What's your fav type Christmas party?

kathleen_liNovember 11, 2006

What type of holiday gathering do you enjoy most? Brunch, Open House, Cocktail Party? We are in our 50's so children and babysitters are not a concern. So what type party was the most fun for you? Anything you remember about a party that made it fun/special?? Thanks for you thoughts!

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Cocktail party by all means...lots of friends, lots of candles, house decorated, a table full of yummy munchies, a bar with all anyone could dream up to drink ( beer,3 kinds of wine and the basic hard liquor).....and my shopping done!
In my crowd, we don't see many parties like that any more....the last was one that I threw with friends about 3 years ago... It used to be that there would be 4 or 5 every holiday season....seems people around here don't throw parties any more.
Linda C

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My uncle use to throw a 'black tie optional' cocktail type party every year. He wasn't married so he hired a small staff of caterers/bartenders to make and serve most of the food and drinks. It was one of the few times a year that I actually got to get dressed up. The invitations were even extraordinaire! And, he used, what seemed like, millions of poinsettia plants for decorations. Really fun and special if you can afford it. And, even if you don't hire a caterer, you could still have a semi-formal/formal type cocktail party. I loved to get dressed up for the holidays.

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My favorite Christmas party is one we go to every year the Saturday night before Christmas. It starts at about 5:00 PM and can go on all night. Kids are welcome and they usually occupy a separate TV room where movies are showing.

The hosts provide a huge ham, a roast, some appetizers, some wine, and a holiday punch (non-alcoholic). Everyone brings food to share and a bottle of wine. Since the guests come from all over every year, there is an amazing assortment of foods and wines! It's very relaxed and fun, with interesting people. Last year I was talking to a very nice woman and found out later she is the wife of the Japanese Ambassador... you never know who you will meet at this party.

Cheers, from

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Thanks for your thoughts. Ok 2 for cocktails, one family type. Any others?? I am leaning towards a brunch or open house. The family type will be the 23rd, but I am thinking of something for neighbors, and then another event for friends.
When the kids were younger, (and us too!) we used to do the Santa party for 90, days of cooking and worked full time too. Can't handle that anymore, like to be able to have most everything done and out before guests arrive.
Looking forward to hearing more about your fav holiday gathering!!!
Long Island, NY

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I love holiday brunches and also open houses. In the past, I've combined the 2 and had a brunch open house from 11:00 am to 3 pm. I've had brunch casseroles, a variety of sweets, fruits, and many, many nibbly things. I'd like to do it again this year, but the way the Sundays fall, I'd have to have it Christmas Eve or New Years Eve, and that doesn't seem plausible. I have too much to do before that point to hold it further ahead of Christmas. I may do just an evening Open House. I have to plan soon, as the holidays are fast approaching.

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Put me squarely in the Cocktial Party category! Black Tie optional is WONDERFUL! Is there really anything more fun then being able to dress up and pull out all the stops at the holidays?

A lovely variety of appetizers, full bar (with hired help if the budget allows) is always my preference. IT allows the host/hostess to circulate and mingle. Don't get caught up in so many food items you have to spend the entire night in the kitchen. Have a blast and put on the ritz, glitz and sparkle!


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Here's another idea if you're leaning towards brunches/open houses especially if you find just too much is going on the weeks right before Christmas. Have you considered having a open house party on Jan. 1st? Yes, it is the day after New Year's Eve but almost everyone is off and probably not feeling much like cooking themselves. Our neighbors used to have a yearly party and I always looked forward to it. There was a big mix of people, some were kind of dressed up and others just wore jeans. Since the stress of the Holidays were generally over, it just seemed like a more relaxed type party than a typical rushed Holiday open house.

And, here's an idea for a Christmas party...I'm not sure what the ettiquette books say about this one, but one of my friends used to have an "adopt a family for Christmas" party. The guests, if willing, would be given a person in a poor family (like the 13 year old girl or 2 yr old boy) and then would be assigned to get a toy or clothing item for them. So pratically everyone brought a gift for someone in this poorer family. Some people were even assigned wrapping paper and such to bring. It wasn't required, but it really put the "giving" aspect in Christmas and IMHO, and it was a lot better than having to bring a bean dip. I'm sure a local church could help you track down a needy family that you could help spoil to death.

Or, you could go caroling for a specific cause during your party if you think you have a music loving group. Does anyone even carol anymore?

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