Aesthetics and ambiance first...

mlo1January 13, 2007

supplemental heating ability second. What stove or fireplace pushes your buttons (so to speak)?

This is in a custom small bricked ranch home. Inside is being completely re-done with new kitchen, nice windows, new entry, etc. Has red oak floors and standard height ceiling and semi-open floorplan. Kicthen is open to living room which is 17'x 18'.

Home had it's original chimney/fireplace removed completely as it was bad. So there is a hole, but not firm on filling "it" particularly.

Budget of near 8K.

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I will give this a bump to move-on. I was having a hard time researching custom surrounds and critquing percieved aesthetics with bad photo's over the internet, so was hoping to see some of the fine work you afficianado's have surely done.

Any links to photo's or good sites would be great.


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Woodstock Soapstone Stove Co.

You can get gas stoves by them, too. They're lovely. Our's is now pushing 16 yrs. old, and newcomers to our home are uniformly impressed by its aesthetics. What impresses us most, however, is how very efficient it is... form without function impresses us not.


Here is a link that might be useful: Pretty and effcient

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The Fireplace Xtraordinaire Elite 36 or 44 gets my vote for aesthetics and ambiance. We are building a home in northern NY and our 44 is scheduled to be installed on 2/6/07, so I don't have pics yet. Installed cost of $6900 includes stove, face trim, screen and flue (but not chimney framing, stonework or chimney cap).

We're building a 2100 sf home on 2 floors (1500 down, 600 up) and plan to use the unit daily, so we got the 44. It's going in a living room that's 18' x 22' with a barrel vault ceiling that tops out at 14' and goes down to 7'. The downstairs is open but does have a 12' x 14' den/guestroom with attached bath that can be closed off.


Here is a link that might be useful: FXP 44

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Both of those are the nicest looking I have seen!

Space is a premium for me, or the fireplace would be a slam dunk. The problem I am having with a freestanding stove, is I have yet to see any surrounds that I consider to be sharp other than ones that mimick a full masonry chimney.

Thanks to all for posting photo's, it helps!

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Not sure what your decor is, but the link below is to Rais wood burning stoves and fireplaces. They are on the modern side, but are smallish and the wood burners can be freestanding. I've seen a few in person in a showroom and they are very sharp, and I think in the right setting the contemporary lines could be softened.


Here is a link that might be useful: Rais-Wittus wood burners

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You can use a "Fireplace Decor Candelabra" for soft, pleasing candlelight instead of burning wood.
See link below"

Here is a link that might be useful: Fireplace Decor

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