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lunchlady1948November 27, 2006


How is everyone doing?? I weighed myself at CURVES today:( I am now 3 pounds over my goal:( SHEESH!!! I can not make it to my WW's meeting til this Friday that puts me into Dec~~~meaning I did no WI in Nov what do they do to you then????

I have eaten on program today so far so I feel good about that and have watched my portion sizes:) Gotta get myself together for my 2 weeks off at Christmas!!!

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See if you can find a place to do an interim WI before Friday. Otherwise they will probably charge you something.

All the 'off program' eating over the weekend has left me feeling like I have a brick in my stomach. I didn't go overboard too too much but still - it's amazing when I do WW for a while, any non WW food makes my stomach hurt.

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Woooooo EEEEEEEEEEEEeee it's hard isn't it...all this wonderful food and next to nil in the wilpower department...I'm holding my own but I know I am not in losing mode right at the moment....treKaren...I recognize that feeling too...One of the best things I have learned through ww's is that being satisfied feels better all the way around..I didn't weigh this morning and truthfully I didn't not because I thought I would be over but because I was afraid I wouldn't be and it would give me permission to over eat...not a good thing...If I can hang in here between 145 on good days and 149 on bad days...I won't be myself up but 150 is getting in to no no no land...Try to hang in there ladies and fill up on good stuff before you go anywhere..

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Todays my first WI in two weeks since they gave us last Thursday free. My home scale looks good, so I'm optimistic - cautiously :-) especially since I was completely unable to do any exercise. I'm still coughing a bit - dont know if my chest will be 100% better for a while.

I bought myself a present a couple of weeks ago - got a Sirius satellite radio. Had buyer's remorse (especially the subscription) but my Sis in law said that we can't take it with us so we should give in once in a while and buy ourself something.

Anyway, this morning, I'm jamming away to the best of the 80's! The great thing is that they pick songs that you really haven't heard in ages, mixed in with more familiar songs.

There are also several stations playing wall to wall Christmas songs. I have listened to both the pop and country versions, and really enjoyed myself.

What are you guys enjoying today?

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It is cold and windy here today...A good day to stay in and get some baking or cooking done...I went to the market and picked up a few things and now am at home snug again. We are going to build a fire tonight for the first time...We dont get much nasty weather here in the Texas Hill Country but it is cold...something like 32 this morning early and the worse part is the wind...It is so windy you can feel it blowing your vehicle...Now I'm a real TX lady and drive an extended cab pickup and I could still feel it...

I am strictly on plan today and do not intend to vary from that...I have the crockpot going with chicken for the husband and veggies for me...I will have a little chicken but mostly veggies...I'm going to save some points so I can have a piece cornbread too....

I have days when I hate watching my way of eating and not being able to eat french fried shrimp (My husbands lunch yesterday) but truth is...I feel so danged smug with my eating that most of the time I feel good about it...I wanted the fried cat fish or the shrimp but I ate grilled salmon and you know what...It was fabulous....

Eat good Ladies but stay on plan...

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HI!! I have been so busy, I did not even get a chance to get here this week:( I tried from work and kept getting blocked out. I guesss the school district wants me to work not be on the net What's Up With That :)

I did a WI at CURVES again on Weds and was only 2 pounds from goal so safe, I just did not have anytime to go WW's and WI I do have one coupon I paid for left so I will for sure make it next week and just use that:)

I was so mad today!! Last week I had my cholesterol blood test and today the nurse called because it is up 26 pts:( How can that be I have lost weight, exercise 3X's a week plus the work out I get at work!! I almost cried:( I was taking a name brand pill, but they now have a generic one, so of course with my HMO I have to take that or pay full price could that be it?? I thought generic was supposed to be just the same:( Also since I got on WW's in March I quit eating oatmeal for breakfast~~I started eating the fakey eggs it help me so much to make it through work til I could eat my lunch at 1:30. That was one of the main reasons I lost so much weight, it kept me from eating junk as I was serving lunch to the kids (those chicken nuggets at up pts wise ya know:(

DANG!! I am so upset:( I see the dr on the 12th:( I just can not figure out how that could happen:(

TK my DS has had Sirus radio for about a year now and loves it, sometimes he sits in his truck in the driveway to finish listening to that stinky Howard Stern when he gets home form work:( He always has a world of information to tell us from that guy LOL!!

