suggestions for Thanksgiving gettogether

wigardenerwannabeNovember 18, 2006

This is very feeble I admit. I am a fifty something woman who hates cooking so has never developed very great skills in that arena; and my baking is only slightly better. I have been invited up north to a 3 day family gathering with 3 other siblings and their families. Recognizing my inept skills I have been asked to bring only an appetizer, while others are bringing much more (I also work full time while 2/3 others do not work). I am struggling with this as I should certainly be contributing more than this. Any thoughts on what else I could bring up that would allow me to contribute more? I will also bring wine. There are 7 children ranging from 4-12, so kid friendly food/snacks might also be an option. Any thoughts welcome.

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Don't worry so much about it. Some people love to cook and some don' big deal. I find people that don't cook usually bring some of the more expensive non cooking items (wine, expensive cheeses, store bought chocolate covered strawberries, etc).

If you really want to bring something else, I would ask the host for suggestions of what is not already taken or needed. The only thing worse then not bringing something, is bringing something that someone else was already assigned to bring. You could maybe just give each child a small gift of some sort to make up for the monetary difference if you think there is one. Or, even a very nice hostess gift may be in order. You could send some flowers in advance?

Otherwise, don't worry. It sounds like there are many of them and only one of you. I doubt they are going to care and really just want to see you.

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If you want to bring more, do more than one appetizer. Suggestions:

Make a fresh veggie tray. Easiest thing in the world, you just pick up a bag of mini-carrots, some pre cut celery sticks (most grocery stores have these) and some cherry tomatoes. Arrange in a large round dish. For the dip, you simply mix a package of Lipton onion dip mix with sour cream OR a package of Hidden Valley Ranch salad dressing mixed with sour cream.

Another very easy but very popular appetizer, take a brick of cream cheese and put it on a small dish. Top it with a sweet/hot jelly such as jalepeno jelly. Serve with crackers. People gobble this stuff up (pardon the pun).

Guacamole: peel & mash a few avocados, mix with fresh squeezed lime, stir in some salsa -- jarred kind in the Mexican food dept. Serve with Tostitos or similar. Very easy and delicious.

For any of these three ideas, the biggest time investment is grocery shopping. All of these can be put together in a matter of minutes.

In the end, I agree with Carla, they want to see you so don't sweat it!

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You said there are a bunch of kids? I would think of kid friendly stuff...
I have 7 ages 20 to 11...but there was a time they were 15 to 5! LOL!
popular stuff was ( amd is!) cheese and crackers...little smokies in a sweet bottled BBQ sauce, veggies and a creamy dip, Cheese fondue with both veggies and bread cubes. That Nacho dip made with a can of Hormel chili with meat and a pound of velveeta with peppers and a block of cream cheese...melted in the micro. It's one grand son's specialty and he askes me to have the ingredients so he can make it and listen to all the other kids say how good it is! LOL!
If you are all out of other ideas, how about mixing up a batch of hot chocolate mix?
This recipe is pretty standard....and good!

1 (8 qt.) box instant milk
1 (1 lb.) box Nestle's Quick chocolate
1 (6 oz.) jar non-dairy cream (Coffee Mate)
1 c. powdered sugar

Mix all together in large container. Two heaping tablespoons in a mug filled with hot water. Use more or less to taste.
Linda C

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In the throes of the holidays I neglected to extend a thankyou for your responses. I appreciated your thoughts and suggestions! jean

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