Anybody Tried Hi-Energy Weight Loss Program?

des_arc_ya_yaNovember 2, 2004

Hi, all! Have occasionally lurked here and at various other sites on the Home Site.

Has anybody tried Hi-Energy? Was it successful, how expensive, did you like it, etc.?

I lost about 14 pounds from last October to January on low carb and then gained all of it back!

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Hi Ya Ya,

I've not tried Hi-Energy. However, I tried low carb (lost 38 lbs), then gained it all back plus more. Currently, I'm practicing portion control and healthy eating through a Weight Watchers program. It's slow-going, but working for me. I need to change the way I approach food, and the fad stuff has never worked for me long-term.

Lots of luck in whatever you choose!
See you over at KT!!!

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I tried low-carb, too, and ended up gaining weight. Like DeeMarie, I decided to work on portion control (Weight Watchers) AND exercise (30 minutes a day). I have more energy than I've ever had before, I've been at goal weight since May, and I love my new size! I no longer subscribe to WW, but I still watch my portion sizes and exercise faithfully.

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HI-ENERGY: On May 29, 2008 I signed a Hi-Energy (Medifast) contract to lose 34 pounds in 12 weeks and then maintian it with their services in the Scottsdale, AZ office.

Length of contract: 72 weeks (18 months)
1. purchase price of plan $924.00

Cost Breakdown (not including food).
a. plan cost $476.00
b. health exam, testing & lab fees $199.00
c. other (1st week Detox program) $249.00

The DOLLAR-A-DAY advertised evidently does not include b & c above. Nor was b & c presented as an option. The program does cost less than a dollar a day with part A only ($0.94). Therefore, the cost comes out to $12.83/week (72wks) or $1.83/day (72wks).
With a background in medical studies--the program looks promising. Bottom line--eat less, move more and change behaviors, so, with that, I needed a structured program and that's why I opted for this plan. If the cost seems high--remember that you are paying UPFRONT and then ask yourself if $1.83 per day is worth meeting and maintaing your desired weight? Of course! They will let you pay half and then weekly to catch up on the balance (x 3 weeks). I posted this info because I didn't find it when I looked. :-) If requested, I'll post answers related to any questions.

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Week II in Hi-Energy (post "Detox"): Yesterday was my "first service" visit to the Gilbert, AZ office. (Btw, the contract states you have until 7 days or within 3 days of the first service date to cancel the program, whichever comes first.)

Interviewed by a counselor regarding my first week of "Detox" whom when asked admitted to no credentials relating to nutrition, dieting or any medical field. After explaining the program guide booklet and selecting my food choices for purchase ($148.69--I bought extra boxes to accomadate food choices), she administered a 10-lead electrocardiogram.

I learned this is a 5 and 1 program where I eat six (6)times a day. Five (5) times with their "Medifast" food and one (1) time, i.e. dinner from my home refrigerator.

Dinner, or "Lean & Green", in one sentence is basically any lean meat, e.g., fish, chicken, pork, turkey, lamb and so on. You can go meatless with eggs. The "Green" is broken down chartwise into a low, moderate and highest carb count listing from their guide.

Bottom line: After listening to the counselors about taking the upcoming urine test for Ketones, studying the guide and the Medifast food boxes, the Hi-Energy program offered here in Arizona--is the very same Medifast program offered online, or what is is offered at any Medifast facility (e.g. Texas). Online, you are offered an opportunity to start a franchise or join the program. See the link: and you will know "Hi-Energy." Everything is there to include the program guides and food information.

However, the this rabbit hole goes even deeper. These programs work by spilling ketones, or more simply put, changing the body metabolism to primarily burning fat stores in leiu of carbohydrates. At the deepest depth of this rabbit hole--you will find Robert C. Atkins, M.D. He wrote a #1 best seller called: "Dr. Atkins' New Diet Revolution" 2002 latest edition for $7.99. May he rest in peace.

I own this book and lost 20 pounds on the Atkins diet serveral months ago. I've kept off the weight because my girl-friend who does the cooking always has presented my dinners with lean and green! Btw, a prevailing media misconception of Atkins is that there are no carbs on this diet. Actually, the first week "limits" carbs to 20 grams to induce ketosis, and thereafter to around 40 grams per day. If you look at carb gram counts in different foods-you will notice this is an abundance of food.

It's dark in this hole . . . let me get my flashlight out . . . alias Hi-Energy at $924.00 plus food, or the Atkins book at $7.99 plus the frig and sensible grocery shopping?

Here is a link that might be useful: Medifast is Hi-Energy

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Regarding: b. health exam, testing & lab fees $199.00 from my first posting.

1. The "health exam" is administered by a conselor and properly stated, the "conselors health exam" consists of taking body measurements (through clothing) and asking questions. The counselor does not need any college credentials in nutrition or health. My initial conselor, when asked about her training and credentials, said she was an "educator."

2. The "testing" will consist of peeing in a bottle on my second service visit to measure ketones using reagent strips for urinalysis (color changing strips) which you can buy at CVS for around $15 (Ketostix, 50 strips).

3. The "lab fees" are a printed copy of the blood test results given to you which include the lipid panel, metabolic panel and complete blood count. In english: cholesterol, sugar and immune sytem.

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I cancelled the contract after I discovered a contradictory timeline in the contract, "Âwithin 7 days of the first service . . ." as opposed to the elsewhere stated within 3 days of the first service or 7 days from the contract date whichever comes first (paraphrasing).
Therefore, I wonÂt be able to answer any questions regarding progress. This program seems like a repackaged Medifast diet with the addition of the first week Detox regimen which consisted of:

Days 1& 2: Fruits, vegetables, whole grain food (pasta, oatmeal etc) and distilled water. Fruit servings1 cup max. Veggies are 1 to 2 cups cooked and raw respectively. Whole grains up to 4 servings per day and serving size as indicated on package. Eat six times a day.
Day 3 & 4: No solid foods. You will drink (2) 32 oz. bottles of lemonade mixtureÂ4oz. of pure lemon juice and 4 oz. of maple syrup per bottle (women get 2oz. of syrup) made with distilled water. Syrup is grade A or C. Drink every two hours. You actually have to sip so as not to run out before your day ends.
Days 5 & 6: Fruits, vegetables and 2 Medifast shakes.
Day 7: Fruits, vegetables, shakes and whole grains again.

Next blog--the supplements

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i'm not sure what hi-energy weight loss center you guys tried, but i used the one here in Jonesboro, Ar, and it was great. it was a little pricey, i paid about $300 for the full program, which included an ekg and lab test before i started. But, I lost right at 100 pounds in about 7 months, and have kept it off for over 2 years. Our program had nothing to do with medifast, all food comes from your local grocery store, and all you buy from them are supplements in the form of shakes, puddings, chocolate bars, etc. you can do the diet and use atkins bars and shakes instead of their supplements, you just have to watch and only have no more than 3 of the phase 1 atkins bars per week. I would be happy to post a copy of their diet if you want it so you can see exactly what it is. it's a modified low carb diet. i say modified because you do get to have 2 slices of bread per day.

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