Pellet Stove creating excessive soot in house

minskiJanuary 2, 2008

We have and America's Harvest Pellet stove and this is our 2nd year. I don't recall the soot in the house being as bad last year as it is this year. We are currently buring cherry pits and we use the stove 24 hours a day. The problem is, my entire house (2800 sq. feet) is full of fine black soot. It is on the coffee tables, the windows, even in the loft upstairs. I ran my hand across the tv screen upstairs in the loft and it was completely black last night! I bought new mini blinds two weeks ago and they are now black. Please help! What are we doing wrong. All of this soot cannot be good for our lungs.


Minski in Ithaca

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I think you need to call either the stove store or your installer: that soot indicates to me [a non-pro] that your vent system is leaking into the house.

This is very, very serious: if the soot is gettin in, so is CO2, which can be fatal.

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Your chimny or pipes might be plugged- when this happened to me, I was puzzled, as I had just cleaned the chimny. I got into the chimny again, and found a dead bird partially plugging the pipe. The other poster was so right- CO is getting in also. ORUBORIS- CO2 is Carbon DI(oxide)- having 2 oxygen molecules. Carbon Mon(oxide), meaning 1 oxygen molecule. CO2 =Carbon Dioxide CO= Carbon Monoxide

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minski : thank you for your post I am presently having the same problem with fine soot on walls and it seems heavier in areas that their is static electricity tv screens plastic switch plate covers and plastic blinds. I have had a bixby for 2 years and did not notice it so bad last year. My venting is directly out the wall and was cleaned at the start of the season. I have talked with my dealer about the issue and he hasn't had other complaints yet. Have you found others that are having the same problem, keep in touch looking for a solution. thanks Gary from Mich

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I, too, am having soot problems inside my house due to my
new Newport Avalon pellet stove insert. I called the installer, who is a certified wood stove technician and he
said my pellet stove is defective and under a warranty, I
should be eligible for a replacement. I am still waiting for
this to happen, but is this a common problem with pellet stoves?

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I've had my Enviro pellet stove for about 5 years and this has never been a problem, but that may be due to my keeping the vent clean. You also want to make sure the exhaust blower is functioning properly. I had to replace the bearings in mine several months ago because of excessive noise. While I had it apart I noticed soot build up in the blower housing and cleaned it out.

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