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pink_warm_mama_1November 11, 2013

There are so many worthwhile articles on cinnamon & honey for curing arthritis, losing weight and lowering high cholesterol (all three problems of mine). However, I am unable to dissolve the cinnamon no matter how I try. Is there some magic trick to achieving this? Thanks for any help.

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Have now checked out on the web and have learned one must infuse the tea, add honey and cinnamon to make it work. Plan to try this because it's also supposed to help with high cholesterol and osteoarthritis besides weight loss. If anyone is interested, will eventually advise. Is there anyone out there?

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I tried the ceylon cinnamon (it has less coumarin) and raw/organic local honey in tea and hot water. First thing in the morning. Not for weight loss, just for health. I loved it. (Should try to find the cinnamon in its true stick form to grind up in the coffee bean grinder). I don't worry about it not dissolving. In fact, I rather like the consistency.

May start it back up again. Also I was putting the combo in some apple cider vinegar *the mother kind* and drinking it up. Might start that again, too.

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