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lunchlady1948November 20, 2006

Good Evening Ladies!

I am late again sorry. I just got really lazy today. The last few days have been a big rush for me with lost of driving and running around. My DS has one online class he is doing and another one he goes to the college for and both require lots of time on the computer so I can not get on as much anymore:(

Ruthie good for you on your testing:)

Is everyone getting ready for the big holiday?? I am only having to bring the appys:) Easy Peasy:)I have to say I have gotten really lazy the last few years with my DD and her BF doing the holiday meals. I love it!!!

I am having a hard time staying on prgram right now:(

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Morning LunchLady...It was a busy day for us here yesterday too....Had a 20/20 diagnosis at the eye doc and have an appt on the 13th to get the other eye done...Things are moving along with out Thansgiving dinner too. We are going to Austin to eat with the kids...The girls want to cook this year and that's just fine with me....I'm bringing a dessert and dressing...I love dressing and I am happy that they requested my dressing...

I weighed in at 148 this morning but yesterday wasn't a good food day. I over ate and it really all amounted to having a sandwich at lunch and then I could have accounted for that at dinner but then I didn't...I just kept on eating...It is not so much what I ate as how much. It really almost seems like my body rebels at going below 145...If I eat anything over what I should, zap I'm way over...

My husband got his cholesterol back yesterday and it was 180...remember mine was 329...doesn't make sense...I eat so little fat and his middle name is fat...arghhhhhhhhhhhh!

I'm going to try and eat good during the holidays but I am going to have a nice meal also. I plan to stick to my exercise....I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving and can eat good without gaining a lot....

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I just had blood work today to have my cholesterol recheck. I eat pretty good too Rutie it is just the same I eat too much:(

Today I went to 11 different shops just doing errands, starting out at the dr after fasting all night for my blood work so of course I had to eat:) before I started shopping. And of course I was out so long I had to eat again:) And tonight is my quilt guild meeting,I go out to dinner with some gals first:(

Gals I am so pooped out from running around all the time thinking my DH could not do this ever what would he do with out me:) Can your DH's do more that 2-3 errands a day?? LOL Not mine:(

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I have been sick since last Wednesday. Thursday the doc said no strep so must be a cold.

By Sunday (day 3 with no sleep) I could not take the 'cold' anymore. My body was racked with pain from coughing.

Went to urgent care, who diagnosed severe bronchitis. Between my Thursday doc visit and Sunday doc visit, the doc scales showed 4 pounds lost.

Not the best way to lose weight I tell ya! Of course it may bounce back a bit with turkey day at DH's sis house. LOTS of puerto rican goodies! But I'm bringing one of the crustless pumpkin recipes too, so I can have my own treat!

I'm actually talking today and coughing less. At least now when I cough, I don't feel like I'm losing a lung :-)

First time ever that I had a bug which made me NOT eat :-) Trust me, I rarely miss a meal. A few years back I even ate breakfast after full labor started and the obgyn told DH to take me to the hospital :-) I was so afraid of how long it would be before I ate again LOL

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LunchLady I don't see how you could gain any weight, you are so constantly moving around going here and there....Trek...Hope you are feeling better soon...you are right that's a hard way to loose weight....I didn't think the holidays would be all that hard but truthfully, I weighed this morning and I weighed 148+ ...remember I am trying to crash below 145...I can stary at 145 as long as I don't eat anything out of the ordinary...I mean I can't eat one cookie or it shows....I ate a brownie yesterday...and this morning 148...Truthfully I am fed up with the weight battle....You know what is hard is when your friends want to give you a piece of pie or a piece of cake....you can see the disappointment on their faces...I know ...I know we have to be true to ourselves but if you want my opinion ...it truly sucks...

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GAWD!!! I ate out five times yesterday:( All three meals and snacks at quilting and then those danged pals of mine wanted to go out after:( I just had a cup of decaf and 1/8th of a grilled cheese SHEESE!!

I do run around alot Ruthie, that has got to count for some exercise??? I did weigh myself at CURVES on Monday and I am 2 pounds over my goal weight of 146~~~yes148. But, in reality I wanted my goal weight to be 148. Good thing I ended up with 146 or I'd be sitting here weighing 150:(

I do think this is going to be hard for me watching my portion sizes and what I eat:(

TK glad you are feeling better. I get sick every year with
sinusitis (I think I get it from the $$ I collect from the germ invested kids at school:( I get it at least 2X's:( I have to wait to go to the Dr' when the headache is killing me and I can not touch my sinus area with out crying. If you go one day too soon they say oh it is only a cold~~if I go when I can hardly drag myself there (and the urgent care is over crowded) then they say oh my GAWD you have the worst case of sinusitis take this this and that! I get so mad why not give it to me to prevent it from going into sinusitis??? I will never understand this??

Hope you all have fun days tomorrow:) I am LOL since I am not cooking:)

Are any of you going out like crazy gals on Friday shopping:) I do not, but I have in the past now it is just way too crowded!

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Ruthie, been thinking about your plateau a lot.

Some random thoughts:

Last time in WW, I set my goal at 145. What happened? I stopped right there. I do not know why but it set a mental block in my mind that anything past that was not achievable. (You know they always say it's just the 'lifetime' goal but you can go further if you want).

