R.S.V.P. does anyone know what that means any longer?

ilovepinkNovember 20, 2006

Sent invites on November 6th for a December 2nd party. I had them out early b/c this party everyone waits for and I was traveling so I thought it would be good to get those out.

I have gotten two rsvps to date. I sent out 25 invitations and a few emails to the single guys on the list and have yet to hear anything. I had emails out due to ppl moving this year.

I could potentially have 50 people or maybe 4 at our house that night. Isn't that great?

I'm not calling everyone either to see if they are coming. I'll just try to guess on food and drink and deal. I hope I don't run out but I usually over plan for food.

It's just so aggravating!

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I am often tempted to station myself at the front door with a reply list and say to those who just show up.."Oh! Sorry...you didn't respond. I haven't planned enough food for you"
I wouldn't really do it....but have been sorely tempted!!
Makes you think those people were raised by wolves....and makes you know for sure they have never given a party....and aren't likely to.
Next time just leave them off your list!
Linda C

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That's a big reason why I do phone invitations any more..
"Hi! I'm having some people in for a buffet supper and I hope you and whoever will be able to come? Can I expect to see you there?"
And if they waffle, I say.."Please let me know by Friday or I will asume you won't be coming and won't plan food for you."
I take no prisoners!! LOL!

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I'm thinking/hoping that many of them do plan to respond, but just haven't gotten around to it yet due to Thanksgiving planning. I would bet you'll get many (or at least some) RSVP's rolling in by early next week. It won't give you a lot of time to plan, but may at least help a little. I think the holiday may slow down people's responses. Hopefully, I'm right.

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Dear Abby discussed this very subject today. Here's the link.

Lindac, take note!!


Here is a link that might be useful: Dear Abby re: RSVPs

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Oh! Cute idea leaving out an important detail on the invitation thereby forcing those who wish to attend to call. Unfortunately that doesn't solve the problem of people NOT coming after they said they would.

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We recently had an invite to a party that read "the courtesy of a reply would be greatly appreciated" along with the phone number. It was for our niece's 21st, I didn't ring because we had told both my BIL and SIL on different occasions that we were coming. My husband told me a few days before the party that most of the family members invited had not replied at all. This was for a catered sit-down meal that had to have definite numbers ahead of time.

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I cant tell you how much that ticks me off. What i have done to help improve my RSVP is to send out RSVP reminder cards. Yes, it stinks that i have to do that but you would be suprised on how many people have called. My cards usually read: RSVP REMINDER If you havent already done so, please dont forget to call so i can get an accurate head count. Meals will be provided and the caterer requires an exact number. Hope to here from you soon!

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I guess everyone who has ever had a formal party has experienced this problem. We will be celebrating a wedding in a few months and I'm amazed at the number of people who ask if they need to return the RSVP card or try to give us a verbal RSVP. We've handled this problem by not accepting any verbal RSVP's. We've also let our guests know that they'll receive a ticket to our event once they return their RSVP in the mail. Hopefully that will help.

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Don't you just love it when 48 hours before the party you get emails that say " I know you 've given your head count to the caterer already but would you mind if I drop by for a little bit. I'd love to come to the party." so frustrating. It can so easily throw off what I have planned for my expected guests!

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My wife and I celebrated our 50th June 30. Daughter-in-law sent out evites to our list of friends. Very surprising the number of people who responded. We had a catered meal for 100 and 110 people came. Fortunately the food worked out very well as the caterer had prepared plenty of food.

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We had this problem with Cub Scouts & then Boy Scouts.
So we would get a confirmation when they pick up the boys.
I know this dose not help, I think people forget to send it out.
I have had better luck with emails, they just reply yes or no.
Some lengthier replies.

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