challenges. These were a sign of having survived and a gift of love from my father. As it was they were all bought used. These were treasured. I have not dared to wear them; and I never go anywhere dressy anyway. I never go anywhere period other than the grocery store and to work. The 2 minks are in excellent condition.

I would like to sell rather than donate them, as I could use the money. My business did very badly last year and I will probably have to close it.

Is CraigÂs list worthwhile? I donÂt want a bunch of nutsos coming to my house to throw paint on me! Consignment shops?

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No bashing from me, i have NO problem with women who have/want a fur coat..Craigslist is worthwhile, but you will get some replies that will drive you crazy..You can filter some of it by creating an email account that is different from your everyday account,use Gmail or hotmail..

Some furriers purchase gently used furs,and this may not get you the "best" price, it would be the less agravating option...
Best of luck

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Back in the 1960s I worked for a season for a vault where furs were stored for the summer. It was associated with a department store and fur department. They would sometimes help find buyers for furs which were no longer wanted. I had nothing to do with the financial end of things and of course my experience is way out of date.

Another thing that you might consider is that, in times of financial crisis, used luxury goods tend to sell at a large discount. If you are in a position to hang on until the economy is rosy you may get a much better return.

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I think the best you may be able to do is through stores that sell vintage clothing (I've definitely seen furs there). They're more likely in larger cities and may not give you that much because the value of the coats now would only be as vintage novelties, with a small market, rather than anywhere else. People buying new furs (unfortunately still lots around) want NEW ones, not only for the styles but the finishes, etc. It costs a lot of money to redo old furs and likely wouldn't be worth your while (or anyone else's).

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No bashing from me either - I have a full length silver fox that is fabulous in -30 weather. People wear fur here and no one bats an eye.

A good consignment shop might be an option, depending on their pricing and split. Also furriers as mentioned above - they can rework and update good skins.

I do read where people are happy with either buying or selling on CL, etc. but, for me personally, I don't particularly want to deal with strangers at my own home. I've used consignment shops for selling in the past- and was happy not being involved in any actual transactions beyond getting the check for my share of the proceeds.

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I read an article in NyTimes or in New York Magazine many years ago on how to sell used fur coats in NYC. I just did a google search and could not find it--but there are places.

You need to find out the quality of your minks--there are different levels of quality. A vintage store is unlikely to differentiate between good and bad skins--which is OK if your coats are not the best.

I know the little I do know because my grandfather, born in 1903, started a business in his teens. He got the fur scraps from coatmakers and made collars, trim, and, in his old age, Groucho Marx moustaches.

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No bashing from me either I have a raccoon, fox and a couple of minks. I recently bought a new curly Mongolian lamb jacket on eBay. They have quite a lot of fur coats and jacket some new and some used. Take a look around eBay and see about the styles and pricing plus some sellers gave phone numbers so maybe you could find someone who buys vintage furs.

I wear my mink jacket with jeans when it gets really cold. IÂve only has one person ask if it was real fur and I told them it was a fake. I figured if they were rude enough to ask and stupid enough not to know the difference I could tell them anything I wanted to.

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Give them an email address that you set up on a free service just for arm's length issues - one like I use as a screener,

Don't give them your house address ... agree to meet at a public place, coffee shop, etc. Have a friend accompany you when you go to meet them.

Don't be surprised if you have to deal with quite a substantial proportion of the total being late, "no-shows", etc.

You can hardly ask them to buy a P.O. Money Order or have cheque certified ahead of time, so if you agree to sell, either take pay in cash or drive separately to their bank and have them pay you there, then deliver the coat (as agreed beforehand).

Such a procedure, or a similar one, should work - if the interested person is within a short drive.

My friend had a beautiful mink, that she asked me about selling, but we never proceeded very far ...

... then she had dealings with an official person who was personable and gave her exceptional service ... and she sold it to him for a rather nominal price.

He was very pleased ... and said that his wife would be overjoyed.

She's a generous-hearted person ... most of the time.

ole joyful

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These are all very good suggestions for selling used furs. You really won't get very much except in extremely cold regions (of course, right now that looks like the entire Midwest!) so act now.

I love fur, but I don't know any Millenias (Gen X and Y'ers) that will wear it. Used ones are a few hundred dollars from a dealer, so I'd expect they got them for at least 50% less than that. The trouble with older furs is that the suede back becomes dried out and thus more and more fragile, very easily torn under pressure (such as wearing it).

