2 flues in one chimney-2 fuels?

mpintoJanuary 1, 2008

We have a fireplace in the cellar and one in the living room. The flues are in the same chimney. Can we put gas in one and wood in the other?

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In my state you may have 2 woodstoves that share a single flue, but your furnace or boiler must be vented in a second flue.

I don't know if this the same across the country, but I rather suspect it is. I'll bet the building forum regulars could answer this for you.

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I'm guessing that the original poster meant that the two fireplaces have separate flues enclosed in one chimney. I have a similar arrangement in my house. Two fireplaces on different floors, one chimney, but two separate flues within a single chimney.

Alas, I don't know the answer for sure to the OP's question, it depends on what the local codes might dictate, but I'd guess that converting one fireplace to gas would be okay. It would pass muster where I live.

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That confused me, too, Jamesk. In our garage, there is a thimble for a ground floor woodstove and a second thimble for a second stove upstairs. Both woodstoves will share the same flue. The furnace has its own flue. Code in our community.

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Thank you all. I did mean two separate flues within one chimney. I'll ask the town about codes.

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I have one brick and mortar fireplace with steel firebox, tile flue inside the chimney, within brick chimney facid next to tile flue is empty space that is vented by a second chimney cap this vent /cap is not connected to an inside flue. What is the purpose of this second vent not connected to any tile flue?

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As long as both flues are adequately lined you will be fine but check local codes to be sure. The most common problem you could run into is if flues have cracks, smoke and gasses can be sucked from one flue into an unused flue and into house. I would reccomend hiring a professional to do a thorough inspection of you chimney and especially the flue tiles or liners. You may also want to consider installing top sealing dampers to keep negetive air pressure from sucking the exhust from one flue down the other. You can find more info about this on this website www.southernchimneysweep.com

Here is a link that might be useful: Southern Chimney Sweep

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