Happy, happy, Joy, joy

mary_md7November 19, 2004

Last night's WW weigh-in (drum roll, please) .... I lost 6.2 last week! Whoo-hoo!

Now if I can only get to New Year's without gaining any of it back.

What are you doing to "safeguard" your weight loss efforts for the holidays?

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Had to pop in here and wish you congratulations!
I have been under the weather for a few weeks so my diet went kaplooey again. Back on the veggie train today instead of the cheese and cracker one. The cheese one was more fun!
My advice is to focus on the holiday day and not the season. Some people eat cookies between Thanksgiving and New Years and then wonder where the ten pounds came from. Enjoy the day and tell yourself you can have what you are craving on THE holiday. If you need to freeze the temptation and save it for the day. On the day you can decide if you want it. Sounds dumb but it works as long as you don't freeze a dozen cookies for later.

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I wanted to congratulate you too, but didn't want to move the post off the top, as I have no words of wisdom to offer. Some times I find it so easy to just say NO and other times I cave in immediately. I do try to fill up on water and healthy choices first, so that if I do go off, it might not be so bad. Good luck to you and hope the Holidays don't get the best of you.

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I'm having Thanksgiving dinner at my BILs. When the gang is ready for dessert, I make sure that I get up to help with the coffee, tea, setting out the dishes, bringing out the goodies, serving the coffee/tea, etc. By the time I'm ready to sit down, most everyone has had their dessert, and I'm not as tempted to take any (or more than I should if I'm just sitting there getting served).

Sounds wierd, but it works for me.

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Congrats Mary!

Now I know why you were so insistent on not wanting to have dinner after your huge lunch. Next time I'll suggest the "air cafe";-) Seriously though I'm glad that the diet is going well.


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