green coffee extract anyone?

vieja_gwNovember 20, 2012

I saw recently on TV Dr. Oz talking about green coffee extract & losing weight especially around the middle/waist.

Anyone tried this yet? No matter how much or little I weigh, my middle is always big but this supplement sounds too good to be true!

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I came here tonight hoping to find some info on this coffee bean too. I saw it on Dr Oz's show. He seemed to think favorably about it. I went to my Dr.'s today about another matter and asked him what he thought about it. (I take diabetic medicine, blood pressure, cholesterol and thyroid medicines) He said it was completely safe, however there is a lot of caffeine in it, so if it makes me nervous or my heart races to stop taking it. He said I could be his guinea pig and let him know how it's working. I don't know where to buy it, I was going to search on the internet. Hope someone responds that is taking it! Ruth Ann

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ruthann: I also am on lorsartin for blood pressure, vytorin for cholesterol, synthroid for thyroid & carbidodopa for RLS (restless leg syndrome). I am of Swedish heritage so I drink a LOT of coffee so it shouldn't bother me with the caffeine in the green coffee beans. I understood it can be bought at Walmart. Am active outdoors all summer & keep my weight under control but I just want to lose some belly fat that seems to stay no matter how much I weigh!

Am going to ask my Dr. about it also & I may try to start taking it.... hope we both find it works!!

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If I remember correctly, they said to take only what is labeled pure and when I researched it, the best source I found was on Amazon.

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Another Magic Bullet. Diet and exercise, that's what does it, not all this blue-sky stuff. All you will lose is money.

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Got a bottle of 'Diet Works' green coffee bean extract (made with svetol/ 45%chlorogenic acid) from Costco as it had a coupon from there with money off. Contains less than 16 mg of caffeine per two tablet serving.

Take two pills a day but just started them so shall see what happens in a month or two. I drink a lot of coffee & no problems but this week I have some slight GI symptoms... not sure from the pills of just some 'bug' going around; will have to see what happens with time.
Anyone else tried this &, if so.... any problems or good results?

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