Daily Support, Monday, Nov 22 to Sunday, Nov 28

aka_raeanneNovember 22, 2010

Okay things are bad when I get to start this thread.

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I will post the link again for any of the girlfriends interested.

Tikanis - we added the Kayaking class and they are also offering a stand-up paddleboard session.

Hope everyone is doing better than last week.

I have to run right now, but will be back - that is a promise, not a threat.

Here is a link that might be useful: Girlfriends Getaway in Bolton Landing

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Hi, Raeanne!

No, things were bad when I started the thread LAST week! LOL

Notice the new name? New life coming, hence the new name! I'm feeling so positive about my life at the moment.

Company's coming for Thanksgiving dinner. My kids and grandkids, and H's daughter (who doesn't care for me on a good day). I braved WM just now to buy a turkey and a ham, etc. Sad to say that I'm still not finished, but I ran out of energy! I'll go back in the morning after my dentist's appt. and finish up. Then, I'll spend the rest of tomorrow getting everything repacked and out to the garage for the movers.

All this dining out with my friends is getting tougher - emotionally and calorie-wise! Pray for me! :)

Hope more peeps check in this week.

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Carolyntx - love your positive thinking - it really works! I am glad that H's daughter will be outnumbered by a lot of people that love you on any day.

I know this is a busy week for everyone, but do yourself a favor and put your feet up for a few moments and check-in.

Love to all

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Carolyntx - love the new name!

Raeanne, thanks for posting girlfriend weekend info.

This is a crazy week for all. Good news - the insurance company has decided to replace all of my carpet and padding!! I won't have it in time for Thanksgiving but should have it in time for Christmas.

In case I don't hop back on again this week I wish you all a happy and blessed Thanksgiving. Even if I don't check in as regularly as I want to I am glad to have all of you in my life.

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Though it's been a hectic and nerve-rattling month, I still have so very much to be thankful for.

I will you all good health, and a pleasant day with those you love.


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Donna - great news about the insurance.

Dee - Hope your BP continues to behave itself. Keep us updated.

I love to give books as Christmas gifts, can anyone recommend any new books that they have enjoyed.

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Raeanne, thanks for asking....my BP and heartrate has been normal or below normal!! ZUMBA was fun last night, and I kept up with everyone without obvious problems. My worrying (especially at the office) is quite another thing!!! Cannot wait for the Dec 3 Stress/Echo tests to give me answers!!

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I think we missed NHSuzanne's birthday on November 20th. My bad! I had my head wrapped around the funeral and preschool and just now remembered.

SO...........NHSuzanne Happy Birthday!!

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HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY TO YOU.......
HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY TO YOU.......
HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!!

Hope it was a very happy one. Better days ahead for you, sister!

Love ya!

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Sorry NH Suzanne that we missed your birthday. You are such a beloved member here & I hope it was a great one! :)

Dee~Glad you are doing so well with Zumba.

Donna_NJ~Great news about the insurance.

CarolynTX~Glad that you are sounding so upbeat.

Things have been busy here & now suddenly I am having sinus problems or something & feel awful! UGH!

On another note I want to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving & to say how thankful I am for the friendships I have made here. I still say the best thing I did was to find this thread back in 1999?, I think.

Patti :)

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Hi all!

Sorry I've been MIA, but I'm working on a paper on C-diff infections (what I had last summer), and I'm having fits with power point. Ugh!

OK--I got Rog to draw for the ornie exchange, and here we go:

Patti sends to Dee
Suzanne sends to Marci
Raeanne sends to Maddie
Dee sends to BJ
Donna sends to Raeanne
Tikanis sends to Suzanne
BJ sends to Donna
Marci sends to Patti
I send to Tikanis

All right, same rules as last year? How about we open on Dec 23? Is that OK with everyone?

And, before I forget, I want to say, once again, how thankful I am for all of you. I haven't been here as much as I'd like, but there's rarely a time goes by that I don't think of you all, and all of the fun we've had throughout the years. Folks have come and gone, but we've stayed through thick and thin, and I'm very glad that we're still standing here, arms outstretched, hands ready to clasp, and hearts that are connected. Thanks, guys.



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Happy Thanksgiving Eve! It's warm enough to have the a/c on and the ceiling fans running. Weird weather, but when I drive up to Dallas on Saturday morning, I'll be driving into winter weather so I hear. Cool!

Donna, great news about the insurance.

Suzanne, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You are one of the sweetest people I know, and I always send you good vibes.

Dee, I wished you H T'givng on your FB page, but wish a good one for you again.