I am gonna make it OK through the holidays:) I just need to watch portion control!

OH ya know the worst problem I am having now that is so cold out?? Is drinking enough water:( I am bloated:( Any suggestion's???? I think my 2lbs over are because of my lack of water:(

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I hear ya talking LunchLady...the cholesterol problem stinks...I would be interested in knowing what you were taking and what you were switched too..Only because I am hoping to go from my high priced drug to one that I don't have to pay so much for and/or get off the meds all together...a generic would help....

I didn't weigh this morning....I am going to try and stop the weighing every day and try to concentrate on the important things. I ate good yesterday or so I think...I am making cake balls for my neighbors for christmas and I tasted the mix several times...well I had too because I was adding amaretto to it and didn't want to drown them...

I have every plan of eating good today...sticking to my plan...My goal for the holiday is not necessarily to lose weight but to maintain or not gain any...one thing I have to do is get hot with the exercise...I have been lazy and need to get started again...Eat well Ladies and have a terrific day...

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Good plan Ruthie. I plan everyday to eat well and most of my meals are good, it is the snacks, but I am not snacking even close to the way I used to. Right now if all of my new pants fit me through the holidays that is all I am going to care about:)If I over eat and they do not fit I have nothing to wear so that has stopped me in my tracks from over eatting.

Tonight my DD's and I are going to an old pals tree trimming party, that will be my challenge of the day such good food! Two of the people there own famous bakeries in the China town area of LA and I have to tell you what they bring for dessert is to die for:( So we shall see:(

Ruthie I was taking the brand name Provachol and now I am taking the genric of it Pravastatin. My insurance did not cover the Provachol, but the other two my dr tried me on made me so sick that he called the insurance company and they let me have this brand now they have a generic of it. I do not want to have to try another brand for fear it will make me sick:( Today I ate oatmeal if that will help, I will just start having it for lunch:)

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I actually AM eating oatmeal daily since starting WW back at Labor Day. It's two points, and I need fuel to keep me going. an egg product would leave me starved!

My 1/2 cup of oats (quick-cook in the round container), 1 cup of water, nutmeg, cinnamon and equal or splenda comes out to 2 points for a whole cup of nourishment!

If nothing else, you can go back to eating oats for just 2 points!

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I love oatmeal and do it nearly every day for breakfast...Instead of water, I make mine with 1% milk...My mama made it that way and that's the way I like it...I also think it gives me just that little extra protein to keep me going till lunch.....and the point count is worth it...I have a container of apple pie spice and one of pumpkin pie spice so I often sprinkle a little into my oatmeal...that and a slice of WW high fiber toast is all I eat for breakfast...

I am going to check my book today and make sure I am still eating the right number of points...I haven't looked in ages and I have dropped 25 so I was thinking last night maybe I am at a point where I need to lower my points....Anyone remember right off the top of your head how many points you can have if you are at 148....

We are putting up the tree and are about half finished...well maybe a third finished...My DH helped me or I would barely have gotten starte...

Hope you all have a wonderful day...Exercise even if its just shopping like crazy and eat well...but on plan....

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Good evening girls. Do you mind if I join in?

I started WW about a month ago. I have a lot to lose and I'm down 8.5#s so far. I'm determined this time to make it.

I checked my book for you ruthie and below 150 you should be having 20 points daily. One of the things that the WW instructor stresses at our classes is that you make sure you eat your points and that you get your 2 tsp. of oil in daily. Hope this info is helpful to you.

I have been struggling this weekend. I didn't plan my meals and that has thrown me. Hopefully it will not have too much of an effect at my weigh in on Wed. I'm counting my flex points in for yesterday and back on the program today. I need support and you guys sound dedicated. So if it is alright to you, I'd like to be part of the group.

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