triple wall pipe to hot

balaobillJanuary 4, 2009

I have a wood stove in my shop eith triple wall pipe going thru ceiling and attic space thru roof. my problem is the outside of triple wall pipe is to hot to touch even for a second. I do not think this is normal. What would cause this pipe to get this hotand what can I do to remedy this problem.



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It would depend on how hot it gets. Put a magnetic thermometer that you can get from your stove shop on it and take a reading. It should be somewhat hot to the touch. That's why you have rings and spacers going up through your roof. No part of your chimney should be touching anything combustable.

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I am not familiar with triple wall pipe. I have Metalbestos SureTemp stainless insulated chimney going through my attic. It's cold here in Massachusetts at the moment, and I have a hot fire going in my wood stove and the surface temp of the stove is just about 600 degrees (near the top end of the recommended range for a Jotul F400). I just used my infrared thermometer to check the temperaure of the chimney in the attic. It measures 54 degrees, while the nearby materials (rafters, plywood) measure 12 degrees. My sense is that a chimney in the attic that's too hot to touch is a sign of chimney failure, or perhaps the wrong kind of chimney for an attic. You may want to do some research over on and perpahs pose a question to the experts there.

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