Grout precautions?

Auroras_EnvyJanuary 28, 2013


I am in the process of finishing a tiling project on our gas fireplace. I want to make sure that there wasn't any precaution I had to take with the grout, or if there was a kind that was better for heat applications. The area isn't directly exposed to flame or anything, but the area does get pretty warm when the fireplace has been on for awhile.

I'm leaning towards sanded grout because the joint sizes are greater than 1/8" for the most part. I just haven't been able to find a lot of information/recommendations with grout in conjunction to surfaces that periodically heat up. I'm assuming that would be fine since grout is similar to cement?

Any thoughts/recommendations? I've included a picture. If it matters, the tiles are actually mirror shards.

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