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modern life interiors

i wish you the best of luck

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I have/had furs. No longer have the income level or the lifestyle. Sold a beautiful full length silver fox coat on craigslist fall 2007 for $800 - the coat was $4000 new. I now have been trying to sell a racoon jacket for $100 (started it at $200), & vintage furs from my grandmother which are in beautiful condition. Prices (just so you know what isn't selling) mink stole $35, mink shawl $75, & an absolutely silky soft full length alaskan seal coat w/mink collar $599. Absolutely no interest at all. Don't know if it's the economy, the "vintage" or my location - NJ. I originally posted them back in the beginning of December and reposted them a couple more times. But - it's worth a shot! So good luck!

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I do alot of selling on Craig's list, and always see tons of ads of furs for sale. Desparate sellers posting over and over again furs for hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The key to selling there is to make up your mind - do you want to move the item, or do you want close to fair market value for the item(s)? If it's the latter, when you're talking fur - forget it.

Life isn't fair, and that goes for selling on Craig's List. IF you can price them, you will have a shot of selling them. Let us know how you made out.

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There are lots of sellers of furs on ebay. Look under the specific type of fur you are selling or under the "vintage fur" heading. They are selling for a wide range of prices, but some of the sellers are power sellers and they seem to be selling primarily furs - so lots of people somewhere are selling! I have a few vintage pieces myself. Good luck to you!

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My mother has beautiful coats also--she is very proud of them and asks me to put one on every time I visit!! I guess she thinks I will eventually share her enthusiasm. But I know that I will never have any use for them.

I see furs at estate sales all the time--they never sell.

I wonder if there is more of a market in Europe? I would try to check ebay's international sites -- I believe they operate in Denmark and Holland as well as in the UK.

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No bashing here either! I, too, would never kill an animal for a coat, but am happy to wear something this made for someone else. My sister lives in the UK and wearing furs is dangerous there, so she bought the one she had with her last time she visited me in Atlanta. The coat is beautiful - and I wear it all the time in the winter when the weather in Atlanta is cold enough! (its below freezing again this morning here). I wear it as my day to day coat. Looks great with jeans, pants, boots, pumps. If you live in a cold winter area I would advise you to wear it. You will get pleasure from it for many reasons, first it was your mothers/grandmothers and it will bring back good memories of them, secondly you will be so warm, thirdly you will look good, etc etc. As many have stated the market for selling such items is not great.

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If the fur is old and is now on the endangered species
list, I believe you cannot sell it.. but you can Will it. Or
give it to a family member.
If it is old but exotic there are certain laws that apply.
Some of them silly. Like you can have it made into a chair seat and sell it but not in coat form. Does not apply to
mink, squirrel, beaver etc.

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None are endanged species. Just mink and squirrel.

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I know this thread is old, but for anyone else who came across it searching for pre-owned furs, like I did, I may have some useful advice. I'm not bashing anyone, but do have a problem with animals being skinned alive for fashion. Unfortunately I just love fur garments. The only way I can reconcile my conscience with my desire is to buy estate furs, so I'm happy when people want to sell their old furs. There are some shops in NYC, and other places that sell used furs, you can google the search term & they'll pop up, but I imagine you'd get a better price selling them on your own. It seems like you can get an appraisal, then sell them in online marketplaces. I use, & ebay the most frequently because they seem to have the nicest selection. Craigslist seems a little down market to me. You'd probably get a better price, and more serious buyers, selling in a niche marketplace instead of a place where your ad is listed among used tires, non English speaking maid service, and one night stands with people who offer drugs as part of the experience.

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I won't bash you either. I think the biggest problem with selling furs is that it makes the women wearing them look chunkier and older than they really are -- they are associated with people who are elderly (like your dear mom, who enjoyed her furs in a different era) or with people who are chubby or who are kind of "tacky" (think Kim Kardashian). I don't mean that in a disrespectful way, but it might drive your insight into marketing. If these are vintage pieces with sentimental value they don't have the same negative connotations as far as tackiness or chubbiness, but more of a faded glamor feeling. Still, you might be able to get something for your furs if they have been properly stored. I would try vintage consignment shops as a first stop.

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The consignment shop I frequent sells a lot of furs. The owner carries a selection of furs - from low to high quality. The young girls love to buy the type that do not make them look old - and after the winter we had - they were a lot warmer for it. But while a person can pay a lot for a fur in really good condition, it will be only a fraction of the retail price.

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Since this thread is almost six years old, I'd bet the OP dealt with the furs already.

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I've Sold quite a few on Ebay (See link) a while back. I got good money for them too. Craigslist works sometimes but its hard to sell a specific target such as that unless your in a huge city. Ebay you have buyers worldwide.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sell Fur Coats Here

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