Maddie, Bob's daughter graduates from nursing school in MS on the 15th of December. She's so excited. I'm really proud to know someone as smart as you and as dedicated as you because I know nursing school isn't easy.

I've had some kind of stomach virus the past 2 days, so my eating is really off. I'm holding off until the morning to do any cooking for the family and I'll hope for the best. All my kids will be here tomorrow, and I'm really happy about that. Bob's thrilled to have them coming and to have his daughter here all week.

Wishing everyone the big part of the wishbone tomorrow !
Patti, are you already in Texas? Can't remember when you were coming.

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Suzanne, happy belated birthday!! Hope it was all that and more!! Lot of love....

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Hello? Hello? Hello?

Confession time? My BIL's daughter brought the most wonderful, creamy veggies to THanksgiving Dinner last night. Roasted then sauteed brussels sprouts and mushrooms finished off with cream and a bit of butter. OMG; to die for!!!!!

Did a bit of shopping today and was thrilled to get all the little children on my list finished....in Michael's of all places! Seemed everything was on sale, no crowds or lines at 9am, and a 30% off entire purchase in my hands. Feeling very cocky this afternoon.

Hope everyone is well. My BP is normal and fairly steady (only goes up if I think too long before taking a reading!)


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Hi! Thanks for coordinating the ornament exchange this year again Maddie.

Dee~I'll need you to send me your addy, please.

CarolynTX~We have been here since about the 14th of November. We already have our TX license plates, registration, inspection sticker, & are waiting for those driver's licenses to come in. I feel so lucky b/c I was able to get my old one back. I remembered all this time about you getting yours back when you moved back from MS.

I've had bronchitis the last 2 or 3 days & our little Morgan who will turn 1 on Dec. 3rd is really sick too. She has a fever & they had to cancel her birthday party for tomorrow. :(

Take care.

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Happy day after Thanksgiving, y'all!

I'm leaving early in the morning for Dallas to complete my apartment leasing, but I don't have to furniture shop after all because I went online at Rooms To Go and made my purchases today before noon and saved about $700!!! I'd already checked out things at a store an hour away, so when I got an email from RTG yesterday offering discounts, I knew I had to act fast. Only downside is that it won't be delivered until Dec. 7th, so my sister and I will just have to decorate around imaginary furniture on that Monday before it comes! LOL

Ate out twice today, but I still managed to be fairly non-piggy. Once I move, it will be so much easier I know. These farewell lunches are precious, but tough on the willpower!

Patti, hope you're soon on the mend. I hate being sick during the holidays. No fun!

I'll be checking in here when I return Sunday. Y'all have a wonderful weekend!

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Happy Birthday to you Suzanne! I hope it was great!


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This is just TERRIBLE!! I am SO behind... haven't even filled out the questionaire from what? 3 weeks ago?

Happy birthday Suzanne! I hope it was wonderful!
Carolyntx!!! I just LOVE the new you! Here's to Carolyn! Virtual "clink" to celebrate your new life!

I am IN for that ornament exchange! (Thanks, Rog!)The ornament sent to me by Dee graces my tree every year and gets a LOT of questions... I'll have to post a pic!

Raeanne, I am buying my ticket soon for the Girlfriend's Getaway. Suzanne, are we still roomies?? Stand up paddling? I have all the grace of a bull in a china shop! How will I ever stand up on a paddle board/ But, since that's what I said about Kayaking, count me in : )

I am SO overstuffed with Turkey and leftovers..Still recovering!

I need to read and catch up!!

Love yas!


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Calling out BJ! I need your addy please.

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NH Suzanne - Happy belated Birthday! I hope it was a great one - you deserve only the best. Thanks for sharing your animal stories with us and the most gorgeous photos throughout the year. I will toast you and all the new and exciting things coming your way.

Tikanis - The lake is going to be cold that time of year, but the instructor assured me there would be no falling in the lake. They can only accommodate 10 women, so if you really want to do it, let me know and I will hold a spot for you. They may include a 2nd class if it fills up quickly.

Before any of you make reservations at the hotel talk to me. There are several lodging options and I will speak to the hotel directly and see what they can offer. I may be able to get a condo that would sleep 5-6 - of course we may have to pull straws to see who get's the pullout sofa LOL.

Dee - we eat brussels sprouts like that often, except you first cook up some chopped pancetta, add garlic and then the brussels sprouts, finish them off with some cream. That was one of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes this year.

Patti - hope you are feeling better.

CarolynTX - hope all went smooth with the apartment.

Maddie - thanks for doing the list again. Please send me your address when you get a chance. I don't think I have the correct one.

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