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lunchlady1948November 13, 2006

HMMM I am late posting again. My life gets in the way of my computor time!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend mine was good~~we went to the brunch with my older DD and her BF there were 10 adults and an 18month old. Good food and good people. Then we went back to my DD's place and saw the new furniture they have gotten and they had the house painted. Looks great, already for the holidays. I felt I did pretty good food wise at the brunch just not very good at my portions BUT I was sitting there in another pair of my new tiny pants Size 10) so I felt good:) Good thing they were stretch material LOL!!

Donna, where have you been are you lurking?? Come on down and let us know how you are~~~that goes for you too Wildchild:)

Erinette, I never gave you a proper welcome I am sorry. My MIL died a week ago and I got a bit off track. Please come and post with us:)

TK sounds like you are doing great with making sure you get some exercise in your day.

Ruthie, girlfriend you are doing GREAT!! Keep it up!

I went to the dr today after work and you know what girls?? His scale is broken~~or so it seemed to me weighing me 2-3 pounds over what my last weigh in was!!

HMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to CURVES tomorrow and weigh myself, I'll show that old dr.

OH OH!! I went to the yoga centr after the dr to see about joining:) But they were not open but they had the papers out with the schedule and all the info on it so I got one. I am getting closer to joining. I am just so uncordinated I am afraid of making a fool out of my self just trying to balance:(

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I'm still hanging around. Had a bit of a setback a couple of weeks ago. A disappointing weigh in. It was the first time that DH and I both didn't have a weight loss. He gained back one pound, and I gained 1/2. If he hadn't had a gain, too, I could have claimed "that time of the month", but no. Last Thursday, though, we had lost that much and more. Don't know what we did different.

I discovered quinoa today. I love it. I watched an Alton Brown Good Eats episode a while ago, so remembered he said to toast it before cooking. I just fixed it in the rice cooker with a ratio of 1 part quinoa to 2 parts water and a pinch of salt. I love it! I put a little Splenda and FF milk over it and I think I have found my new favorite breakfast. Except, of course, I had it for dinner tonight. It's not too chewy, like brown rice or bulgur.

I may not always be posting, but I'm always reading.

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My doctor's scale is much higher than the scale at WW. The WW scale seems to match my home scale. So I think those doctor scales are at fault!!!!!!!

Eating well this week although I did eat a few chocolate treats from all the gifts left on my desk yesterday. Can't do that today!!!!!

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I always weigh a bit more at the doctors too but then I sometimes have clothes on and I always weigh in my night shirt at home....I was at 146 this morning...don't know what that's about...been 145 for three mornings straight and now back to 146...It seems like my body just doesn't want to weigh less than 145/146....It is so hard when you are really working at it and to have no results......I am having a day without food on Thursday so perhaps that will put me back down at 145...I don't have any choice...having my first colonoscopy as part of my yearly physical....yuk...not looking forward to that one but it is the last of my physical.....

I am going to continue to eat on plan and to exercise as I would like for the kids to go "WOW! when they see me at Thanksgiving...

Stay the course Ladies....It is sooooo worth it...

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Good Morning

My weight has always gone up and down since I have been on WW's I try not to let it get me down. My lowest was 142~~I could not figure out how I did that, but of course I did not stay there but one week.

Since we are to think of it as a lifestyle change we need to quit worrying about the numbers so much. Do you feel better?? Aren't you excited when you can wear something that has been hanging in the closet the last few years??? I love it that when I look at myself sideways in the mirror I no longer look PG :)

Ruthie you are exercising so much that you are building up your muscles and they say they weigh more than fat:)

Donna you and your DH are doing great!!

TK I agree what is wrong with those dr'd scales!

Have a great day drink lots of water harder to do I am finding out now that it is not as hot out

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I know that everything you say is true and I try not to be discouraged ...but...it is hard.....For the last few days, I have weighed 145....this morning I got up...I weighed 148. It is soooooo disheartening when you are trying so hard...I am so glad that I can come here and pound the table because I know my husband is sick of hearing it....My friends don't want to hear it, I'm sure they are sick of it too...Today I feel like just pigging out and eating anything and everything...well I won't do it and I promise that but I'm in a really bad frame of mind today with the food issues...

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It is frustrating but day to day fluctuations due to differences in hydration can happen. No one gains 3 actual pounds that quickly - it's impossible.

So keep your consistent eating and keep the faith! When I want to see a lot of scale movement, I'll hit the fruits and veggies extra hard and it seems to help the scale AND my cravings.

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HI!! Ladies I am going to be gone for the next three days:) Taking my mom to the dr today then going over to my older DD's house to go to dinner with her family down at the beach:) Right on the beach I am so excited:)I will spend the night with her we will go shopping all day friday. then I will spend Friday night and leave sat moring to go over to a pals house for lunch:)

Big test to stay on program eh??

See Ya Sunday:)

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LL, plan, plan, plan! Bring something healthy and filling to start your day so that you can treat yourself without being tempted to keep on treating :-)

And if it's on the beach go for a nice walk!

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Test is done and I came through with flying colors...nothing there that shouldn't be....I even got a picture...Yuk....I woke up totally dehydrated of course so I weighed and the scale read 143...now that made me feel good....I knew it was only for a few hours but still...143....yipeeeeee ... I weighed in at 145. this morning so I am happy with that...I ate too much food yesterday but tried to be careful...I was just starving after the big ast...So I'll be good today and hope that this coming week I can hit the 144 mark...

I really believe in enjoying life and accomplishing goals at the same time so I won't worry too much about Thanksgiving....It is just a happening with way too much food...I love all those foods too so I will just try to eat until satisfied and then quit...I really believe that is what it's all about...I hope you all can come to terms with the holidays and try to limit your intake but enjoy at the same time....Life is too short...

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