So this time they also wanted to set 145, but I asked them to make my LT 141 :-) Just figured once I get there I'll need that extra push.

So here I started at 170, I'm currently at ~162, feel way better although NOWHERE near how I feel when I"m at LT goal.

After reading your thoughts, I thought about myself. So for me what's the diff between 145 and 135 that might give me my own internal push to hit the next 'goal'?

I think 145 to me means somewhere between a 10 and a 12.
135 would mean a solid 10! So for me, to push myself past that mental wall, I am going to set a size goal and not a weight goal. That way my mind wont play tricks on my weight!!!

Ruthie, hope my random thoughts help you to evaluate what type of 'goal' you can define that will mean the difference of getting past the wall. I mean "passing 145" isnt really enough of a goal - at least so far it hasnt worked for you. But maybe a size goal? Maybe a weight goal? Maybe an exercise goal? You just need a new goal!!!!

Maybe a weekly goal. "By this time next week I will do ______". That way you do it in weekly increments. At least you'll have something defined to shoot for!!

Hope this is helpful.

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Thanks Trek for all the thoughts...I have to change the attitude that I have had for the last few days.....that's for sure....I hope you guys will overlook my negative postings the last few days....My ultimate goal is 135...I will still weigh more than I should but I will have some meat on my bones to fill out some wrinkles too and my belly should be mostly gone at that point...I started the day today with a whole new attitude...the scale was up ...it was actually higher than it has been in awhile...149...see I made myself tell you all because I wasn't going to do it...but for the last two days, I have been off my plan and eating pretty much what I wanted to including pigging out on dessert...all done...trust me...when I saw the 149 this morning I said to myself...dumb ass...it's your own danged fault...so then I just laughed and thought ...better get back on track...I'll pig out today maybe on the less fattening stuff but even if I over eat....I can say that my motivation is still there and I am not depressed about what is going on...Just have to move on and do the right thing...I sure hope you guys have a great day and celebrate the holiday with your loved ones...Thanks Ladys for giving me a place to beetch.....I'm good to go again...I promise you...no more sucking my thumb...

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I done Good! Hous about you all? I ate a tiny bit of everything including dessert but I left that table feeling satisfied and not one bit stuffed...I tell ya Ladies...I am proud of me....

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I did good also, I ate alot~~~how was that good you ask?? I did not feel stuffed. So I think that means I ate not as much as my usual self who feels like barfing after stuffing myself :(

I should be going to my WI tonight:( But I am not going for two reasons~~I know it will be a bit high and my DH is home and we want to go to a Light Festival tonight that is at the same time:) So I will go Monday night and starve myself all day LOL!!!

Gotta go we may be joining all of the crazy shoppers today:)

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I had a really good day today...My stomach actually feels a little mooshy today for some reason...maybe because there was more fat than I normally eat...I ate mashed potatoes...probably had butter and I know the dressing had fat...or it could be some other reason too...I have had a good food day though and don't plan to eat much tonight because of the stomach...I actually took an alkaseltzer thinking that might help...what I actually feel like is maybe a bowl of hot ceral....Eat well Ladies...more holidays are coming...

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This time around in WW they have talked a lot about listening to your internal gauge and stopping when you are full. So I had a plate of small spoons of a taste of everything but did not overdo it. And I pushed the food away when my tummy said full.

Still not very able to exercise. We shopped for Black Friday and that was a workout LOL but it wore me out. I think I will be getting over this chest infection for a long time :-(

Sure wish I was my old self and could just head to my sis in law's gym here like I did on past visits but I just have to take it easy for another week or two.

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Well, I did very well for Thanksgiving dinner. The first trick is to have it at your house. That way you can make sure of the ingredients. I roasted the turkey as usual. Made a mushroom barley stuffing (of course I made Stove Top for those who couldn't hang with the mushroom barley) which was very tasty. Used WW recipe for sweet potatoes with crushed pineapple (very good, by the way). Mashed red potatoes with no butter, only fat free evaporated milk with salt and pepper. No points gravy. Corn on the cob. Sugar free cranberries from scratch. Crustless pumpkin pie and banana couscouse pudding parfait for dessert.

Regular WI is on Thursday, so I went Saturday instead. I expected to have at least maintained, but got a very nice surprise - I LOST 4 POUNDS!!! Don't mean to brag, but I am so proud of myself.

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Way to go Donna....I didn't weigh this morning...I just don't want to know...I feel like I am eating right but the scales just keep inching up...granted only by tenths of a pound or so but still up...I'll be at 150 soon....I'm going backwards...Yesterday we were down to one diet pepsi so I thought...no problem I'll let DH have the Pepsi and I'll drink the Cream soda...now I don't usually even drink soda of any kind so water would have been fine too so I drank not one but two before I realized that they were not diet but full caloried sodas...I wanted to cry...but I have been doing that kind of crap all week..gotta get going again...

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TK hope you will feeling better soon~~I know I am going to get sick I can feel it coming on. Just hope it does not happen over my 2 week winter break:(

Donna good for you losing that weight even with the holiday, it does sound like you made the best choices in your cooking:)

Ruthie I am like you my weight seems to be going up:( I am afraid to go WI. My portion controls are good it is just not always the right choices:( I will WI at CURVES tomorrow and see:( I think I have to WI at WW's by Weds to stay with in my time frame:(

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